‘Walking Dead’ S10E8 “The World Before” Breakdown!

The Season Finale led us to both the possibility of ending this war with the Whisperers and adding fuel to the fire. There were a lot of rumors that this was Michonne’s last episode and although she is leaving the series this season, this is NOT her last episode!

Dealing with Dante

After Saddiq learned of Dante’s identity as a Whisperer, Dante immediately killed him and this episode begins moments after. Rosita happens in when seeing the light on and recognizes that although Dante says nothing is going on, that something is wrong. They get into a scuffle as Saddiq comes back as a walker and goes after Coco. She is then forced to kill Walker Saddiq to save her child. After knocking Dante out, he is taken to the jail cell and the whole community of Alexandria is shaken by this discovery.

We also get some Dante backstory and while they don’t make it clear, it does explain why Lydia doesn’t know Dante. He came to the Whisperers after Lydia already was taken by Alexandria. We also see how he infiltrated Alexandria with a random group of survivors, how he messed with the water, how he became a doctor, and that he killed Sherry to mess with Saddiq.

I think Daryl is all of us when he immediately punches Dante in the face. Rosita deals with it by taking on Walkers outside of the wall and ends up running into Eugene who is passing through. While he saves her everything after is an awkward exchange as he heads back to Hilltop.

Gabriel is the real MVP of Alexandria. At first, he goes back to watch Dante’s intake video only to become more disturbed. He then heads to Dante and talks with him about it and in anger ends up stabbing him to death. Rosita sees him come out but she isn’t shedding any tears over Dante’s death.

Gamma’s Intel

After Gamma saw Lydia in the last episode, she ran away upset to learn that Alpha has been lying to her people for months. She then returns to Aaron the next day with a deal in mind. She confesses to him that the baby at hilltop is her niece and that for her information she would like to see the baby. Aaron says he will weigh the information and talk about it, he also requests that she remove her mask. The information she gives really shapes the remainder of the episode, which is the location of the herd in Alpha’s territory.

Aaron returns to Alexandria and learns about Dante’s deception which makes the intel he has seem sketchy to others. He believes this is good information at that at the very least they should check it out. He then talks with Gracie about this village he once came across in California that was deserted and he would wonder what happened there, his obvious fear is that this could happen to Alexandria if things keep happening.

Search Party

With the intel that Aaron has a small group including Aaron, Daryl, Carol, Jerry, Connie, and Magna head out. Before leaving Carol and Ezekiel have an opportunity to talk but again this is super awkward and most likely with the King’s condition, one of the last times they will talk.

Out in the field Daryl is concerned about Carol and her being out here. They have a talk and he admit that lately it has been like talking to a different person all together. They hug it out but I don’t think Daryl is convinced.

Once they arrive to the location where the herd is supposed to be there isn’t anything. Aaron is in denial and sure that they must have been there, he trusted Gamma. As they are leaving those Carol turns to see Alpha and takes off after her. This has them all lured into a cave on a ledge where the herd has is located. The episode ends there for them so I imagine we will pick up here after the break.


Michonne, Judith and Luke are headed to Oceanside after they have become worried about a lurker in the woods. On the way Luke talks Michonne into stopping at a library with the help of Judith. Once inside Luke gets cornered by two walkers and is rescued by a stranger. In the Stranger’s attempt to leave he abandons his backpack and takes off. While in the Library Michonne also gets the word of Sadiq’s death which dampers Michonne’s mood and makes her skeptical of this new person.


Once arriving at Oceanside, the man is quickly brought to Michonne. He was caught attempting to steal a boat. He claims he is attempting to get a boat to get back to his family. Michonne doesn’t believe him at first and assumes that he is a Whisperer. Of course, the interrogation is cut short by the appearance of walkers where the mystery man gets away. Judith also disappears in the chaos.

Later we see Judith take down the man where he is then recaptured. In the conversation that Michonne has with him he says that he only helped Luke because he felt it the right things to do, mercy is in short supply. This reminds Michonne of what Saddiq once said to Carl, which then become Rick’s motto when deciding not to kill Negan, “May my Mercy Prevail my Wrath”. This is a great call back to both Saddiq but to Rick, who I imagine Michonne will find living soon as she exits the show.

He eventually tells her that he lives on an old naval base called Bloodsworth Island in Tangier Sound. The negotiate for Michonne to take him home to his family in exchange for weapons that would help in this fight with Alpha. As the episode ends, we see her going off with Virgil.

We won’t see another episode of Walking Dead until 2/23/2020 and nothing has yet released as far as a trailer. However, we did get out look at the first trailer for the newest spin off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

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