Catching Up: ‘The Flash’ Episode 4-5!

Catching up on The Flash we see in these two episodes just how the team is dealing with the knowledge that they are going to lose Barry and there is really nothing they can do about it. We also continue to deal with Ramsey Rosso AKA Bloodwork and learn a little more about the new Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells.

Save Ramsey

Cisco is the one team member that is struggling the most with the thought of Barry dying and that nothing can be done to save him. Barry knows this so when he ends up on a case that involves Ramsey, he thinks that he can instead direct Cisco’s focus to helping Ramsey instead.

Ramsey meanwhile has because insane looking for this cure to HLH cancer and is willing to stop at nothing to get there. At the opening of episode 4 he raids the blood bank at the hospital which is the case that Barry is on.

This brings in Nash who says he can help them save Ramsey in exchange for help with a circuit he needs made. Barry and Cisco agree to this but don’t fully trust this new Nash yet. This way to save Rosso involves breaking into McCullough labs to get a serum that is derived from Dominator DNA that can heal any cell up to a certain point. This will help Ramsey but what Cisco asks in the van is if it could help with Anti-Matter too. Nash says absolutely which is why Cisco takes the serum instead of telling Barry that he finds it in the lab.

Cisco begins working on the tech that Nash needs but something feels off to Barry about the whole deal. When he is talking about this with Cisco, he finds the vial that Cisco took from the lab and is upset that Cisco lied to him. He even tells him that this was all part of preparing Cisco to step in as leader after Barry is gone, this obviously didn’t work out how Barry wanted.

Barry then goes on to give Rosso the cure but obviously this doesn’t work because we need Ramsey to be the villain until episode 8. Ramsey then loses him mind really and, in the process, realizes that for the blood to work for him the recipient has to be afraid. Even though this goes against the oath he took as a doctor.

Walking Dead

So, for a Halloween episode we have serious Walking Dead vibes with these blood monsters that Ramsey creates as he attacks the hospital he used to work at. He is attempting to save others but, in the process, must save himself. However, in order to do that he needs to kill people. He chooses the people he worked with that he felt let down his mother. The Flash and Frost attempt to talk him down but he does get away from them and really feels that he has found the key to eternal life.

In the Tunnels

Cisco completes the chip that he owed Nash in exchange for the serum and this connects back to this crisis storyline. He goes back to the tunnels where he picked up on those high levels of Anti-Matter back in episode 3. Once the chip is installed to his wrist, he watches some sort of memory of the Monitor walk through the tunnels and through a wall. This has Nash sure that this is where the Monitor is hiding and apparently, he is interested in talking to him.

Sue Dearborn

Ralph has been on a case all this season but now with the news of Barry’s death Ralph is in a slump and isn’t interested in the case anymore. Iris brings him some information on the case that she thinks will cheer him up but instead he is rude to her and basically tells her to go hang out with her husband.

It isn’t until Joe and Ralph talk that Ralph comes to around and sees that just because they cannot save Barry doesn’t mean they should stop trying to help and save others.  By the end of episode 4 Ralph is back on the case and looking into Iris’s lead. He also apologizes to her.

Joe and Barry

Joe and Barry also have a heart to heart moment for the first time since Barry broke the news about his upcoming death. This was a super tearjerker as they talked about their time together and Joe really becoming Barry’s dad when he needed him the most. Yes, just admit you cried too.

Death of Gypsy

In episode 5, we have Cisco in charge with Barry and Iris taking a mini vacation since there hasn’t been any word from Rosso. To help himself Cisco has created and AI called BARI that will make decisions for him based on Barry’s past decisions.

All is well and good until Cisco wakes up that night sleep walking and Kamilla tells him that this isn’t the first time. As they settle back into bed, they are visited by Breacher to tell Cisco that Gypsy has been killed. She was on the case of a hacker named Echo, who Gypsy has mentioned before. Apparently, he is super illusive. Breacher asks for Cisco’s help in figuring out who killed her. The planet was sealed off when Gypsy arrives so whoever killed her is still on planet.

When Cisco heads to the scene of her death he is met with the Earth-19 investigation team who is also looking into the scene. It is here that he learns that Cynthia was basically vaporized by her killer. Using his AI BARI he quickly begins investigating who could have done this, even suspecting the new agency head who would gain from Gypsy’s death.

Cisco then uses his white noise machine along with some other tech to view Gypsy’s breach to see her last moments along with Breacher. What he finds is that her killer looks exactly like Cisco, not to mention, while viewing this Kamilla finds the gun used to kill her in Cisco’s lab. Breacher is ready to kill him but out of respect for their former friendship and that they think he was in a state of vibe psychosis, he gives Cisco an hour to turn himself in.

It then looks like Cisco is turning himself in only to trap the Agency-19 agents and Breacher so that he has time to go after the real killer, Echo. He tracks Echo’s breach and confronts him in a showdown. Echo admits that he hacks people’s lives and trades people across Earth’s for better lives. At this point Cisco already knew that he used Cisco’s white noise maker to push him into the sleepwalking episodes which made it look like he killed Gypsy. In a struggle Echo goes get the gun and fires it at Cisco only to put himself in a force field like Cisco rigged the gun to do.

Echo is then arrested and Cisco is free to go and is invited to Gypsy’s funeral later.

The Lab

While all of that was happening with Cisco and Kamilla, Ralph and Frost were supposed to be looking into Rosso’s lab again but Ralph has a hard time pinning down Frost. She does find one location for him with the help of Norvak but at this point he is long gone. Even though Ralph meets her their Frost leaves on her own, almost.

Later she heads to the lab but this time as Caitlin in hopes of talking to Rosso and getting him to stop killing people. Instead he tries to get her to join him, but she has seen his monsters and isn’t interested. He does choke her but ends up letting her go with the warning that next time she won’t be as lucky.

The Tunnels Part Two

Nash and Joe also have a run in together after Joe hears about Nash being in town. We know that Harrison Wells doppelgangers aren’t all good so Joe confronts him to figure out what is going on. Of course, this is in the tunnels where Nash is attempting to break down a wall. Long story short, the tunnel gives loose and they are trapped down there with limited oxygen. Nash makes plans to break them out and how that the rest of the tunnel collapse. Joe has a different approach which is to have faith in his officers and team Flash. By the end of the episode Ralph saves them, but with Joe’s line about Barry and the Monitor, Nash thinks he has a way to save Barry.

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