Prodigal Son S1E9 Pied-A-Terre Breakdown!

With the FBI moving in on the Junkyard Killer case we take a step back from Malcolm’s search for answers with the girl in the box, sort of. He isn’t connected with the case and he isn’t able to talk with his father so this leaves us with a filler episode where Malcolm tries to find some semblance of normal.

The Dream

We start the episode with another one of Malcolm’s dreams where he is being visited by the girl in the box and in the end, he is stabbed through the heart which he thinks perfectly sums up his life right now. After a session with his therapist though he decides that maybe he should step back and look at other parts of his life like maybe some sex.

Of course, a block away he runs into Eve, this new and mysterious girl that runs a charity looking to help woman that are victims of human trafficking. We have seen her a couple time chumming up with both Jessica and Malcolm. Now with Malcolm’s desire to find a new normal in his life he asks Eve out on a date and she accepts.

Case of the Week

While the FBI works the Junkyard Killer, Malcolm and Gil’s team work on a new homicide. Right away Malcolm knows that this is a crime of passion but is thrown a curveball when they discover that the victim is the husband of the owner. When talking to Beth and David, Malcolm knows that while the victim isn’t her husband, Beth knows something. When he talks with her privately, he learns that she knows the victim and they are both involved in a secret sex ring where couples are matched for a night of fun. They also must have an apartment they are willing to allow others to share. Thinking that the killer must be part of this ring Malcolm wants the information for the organizer, Jasper, but he is a tricky man to track down since he only contacts through email.

Back at the lab they learn that Caleb was killed about a half hour after having sex but they still have no luck tracking down Jasper. However, Malcolm thinks he knows how he can get ahold of him. This has him and JT heading to a sex shop where the owner is the man from the first episode whose hand Malcolm lobbed off. At first Nico isn’t interested in talking with Malcolm but does eventually help and give Malcolm the information he wants.

Based on this information Malcolm sets up a meeting with Jasper but is met by a woman Simone that says she must ‘try him out first’. They go back to his place and she attempts to get him to sleep with her while he is looking for information. She ends up finding his wire around the time Gil and team knock on the door. While talking Simone admits that she was the one that was with Caleb the night he was murdered but that he was alive when she left but does tell him that there was an anonymous message sent to Jasper about Beth and Caleb.

With suspicion going back to Beth, Malcolm visits David. He admits that he knew his wife Beth was up to something and drove into town early to catch them but learned that it wasn’t his wife in the bed so he left and everyone was still alive.

Some time passes with Malcolm on his date which I will talk more about in a moment, TJ gets a call from Gil that they have Jasper’s location and they all head there. The bad news is Jasper is already dead. What they learn is that he was already dying from ALS. The big shocker being that he is married to Simone. This has Malcolm thinking that he must have created this fantasy world as a way for his wife to escape since he was no longer able to perform for her. They then call Simone since she is the closest thing, they have to a lead but as they are talking, she is hit over the head and taken and Malcolm knows exactly who has her.

They arrive back at the apartment of Beth and David. Beth is gone after her and David had a fight. Malcolm questions his earlier story about coming in and seeing Caleb and Simone since they would have had a clear line of sight to him coming in the room. Malcolm also notices that every time he says Caleb, David makes a face. This makes him realize that Beth must have fallen in love with Caleb but Caleb was still playing with other people which made Beth jealous, that is why she killed Caleb. She killed Jasper because he was kicking her out for breaking the rules. She then took Simone because she was the woman still sleeping with Caleb. They also happen to be in the same room behind one of the built-in mirrors. She shoots David but before anything else happens Malcolm talks her down and they take her in.

The Date

So, not only does Malcolm have a date with Eve but he makes the mistake of telling his mother about it who set up for him to have a custom suit made and wants to control the date. After Malcolm has another vision of the ‘girl in a box’ in front of her she sort of backs off but she knows that he is hiding something from her.

He ends up taking Eve to a pool hall of a suggestion that TJ makes. TJ and his wife are there too and they end up double dating. Malcolm is terrible at pool but Eve brings her A game. When TJ’s wife becomes interested in profiling, they have him profile Eve and this is where things get very interesting.

First off, he knows that she doesn’t come from money but she fits in well with it. He also assumes that her work with women in human trafficking must be personal and that she is probably from the Carolina’s. The thing that he seems to hit right on the head is the tattoo on her wrist which is half a heart. He assumes that someone like a mom or sister had the other half and that they are now gone. (Sounds to me like the mom or sister was the girl in the box) Eve gets upset and leaves the date right as they are called away to Jasper’s apartment.

That night Eve returns and they make up. After though Malcolm sees the girl again and this time, she attacks him so he fights back with a knife not knowing that Eve is really standing there. He doesn’t hit her but it is enough to frighten her.

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