Catching Up: ‘Prodigal Son’ Episodes 7-8!

Welcome back for another catch up blog post for Prodigal Son! These two episodes are probably my favorite yet as Malcolm starts to get answers for his memories. Originally, the show was slated for 13 episodes but was recently bumped to 22! Episode 9 will air this week and then episode 10 should be the mid-season finale.

The Junkyard

The previous two episodes Malcolm was consumed with a memory of a station wagon and at the end of episode 6 he finally found the infamous camping trip car completer with anchor hooks and blood stains. This episode starts with Malcolm still in the junk yard but now he hears a noise that grabs his attention and pulls him further into the junkyard. He comes across a man and when attempting to talk with him he is shot at. Malcolm doesn’t get hit but the man takes off.

Malcolm calls Gil and the whole team arrives to discover that the man in the junk yard was crushing a car that contained a body. Malcolm is convinced that both this killer and his father’s station wagon are connected, but Gil isn’t exactly on board with that idea yet.

As the search continues in the junk yard and they find several more bodies, some ranging from 10-15 years ago. Malcolm has trouble building a profile for the killer because he keeps connecting this back to his father’s murders in his mind, however, Dr. Tanaka isn’t able to find evidence to support that since the blood in the station wagon has yet to match any of the victims. One thing they can be sure of though is they have a serial killer on their hands. When she comes back later with the pocketknife recovered from the station wagon, Malcolm has a memory flash of him running through the woods with it and knows that he must talk with his father.

The Interview

Ainsley worked last week to secure and interview with her father and now the time has finally come. She has a set of interview questions she has submitted and her mother is concerned about the type of questions she is asking, Ainsley says that she has another set that she is going to ask instead which only concerns Jessica more. Thinking you can outsmart Martin never ends well.

At the prison, Ainsley and Jin, her camera man boyfriend, prep the area when she is seen by Tevin. Tevin is another inmate at the hospital and strives for recognition and wants to be on TV. We saw last episode how upset he became when he also wanted to be interviewed.

When the interview starts Ainsley dives right in with her questions about Martin’s victims, questions which were not submitted. Martin though not only dodges these but turns them and acknowledges all the people he saved as a doctor instead. He believes that since he has saved more people than he has killed his debt is cancelled. It is about this time when they are interrupted by Malcolm who has come for answers about the knife and the Junkyard Killer.

Ainsley agrees to break on her interview so Malcolm can talk with Martin but she stays in the room. Martin says that he has never been to the Bronx, where the junkyard is located, nor does he know the name Paul Lazur, the fake name given as the owner. When Malcolm shows him the pocketknife, he tells him that the knife was Malcolm’s. He wanted it when they were going camping as a souvenir, but Malcolm isn’t sure that is the real reason.

Martin doesn’t go any further in citing that this is his sisters time to interview. However, after watching Malcolm and Martin together she comes up with a new plan. Now she wants Malcolm in the room while they do the interview. This time she paints Malcolm as one of Martin’s victims bringing up his PTSD and other issues implying that Martin is a bad father. This really riles him up and he even lunges out of his chair.


While Martin in calming down a siren goes off alerting them to a lockdown. Malcolm calls Gil who tells him about Tevin and that he has killed a guard and the hospital is on lock down to contain him. Ainsley sends Jin into the hall to get video of the doors locked for the story but he ends up getting stabbed by Tevin because he was able to obtain a key card and got in. With the help of Martin’s guard, the jimmy the door to lock Tevin out but Jin is in serious condition.

Martin claims that he can save Jin since he is a pretty fantastic surgeon but Malcolm is against giving him any tools that could be used to hurt anyone. Instead Malcolm says that he will do it and Martin can instruct. However, this brings out another memory of the camping trip, this time Martin is teaching Malcolm to cut someone. Now his hands are shaking and he isn’t going to be able to help. Now he decides to give in and let Martin operate.

While Martin operates and saves Jin, Malcolm goes out into the prison to stop Tevin so medics can get in to help. He uses the camera to distract him to then tase him to bring him down.


After getting out Malcolm talks with Gil and tells him that he now knows for sure that Martin and the Junkyard guy are connected, Martin admitted to being a mentor while on lockdown. While operating Martin also mentioned working at St. Edward’s hospital which Malcolm knows was intentional. Gil then has TJ pull past employees, but not doctors since Martin wouldn’t mentor an equal. As Malcolm beings working a profile of the Junkyard killer, he realizes that the lockdown at the hospital was also the work of his father. He calls the hospital but they already know, Tevin admitted to it when he woke up. This puts Martin in solitary confinement just when Malcolm needed to talk with him the most.

That night Malcolm is with Jessica talking about Martin when they hear a phone ringing and realize it is from the basement. They head down there but the ringing is the phone that is in his father’s old office which Jessica had boarded up after he was arrested. Malcolm answers the phone and it is the Junkyard Killer. He says that he is an old family friend and asks if he remembers the camping trip. As the call goes on, he asks Malcolm why he was delivered to him and that he interfered with his important work. When he hangs up, we see that he is at the junkyard watching the police work.

The Victims

At this point the team already knows that the killer kills people mostly from the Bronx and they all seem to be high risk targets like drug users and the homeless. Based on the call Malcolm can build his profile. He knows that he is mission oriented and feels like it is his job to clean up the streets. When Dr. Tanaka tells him that the latest two victims had zero stomach contents Malcolm realizes that he must also be holding his victims before he kills them in the car press. The he remembers his wording about being interrupted and Malcolm realizes that he has another victim being held.  They rush over to the junkyard and there Malcolm finds a buried RV with another living victim inside, Ryan Davis. This gives them more information about the killer, like that he has a ritual where he makes the victim admit and accept their sin before he kills them.

Looking more into Ryan background they realize that he went to the same shelter as two other victims so Malcolm and Dani head there. In the conversation the priest, Father Leo, admits that people have slipped through the cracks and that it takes a toll on him. (We are also supposed to notice the hooded figure in line at the shelter) Based on the conversation Malcolm knows that it wasn’t the priest.

When they arrive at the precinct, they have the files from St. Edwards where Martin used to work but that still leaves 50 people to eliminate. Plus, Malcolm also receives a package that also happens to be bleeding. When opening the box, they discover that it is Father Leo’s hand. Shortly after they get a call from the Junkyard Killer on the phone line from the basement that they now have routed to the police station.

I’m Just Like You

On this call the killer seems to be upset that they found Ryan and taunts Malcolm about the girl in the box, finally confirming once and for all that she is real. He wants to know how Malcolm found Ryan, but Malcolm wants answers about the girl in the box. By the end of the call Malcolm is so upset that he must go out to get some air. Gil later joins him to apologize for not believing him all this time about the girl in the box, but also to remind him that there is a while team of people around him now for support. When Gil heads back inside Malcolm realizes that they were watched by a man across the street in a hood.

When the man leaves Malcolm follows him into a tunnel where he gets trapped in a gate by the killer. He still wants to know how Malcolm found Ryan and Malcolm is forced to admit that he knew because he thinks like him. The killer agrees to tell him more about the girl tonight and slips a phone in his pocket and takes off.

Gil is pretty pissed that Malcolm went in and didn’t call for back up. He also tells Malcolm that their higher ups are threatening to call in the feds. While Gil is still leery, he agrees to let Malcolm meet with the killer with back up to save Father Leo.

The Meeting

At the meeting spot Malcolm is told by the killer to keep his distance but has a package for him set up. When Malcolm opens it, he finds a bracelet from the girl in the box. As they continue to talk Malcolm realizes that the killer isn’t here, that the hooded figure a few feet away is Father Leo. While this means that he can save Leo, this meeting was all a distraction to get to Ryan undetected. They send people to the hospital but Malcolm realizes that Ainsley is also there.

The Hospital

Ainsley has been at the hospital all day with Jin but has mostly been focused on her story. At first, she was going through footage of the interview until she noticed an officer posted outside the door of a room. When he tells her that his commanding officer is Gil, she knows that this relates to the serial killer Malcolm is hunting. She thinks that this could be a companion story that she could connect with her interview. Basically, she ignored Jin.

When Malcolm calls instead of going to a room and locking the door like he tells her to, she goes to the room that she knows Ryan is being held in. She finds the dead officer and see that Ryan is dead too. She also sees the killer hiding and then makes a run for it. He comes after her in his scrubs but when they hear police sirens he takes off and leaves her.

When she makes it back to Jin’s room he is watching the footage of his surgery, which she lied about. Because he knows that this is just who she is he knows that he needs to break up with her and tells her to leave. She then reports all of this on the evening news.


After the phone call in the basement Jessica has been on edge, even cancelling her meeting with Eve. Eve shows up anyway to check on Jessica to find that she is drunk and armed. This concerns her to the point that she goes to see Malcolm to tell him. She seems perfectly nice at this point but she has an edge to her and I think that she is up to something.

At the end of the episode Malcolm goes to check on his mother and get tells her that he has police guarding her. While there he gets call from Gil letting him know that FBI have taken the case and that they are off it.

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