Batwoman S1E8 A Mad Tea Party Breakdown!

We have reached the mid-season finale for Batwoman! There is one episode left before break but that is a Crossover episode so it won’t tie into the storylines, we have been building all season long. After the Crisis episode we won’t have another Batwoman episode until January 19th.

Nothing to Wear

We know from the last couple episodes that Alice is planning something big that she is calling a ‘Mad Tea Party’ and that plan all comes to play in this episode. Kate is looking for Alice after learning that Alice sent the Rifle after her last episode. Alice explains that she didn’t intend to kill Batwoman but to get her hands on the gun so she could remove the part that can kill her. That, coupled with the picture of her and Beth from when they were young, makes Kate think that she may be getting through to Alice and could stop her from what ever it is she is planning.

The Switcheroo

In the last episode we saw that Mouse, the boy that Alice was trapped with since she was a child, is capable of impersonating anyone. He used this ability in the last episode to impersonate Jacob and is at it again this episode. Jacob has been out of town looking for information on this man that help Alice captive, Cartwright. Pretty much any time that you see Jacob other than the first scene and the last scene, it is mouse.

In the first scene Jacob is taken by Alice’s men and trapped in the room that she grew up in. When talking with Alice he gives a very heart felt apology for not looking harder for her and that he should have had the bones tested himself. However, part of him was tired of searching and hoping.

Meanwhile, Mouse causes discord between the Kane-Hamilton family. Catherine is set to be receiving an award at a Gala and Mary is attending. She wants Kate to attend as well but Kate is not ready to go after finding out about Catherine’s deception. Mary is upset with Kate and even tells her that Jacob is planning to attend for her. Upset Kate then goes to see her father who confirms what Mary said and is even considering getting back with Catherine. Of course, this is mouse and all fake.

Kate is upset about this in the Batcave with Luke. She keeps saying that this isn’t like her dad until she realizes that this isn’t her dad at all. She calls and asks a trick question to confirm and then text Sophie to let her know that Jacob is NOT Jacob.

Marital Bliss

Sophie and Tyler are not going well after he found out about her time with Kate in the Academy. He feels like there is a big part of his wife that he just doesn’t know about. She suggests getting away but it isn’t sure. Jacob comes in to give them their assignment for the Gala as Sophie is getting a text from Kate warning her. Sophie confirms that she will work on exposing him but before she can act Mouse tranquilizes both her and Tyler.

This puts Kate in a bad position because she is going in thinking that the Crows know about Jacob but they don’t. Sophie and Tyler spent a good amount of the episode passed out. When they come to, they get out of the cuff but it is too late to help. They again talk about their marriage and Sophie’s feelings and the end decision is that she is taking time to figure out what she wants and he may be there when she is done.

The Gala

The Gala is pretty much this Tea Party that Alice has been planning. Basically, Catherine is accepting a humanitarian award for her work. Mary, Catherine and Jacob (Mouse) attend together. When Catherine is accepting her award the teleprompter shows the rabbit mask and then she is forces to confess that she is not a good person and that her and Jacob are basically running a scam. She then has a bloody nose and passes out.

Mary and Catherine are backstage and Jacob (Mouse) leaves to get medical help. Catherine is very weak at the point that Alice arrives to give away the details of her plan. Basically, the champagne in the limo was poised by Jacob who isn’t really Jacob. The toxin Alice used was from Catherine’s own company and is liquefying her insides. Oh, and Hamilton never created an antidote. Luckily, she has something to help but only if Catherine gives a real apology. After one failed apology Catherine does get it right, but as she is about to drink the tea Mary’s nose begins to bleed as well. Alice leaves them to decide who is going to take the antidote. Catherine has Mary take it and then Catherine died a slow and painful death.

Batwoman and Alice do run into each other and when Kate learns about what Alice did, she chokes her. She does end up letting her go though. Kate tires to comfort Mary but she is mad at her for taking Alice’s side for so long.

While that was happening, Jacob was moved from the cabin to his SUV in the parking lot. When he wakes up, he calls Kate. They confirm that he is really Jacob in time for him to then be arrested with the toxin on him that killed Catherine. Kate later comes to see him in jail and them both vow that it is time to end Alice.

There was a post credit scene but I will do another post about all the Crisis post credit scenes this week.

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