‘Supergirl’ S5E7 “Tremors” Breakdown!

Oh, the Betrayal! Supergirl finally learns that Lena didn’t take being lied to so well. We know that behind the scenes Lena has been working on a plan to make it so humans are incapable of hurting each other. The idea isn’t bad but the means certainly aren’t nice.

The Medallion

Lena recovered the Medallion from Andrea last episode that allowed for Andrea to move through shadows. Not only that but the medallion itself is connected to the Leviathans which is this undercover secret organization that Will and Kara have been looking into because of several murders that Andrea seems to be involved with. The Medallion itself no longer has any magical properties and Andrea still has the powers. However, the Leviathan want the Medallion back and send Margo, the older lady, to get it from Lena. Lena reminds them that she is a Luthor and already has security set up against this thwarting them in their attempt this time. However, like Hope/Eve fears, they are not done with her.

Rama Khan

After Margo fails to get the medallion from Lena, she heads back the Leviathan base and informs the leader that she failed. The leader of the Leviathan is named Rama Khan, If Sam and Dean only knew that their grandfather was a Leviathan all along…

Anyway, Rama Khan is a former leader from the planet Jarhanpur, a sister planet of Krypton and Daxam. When arriving to earth and killing all the dinosaurs in the process he then was tasked with the responsibility to protect the Earth from harm.  So He isn’t entirely a bad guy, he just isn’t shy about killing people that are going to harm the Earth (or the agenda of the Leviathan) His fellow Leviathan is Gamemnae, while not much is given about her it seems she has an affinity for technology since she has been pushing it on Rama Khan this episode. In the comics she was a cast out Atlantean who became skilled in the use of magic. Since Atlantis hasn’t yet been explored much in the Arrowverse I’m not sure if this is a back story they are going to keep or just make her an alien.

Rama Khan goes after Lena as a ceremony she is holding for LCorp and Lena must call on Supergirl to be saved. Brainy can pull up information on him tracing back thousands of years. They arent sure how he could be defeated but with Lena there she hints that maybe there is a weapon that could help them somewhere. This inspires Kara to bring up the Fortress of Solitude where Superman keeps a stash of weapons that are dangerous but that cannot be destroyed. Kara offers to take Lena there without any hesitation.

Fortress of Solitude

At the fortress Lena is in awe of the building and all the technology is holds. Even asking Kara if she can use the computer because she has never seen one like it. Of course, this is all a ploy to get into the vault to get something that can be used for her ongoing project. She specifically wants Myriad, the device used by Astra to turn everyone into zombies back in season one. The device they settle on to use against Rama Khan is a sonic cannon.

Rip Roar

Meanwhile, Brainy is looking into Rama Khan when he gets an alert on a location for Rip Roar. This should be suspicious to use since we saw him die in Andrea’s arms last episode. Brainy and Alex arrive on scene and sure enough he is rigged with a bomb knocking both pretty hard. Brainy has one of his orbs on his forehead cracked and Alex ends up in the medical unit with a concussion.

For Brainy this crack and then repair opens his mind up and he can put together where he has seen the leviathan symbol before. He then grabs Alex who was having a moment with Kelly and they head to the Leviathan headquarters. While they do get in, they end up in an underground cave which is a security measure set by Gamemnae. Alex is immediately suspicious and while we don’t see them leave, we know they make it out when we see them later.

Battle at the Fortress

So maybe calling this a battle is an overstatement. Rama Khan realizes that when he can no longer sense Lena and Kara that they must being in a place that is not made of Earth, the Fortress. He gets in by opening a hole in the ground so he has access to Earth. He and Supergirl go at it until she closes the gap in the floor and Lena gets him with the Sonic cannon.

After the attack Lena runs off in the other room and Kara catches her with Myriad. This leads to Lena’s confession that she has been working on something behind Kara’s back because she is not over Kara’s lies when all Lena asked for was honesty. Lena then uses the Fortress defenses against Supergirl so she can leave. Before she does, she tells Supergirl how she killed Lex to protect her and her friends and in Lex’s dying breath he told her Kara’s identity.

Making Amends

While Kara and Lena are in a pretty bad place, Jon looks to repair his relationship with his brother. At the beginning of the episode he still believes that his brother is in the Phantom Zone but has been struggling mentally and physically with this decision. He reaches out in prayer to his father like he did after her killed Manchester Black. This time his father tells him that Malefic isn’t in the Phantom Zone but just on the other side of the city. However, J’onn isn’t sure what to do. Should he save his brother or send him back to the phantom zone. His father suggests that he open his mind to him and make himself vulnerable so that Malefic knows that his intentions are pure and he feels real remorse about what has happened.

At the end of the episode he goes to Malefic and opens his mind to him and it ends with Malefic forgiving him and hugging it out.

My Home

Kelly has been struggling the last two episodes. Prior to her coming to National City she was engaged and her finance died in action. Seeing Alex in the field in danger last episode triggered her anxiety and now she is in constant fear about something happening to Alex. She is again put in the position when she hears that Alex is again hurt. For a moment it seems like Kelly is going to break up with her but by the end of the episode they agree to work things out.

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