Catching Up: ‘Prodigal Son’ Episode 5-6!

I am finally around to getting caught up on one of my favorite new shows this season. This show has all those things we love from those FBI shows but with another layer of personal mystery added.

Dani’s Past

 For the most part the show has focused solely on Malcolm and his family issues. In this episode we learn a little more about Dani, one of the NYPD detective’s on Gil’s team. There have been times that she has been looking after Malcolm before and honestly, I think she has a real soft spot for him. I can’t see there being a relationship with them, at least not in season one. Right now, I think we are getting the building blocks of a good friendship.

Dani gets pulled into the investigation when a gang leader was murdered. She automatically suspects the rival gang citing a turf dispute but Malcolm is sure that this is more personal. When they meet at a church with this rival leader, Saulo. He says that he had nothing to do with it but thinks that it was the victim’s number 2-man Estime. Dani has a hard time buying this and she knows him well from her reaction. Gil plans to talk with Estime after getting a warrant but Dani thinks that she can get more from him on her own.

Malcolm suspects that she is going to try this and follows her to the club where they both meet with Estime. After meeting him Malcolm agrees that he is not the killer, however, anything else that was going to be said ends when the clubs are shot up from some of Saulo’s men. Malcolm gets a hit of drugs right in the face. He is then high the rest of that night and as punishment for disobeying Dani must watch him. I will talk more about his drug induced visions later.

The next morning Malcolm is in good spirits after finally getting some sleep. Dani shares with him that she used to be an undercover narcotics detective and was close with Estime. He even knew that she was a cop but kept her secret for her. She got caught up and over dosed and Estime took her to the hospital and helped her after. Dani then talks to one of the victim’s employee’s and she tells Dani that there was a girl that Estime fell in love with, however, his boss sent her on a plane with drugs and one of the balloons busted inside of her and she died. This give Estime the motive to kill his boss. She then goes to the hair salon that Estime bought for the woman he loved. Dani and Malcolm go inside but, in the conversation, they realize that Trini, the one cutting hair was the woman’s mother and the killer getting revenge for the death of her daughter. Saulo shows up outside to get Estime and kill him but Dani going out and tells him that Estime is dead. Trini killed him. She didn’t but this is a chance for Estime to get a fresh start.

Higher Than a Kite

Malcolm was already suffering from days without sleep and hallucinations before the drugs to the face. Mostly he has been seeing things in spurts, but there was the opening with the station wagon and the dog where he though he saw a person under a blanket. He also had a moment in the church where he again saw a person under a blanket that reached out for him.

After getting drugs to the face this only gets worse. He sees a person hanging, that mysterious box he has seen all season, and again a person under a blanket. Then he sees himself in his dad’s jail cell and I find this location interesting, almost as if he is telling himself that he should be in here as well. However, he tells himself to find a shoe box that he kept from childhood, that it contains the answers he needs. Eventually Dani gets tired of him and knocks him out with a punch to the face.

The Shoebox

Later he goes to his mothers to look for the shoebox. She is hosting a woman named Eve. Eve works for a human trafficking program to which Jessica is donating a large amount of money. Malcolm tells her about the shoebox and while Jessica thinks it is ridiculous, at the end of the episode she does have it delivered to him.

Inside he pulls out a spy glass, a rock and some pictures. Most of them are just of his dad or his mom and dad together. The one that really peaks Malcolm’s interest is the one with the two of them together and the station wagon he has been seeing in his hallucinations.

The Sadist

In episode six, Malcom and team are looking for a Sadist that stabbed a man 100 times in the chest. Based on the scene they know that this was an opportunistic attack. The first talk to the soon to be ex-wife, Crystal, who the victim shares a son with. She is one of those ‘My son is everything’ people which Malcom calls a Jocasta. This makes Malcolm think that she is for sure not the killer because she would not be able to manifest the rage it would need to stab someone that many times.

Malcolm talks with the son, Isaac. He relates to him because of his own personal experience with losing a father. He also promises that things will be okay for Isaac. Issacs also tells him about his mom’s trainer that also happens to spend the night sometimes. Thinking he could be a suspect Malcolm goes in testing upfront to see if he could be a sadist like the profile suggest the killer would be. After pain is inflicted Malcolm comes the conclusion that he is indeed a sadist, however, he is adamant that he is not the killer and that things were only casual with Crystal.

Meanwhile, Dani and TJ have been following Crystal on her run. Her runs take her close to the crime scene which they think is suspicious. As they get closer, they see her digging in the woods. When calling it in Dani loses track of Crystal who then attacks her from behind. Dani stops her with pepper spray and then they take her in. Tj then gets what Crystal was digging up, a bloody shirt. Even when she confesses this just doesn’t sit right with Malcolm.

Blind Spot

In therapy Malcolm talks about the case and realizes that he has a soft spot for the son Isaac. After even more thought he realizes that he was so blinded by it that he overlooked a suspect. He then returns to the house where Isaac was feeding his rabbits and finds several animal graves. Malcolm takes one back to the precinct where he forces Crystal to confess that it was Isaac that killed his father. Apparently, he found Isaac strangling a rabbit and was going to put him in a hospital.

Malcolm and Gil rush to the house where Isaac is with the trainer boyfriend. He is unknowingly provoking Isaac which is what Malcolm is afraid of. When he finally gets him on the phone Isaac takes his shot at the boyfriend. Malcolm then talks to him on the phone and tells him to go upstairs and he will be there soon.

When he arrives, he goes upstairs with Isaac and can get him to give up the knife by telling him about how he felt when his dad left. Isaac does end up in the hospital but Malcolm helps him see it is a good thing.

The Station Wagon

After finding the picture of the station wagon after having visions of it, Malcolm become obsessed with finding that exact one. He even stops and looks at ones for sale. He eventually asks Dani for help who comes through with the full VIN number and location of the car. That night Malcolm goes and check it out. Not only does is have the anchor loops like he remembers but the whole back seat glows like a Christmas tree when he checks for blood.

The Interview

In episode 4 Ainsley finally decided that she wanted to visit he father for the first time. She is going under the idea that she just wants and interview and while I think she believes it; she wants to just know him. He doesn’t agree to the interview in this episode, but he does show her a side of himself that she wasn’t expecting, the loving father. This has her all confused even though she says that she isn’t.

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