Black Lightning S3E7-E8 ~ Book of Resistance Chapter One and Two Breakdowns!

Black Lightning is entering its mid-season break on a high note as the people of Freeland have finally started to fight back against the ASA occupation. There is just one more episode left before the show goes on break, plus, Black Lightning will also be making an appearance in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.


Grace has really lost control over her powers and has been shifting uncontrollably, it is to the point where Anissa is worried that the ASA is going to discover her. However, Anissa hasn’t regained her powers after being poisoned by Painkiller so she isn’t able to help get her out of Freeland. This has Anissa calling up Jefferson asking for him to get her out. Even though they haven’t been seeing eye to eye he agrees to help her get Grace out.

The Resistance

On top of Anissa’s request to help Grace, Jefferson also gets wrapped up in the way between the ASA and the Resistance. Yes, the same resistance that uses Blackbird as their poster child and Henderson is running. They plan to use a bomb to break an ASA border to smuggle out some Metas. However, there plan is foiled by Black Lightning who has been helping the ASA per the agreement with O’dell to protect Anissa and Jennifer.

Henderson later confronts Jefferson about helping the ASA and his need to pick a side. Jefferson though isn’t okay with Henderson’s methods as far as using bombs and the possibility for collateral damage. At this point neither one of them is going to budge.

Reverend Holt is also upset with Black Lightning as he is now forced to hide out at 2bits bar with the door to door raids that the ASA are conducting.

Later Black Lightning helps with an ASA mission against the Markovians but gets upset when they openly start executing people. After that he heads to 2bits to collect the metas and Grace to get them out of Freeland. Reverend Holt is not trusting and thinks that Black Lightning is still working with the ASA. In the process of getting both the Metas and Grace out they run into the ASA and Black Lightning fights against them. After taking out the ASA he returns to the group to find Grace missing. Once he finds her, they regroup and get out of Freeland.

Pain Killer

After Anissa was hit with Pain Killers Venom, Gambi began researching the venom which linked back to that of Khalil’s. With further investigation he learned that the body was not in its grave like it was supposed to be. He persuades Lynn to help get him into the Pit to check things out and there they find that Khalil is technically alive but has a chip inserted in his brain. Gambi is ready to take him out citing that Khalil isn’t really in there but Lynn is able to retrieve his memories and wants to keep him alive. Since they are deep in the ASA Lynn really has the upper hand here and kicks Gambi out. They do learn though that they used Khalil to kill his own mother. They also agree not to share this with Jen.

At the end of the episode Pain Killer is given a new target, Black Lightning.

Jennifer and Brandon

We learned recently that Brandon is also a Meta with the power to manipulate Earth. He and Jennifer have become close after he told her about Dr. Jace and that he is there wanting to kill her because she killed his mother. They also seem to have complimenting powers which Jen is trying to figure out.

Jennifer gets information on Jace from the ASA in exchange for her help to give to Brandon but uses her information to learn more about their powers which makes Brandon upset. In Episode 8 they make up and she gives him the files she has on Jace. This only upsets Brandon because he learns that Jace isn’t even in Freeland and he is now trapped here in the occupation. He gets so upset that he has what Jennifer calls a ‘Power Flare’. They also learn more about their combined powers and concludes that since he has Earth powers he must act like a ground for her electricity.

A Message to the Outside

Since the occupation the people of Freeland really have been cut off from the outside world. Gambi can intercept an outside news segment and learns that the rest of the world is being told there is a medical epidemic which has them quarantined. Gambi and Anissa with the help of Henderson then work on getting information together to send to the outside to let them know what is really happening.

Anissa goes and sees Jamila as Black Bird and gets the footage they need, but the issue is getting it out. Gambi goes to an old out of date facility that is shut down since all the others are AS controlled. There he runs into one of the original vaccine pod kids, Barron. He can communicate with technology and earned the nickname TC. He is distrusting of Gambi at first but ends up helping in getting the broadcast out without getting caught by the ASA.

Franklin Terrace

Finally, Black Lightning makes a stand against the ASA when they move in on an apartment building and are forcing people out of their homes. One person in particular is Mrs. Shephard an old teacher. Jefferson talks with her but she is set that she isn’t leaving her home of 45 years so Black Lightning steps in to protect her from the ASA, specifically Commander Williams. Williams has consistently been against Metas and even makes comments to Jefferson about him being ‘Meta scum’ but in the end we find out that he has Meta powers too, just like Jefferson’s. I feel that this is exactly what Tobias asked for this episode and was gene spliced. Unfortunately for him he didn’t have the fancy suit to go with it and Black Lightning wins.

Thunder arrives on scene and this is the first time she has been Thunder this season. She faces off against Khalil who was sent to take out Black Lightning. While Thunder wins this fight as well, she also learns that Pain Killer is also Khalil.

Lock Down

Lynn this episode has been looking around the ASA with her new access granted by Gambi. She not only knows about Khalil form the last episode but with a nudge from Tobias learns that they also have a large supply of Green Light they are planning to use to make more Metas once Lynn learns to stabilize them. Of course, a way to stop this would be to release Tobias since he has the key in him to that stabilization. While it isn’t clear if she does that, she does have to escape the ASA with the help of Gambi after Black Lightning went rogue. In the process of her escape she loses all her Green Light pills so we will see her in withdraw in the next episode for sure.

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