‘Walking Dead’ S10E7 “Open Your Eyes” Breakdown!

Wow! What an episode! A lot of things about the last few episodes are answered as we head into the season finale next episode. (11/24) And while this feels like a packed episode, we can really boil this all down to three major things happening, the interrogation of the captured Whisperer, the conversations with Gamma and Aaron, and then learning more about Saddiq’s PTSD and why it seems to be so intense.


After Carol captured on of the Whisperer’s last episode, her and Darryl bring him back and into Negan’s old cell where Lydia has been staying. One important detail is that he was blindfolded going in and didn’t see Lydia. She did see him though and tells Carol that he was one of the guardian/walkers gathers which makes him one of Alpha’s most loyal. She does give the advice to Carol that the people following her mom are brainwashed and think that no other way of life can work, maybe by showing the Whisperer’s differently they can turn them.

This theory literally ends up all over Carol’s face. He eats the food she offers and he goes along with it only to spit it out and vow never to tell anything about Alpha or where the main horde is located. Daryl threatens to start removing limbs and even then he stands firm that he is not betraying Alpha, after all she killed her own daughter for them….

This peaks Daryl and Carol’s interest because they know for sure that Lydia is not dead, she has been in Alexandria all along. Carol want to bring Lydia in to show him that Alpha is a liar but Daryl says no, that Lydia has been through enough.

Before the interrogation Gabriel demanded that the man’s wounds be checked first which put Dante and Saddiq in there with them. He had said, ‘Hey, I know you’ which triggers Saddiq. Dante and Gabe make him leave while Dante finishes up with him. Later Gabriel brings back Saddiq and Dante because the man is shivering and sick, the man dies in Saddiq’s arms. When looking through the stuff he realizes that Dante gave the man Hemlock causing the reaction and death, but Dante pushes this on Saddiq saying that he packed the bag. I’ll talk more on how this ends in a minute.

Aaron and Gamma

After last episode where Aaron and Gamma ran into each other at the border, Alpha pushed Gamma to build a relationship with him in order to get information from him. However, Gamma is still emotional vulnerable after the death of her sister. In the conversations with Aaron she learns about the massive amount of breadmaking going on at Alexandria, but most importantly that they have and raise children. Hilltop now as her sister’s daughter but Gamma doesn’t mention that. Aaron does give her the drawing that Gracie made him to take with her. I find that ironic because Gamma’s niece is came to Hilltop in the same way that Gracie came to Aaron only she was the daughter of a savior.

Gamma goes back to the Whisperers and is upset about the picture. This even leads her to be unprepared for a walker and ends up killing it upsetting Alpha. To add to it she had no information about Alexandria. She then lashes her and sends her back out.

At this meeting with Gamma’s renewed Whisperer spirit she isn’t having any of Aaron’s shit and hold a knife to his throat for information. There to save him is Carol who left Alexandria after Daryl wouldn’t let her use Lydia to get information from the captured Whisperer. Instead she has brought Lydia here to the border to show the Whisperers that she is still alive. Gamma doesn’t know how to handle this information since she has been so brainwashed by Alpha. Lydia though is very mad that Carol used her just like her mother would have and decides that she is going to be on her own now and leaves. I don’t think Carol fully understands what she has done here since Daryl and Michonne both believed that Lydia was the only reason Alpha was holding off the horde.


The real shocker of this episode comes from Saddiq. We know that this whole season he has been struggling with what happened with the whisperers. We have more clips than ever this episode as he starts to put pieces together. After the incident with the hemlock he takes a dip in the pond. Rosita goes in after him and pulls him out. In this conversation he says things like, he can still hear the screams, and still smell the smells. He also talks about Enid and how much he misses her, also that Dante make it worse because he reminds him of Enid, in that he misses working with her.

Then they get on the conversation about why everyone is sick and that there isn’t any link. They don’t work together, don’t eat the same food, or live close to one another. Sitting her on the docks though he realizes that they all drink the same water. He then investigates the water network (Whatever it is called) and realizes that it has been tampered with. So someone in Alexandria has turned off the filter and then Gamma has been poisoning the water with walkers.

After this Dante finds Saddiq alone in his room and talks with him. He pushes their friendship and how they are in this together however, when Dante makes a clicking noise with his mouth Saddiq begins having flashbacks the night with the Whisperers. He then realizes that Dante was there and was one of the Whisperers. Dante realizes that Saddiq has figured it out and they fight with Dante putting Saddiq in a headlock and killing him, but all the while Dante saying things like, “Not you, not like this.”

This does raise the question; how did Lydia not recognize Dante? I am assuming that maybe he was recruited in the time that Lydia was with Alexandria and Henry but before the season finale. This would have been the gap where she wouldn’t know any new recruits. Some think that Saddiq could still be alive and that he simply passed out but I can’t image that Dante would leave him alive to spoil his identity even though he seemed remorseful as he was killing him.

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