Catching Up: ‘Black Lightning’ Episodes 4-6!

With the ASA occupying Freeland over things have been boiling under the surface, however, now with Jefferson out of the pit (A Meta Testing Center) things begin to explode as the resistance begins to rise. I have missed blogging the last few weeks due to illness so I am making these catch up posts just to make sure I don’t miss out on talking all these details. As the mid-season gets closer, we are all getting excited for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now Black Lightning has been confirmed to appear in the crossover event but won’t have an episode in the crossover. This means that we will likely only see Jefferson and not the rest of the cast appear. My hope for his inclusion is that we will begin to see them pop up more in future seasons.


Even though Lynn is technically not being forced to live at the ASA she is still spending all over her time there attempting to cure this Meta Virus that is spreading through the meta camps. Her fear is that this could spread to Jefferson or the girls and kill them as well. Because of this fear she goes to drastic measures and synthesizes a brain booster made from green light. What she doesn’t see is that she has become highly addicted. Later we learn that she was influences to take Green Light by Odell with subliminal messaging.

She does end up curing the virus and creating a vaccine that will protect all Metas. After that Odell informs her that some of the POD kids are critical making it so she doesn’t even take a break. Between her dosing and utter focus on the pod kids she isn’t getting any sleep and isn’t home causing strain on her relationship with Jefferson.

With all her time in the lab she discovers that in the virus that Dr. Jace created there was a protein hidden that could be the answer to stabilizing the POD kids. However, the only person that has ever survived being given this protein is patient 49

Patient 49

It turns out that patient 49 is Tobias Whale and Lynn is now going to be working with him closely. While he has put together that Black Lightning is Jefferson and the girls are also metas, he promises he will spare the girls since she injects him with the serum that makes him young again. Lynn concerned about her family tells Odell that after she has stabilized the POD kids, she wants Tobias dead.

However, Tobias begins to get to her with his talk about Odell and what he really is. While he never actually gives too much information, he does talk her into getting him a list of the metas in the facility along with their powers.


Jennifer has become indifferent to the occupation on Freeland which caught Jefferson off guard. She is used to the check points and because of Odell’s influence she believes that the ASA may be helping them. To push the issue home Odell even sends her video of the Markovians taking over other countries. She then uses this information to defend the ASA to her fellow classmates. When they come in to take Tavon for being a Meta (Although he isn’t) Jennifer does seem to question what Odell has been saying. When they meet that night be seems to win her back when giving her an upgrade for her suit that allows for her to fly outside of Earth’s atmosphere and telling her that she could be more powerful than her father.


Anissa is stilling using the persona Blackbird to fight against the ASA occupation. However, Jefferson gets upset with her when he sees a video of her showing off her powers. He goes to her apartment and they argue not only about that but that she shared her secrets with Grace. Grace gets upset and changes forms which puts a wedge between Anissa and Jefferson.

While Blackbird is working to get Metas out of Freeland there is a resistance that is separate from her but also using her symbol to fight back against Freeland. For now, they have been working on stealing trucks from the ASA and talk about a boss in charge that is making the calls. The missing trucks do catch the attention of Odell and he sends Painkiller out to eliminate the problem which results in several people being killed.

After learning about Tavon being pulled out of school, Jefferson decides that he needs to get him out of where he is being held in jail. He reaches out to Anissa for her help as Blackbird since going in as Black Lightning would break his deal with Odell.  Jefferson makes sure he apologizes to Anissa and calls back to when they used to call her Tubman, because she now really is acting like Harriet Tubman by sneaking Meta’s out of the city. This includes both breaking into the jail with the help of Henderson. They free both the resistance members and Tavon. She then sneaks Tavon and some Metas out of Freeland while the resistance members rejoin the fight.

Eliminate Blackbird

After the break in at the jail Blackbird is now a big enough threat that Odell wants to know who she is and get ride of her. When running the biometrics, he learns that Anissa could be a candidate for Blackbird. He then puts Painkiller on the task of getting rid of her.

She also must deal with the reward that Henderson puts on her head in a press conference which sparks outrage from those like 2bit and Reverend Holt to the point that they begin to call him Uncle Tom.

When Anissa brings the next group of Meta’s to Perdy territory for refuge she brings with her the vaccine that Lynn created. Jefferson pushes for her to bring back Tavon after he spoke with his parents and they can prove he is not a meta. Anissa has a bad feeling about it but agrees to bring him. Unfortunately, they don’t know that at her reentry point Painkiller is waiting for her. When they cross over, he injects both Anissa and Tavon with his toxin. Even though Gambi and Jefferson meet them to help Tavon is already dead and Anissa is very ill from the poison. Anissa spends the rest of episode 6 attempting to recover from the poison even though Gambi says she only has about a week to live unless he discovers a cure. When looking into the toxin Gambi makes the discovery that Khalil isn’t dead, or at least his body isn’t buried in his grave.


While the resistance has been active the whole-time things heat up after the death of Tavon at the hands of the ASA. There is a protest at school and when Jefferson steps up to protect students he is beaten. Henderson the approached both 2BIT and Reverend Holt under the guise that he is arresting them but then meets with them about joining the resistance. It has been Henderson leading them all along. He thinks that with the death of Tavon and the beating of Jefferson it is enough to get the community to fight. He brings in Jamilla to be the voice and face that will rally up people to be part of the fight against ASA.

Jefferson is in hot water with the ASA for not only his work at the jail to break out Tavon, but also attacking the ASA after Tavon’s death. While he doesn’t round up the girls like he promised, he also warns Jefferson to not make him an enemy.

Jennifer was a witness to the attack on her father at the school and almost lost control of her powers. However, Brandon stepped in to contain her and was even able to absorb her powers because he is a meta too. She later sneaks into his apartment and finds a bunch of coal and information about her mom. When he returns home, she attacks him. Once things settle down, he explains that he is an earth manipulator and he is looking for Dr. Jace because she killed his mother.


Earlier in the season we saw that the Markovians exist and aren’t just a tale that Odell has been spinning. In this episode they begin to make their moves with the help of the teleporter, Instant. He begins attacking ASA locations. Odell is alerted of the break ins and set a trap for Instant and the Markovians. This ends in a stand off with Colonel Yuri Mosin and Agent Odell. When the shouting begins Jefferson hears them and moves in as Black Lightning and protects Odell but is too late. Instant leaves with Colonel Mosin but is upset that they left without finishing them off. Odell is upset with Jefferson for not killing Mosin either. While this was just one attack, I do expect that we are going to see more of this war with the actual Markovians.

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