‘The Rookie’ S2E8 “Clean Cut” Breakdown!

Another Nathan Fillion reunion with guest star Alan Tudyk. Nathan and Alan both starred in Firefly, a show cancelled entirely too soon. We are also coming upon the mid-season break. ‘The Rookie’ doesn’t have an episode next week, (11/24) but then I believe that the following episode on 12/1 is the finale which is entitled ‘Breaking Point’. That sounds very cliffhangery.

Crime Scene Clean Up

Nolan is not only celebrating his birthday today but also gets called in and stuck working. After an obvious Toyota Tundra Ad, he heads into a crime scene. His job is to act as a security guard until the crime scene is released for cleanup. Grey assures him this should only be an hour or so.

Several hours later he is still there, has sent both Lucy and West several bored selfies, talked with Grace, and played games until his phone died. BTW it is cute that Grace remembered his birthday. A short time later the crime scene cleaner Ellroy (Alan Tudyk) arrives to ‘set everything right’ as he says. The problem is that Homicide still hasn’t cleared the scene. So now they wait together.

Ellroy makes this interesting as he is quite the expert judging a crime scene. Not only does he know who the forensic team is, but he can decipher blood spatter. They play out the violent attack all the way to another office where they realize that the victim wasn’t just beaten, he was tortured. There are only a few reasons why people are tortured, this includes revenge, information and sex. We’re going with information on this one. This make Nolan think that maybe the bookcase wasn’t knocked over in the attack but by the assailants looking for a stash of some kind.

Later Nolan notices some blood outside of the tape and calls in to check when Homicide is coming back so they can expand their search field. When Nolan checks it out, he finds the missing security guard they all assumed was in on the crime.

While they are again waiting, Nolan and Ellroy talk about Nel, the dispatcher, and it appears that Ellroy has a crush on her even though they have never met. When Nolan mentions it is his birthday, Ellroy later surprises him with a twinkie and candle. He tells Nolan about his sister killing herself the same year he forgot about her birthday. That was his first crime scene clean up and nothing has felt right since.

Nolan is still looking around when the perpetrators return obviously looking for whatever they didn’t find before. This puts Nolan in a shoot out with them while protecting Ellroy. His phone is dead, his radio is shot, and Ellroy only has a pager. This has Nolan all alone. He pulls the fire alarm after barricading a door. He then hides Ellroy with a pipe for protection while he gets in a good position. Once they break through the door Nolan plays hide and seek. He uses a brick to knock on out and then shoots the other after Ellroy causes a distraction.

After all that Nolan introduces Nel and Ellroy and then is surprised with a party from everyone. While they haven’t made anything official, we all know that Grace and Nolan are happening.


Both Tim and West are set to be receiving an award this episode for their work a few episodes back. West is super nervous but is happy that he is being acknowledges after almost failing out of the program a few weeks ago. Tim isn’t excited about the award but knows that it will look good to the higher ups not that he is debating applying for Sargent.

Fender Bender

Tim and Lucy are out on patrol. Lucy thinks she is about to witness a mugging but it turns out to be nothing. Tim being temporarily distracted then plows into the back of a stopped car. The immediate reaction for everyone is to assume that Tim’s career is over. It is highly frowned upon for officers to be involved in accidents. Harper does give him the advice to head to the hospital for a workup to show that he was not under an influence or impaired in anyway, but Grey also tells him that he needs to sit out of the ceremony today.

While Tim heads to the hospital Lucy heads with the vehicle back to have it looked at. She must demand for it to be looked at and taken seriously by the officer there. She doesn’t remember seeing break lights and sure enough the brake lights have been unplugged. He tells her that this is common for scammers. Plus, there is also other items in the back that are used for arson scams.

Lucy heads to the hospital to tell Tim. Tim has had his work up and talks with the woman in the car he hit. She is nice and forgiving but her boyfriend is ready to sue. After getting the information from Lucy about the scam they cuff the girl to the bed so she doesn’t try to run. They call in the boyfriend for questioning and now he is planning to sur for harassment on top of everything else. The goal here was to work him up to get the girlfriend to cave.

This plan works because she admits to Lucy and Tim that they were doing little scams but she is wanting out after he started getting deeper, he is even planning to kill a woman for the cut of a Life Insurance policy. They then set up a sting and bring him in for attempted murder. This also means that Tim can go to his ceremony. I love that Lucy makes her background Tim, I always thought these two had the best chemistry on the show, even just as friends.

Powder Trip

Not only did Tim have his issues, but Jackson gets his face full of some type of drug on a stop. This has him tripping out for the remainder of the episode. The fear is that it is PCP which can cause hallucinations for life and would require that West is removed from duty. Angela then spends the rest of the episode babysitting and trying to keep this quite until they know what is going on. In the end it was only horse vitamins and West was only experiencing an allergic reaction.

Ride Along

This episode Harper asks for Grey to do her yearly evaluation in the hopes that this will help her with custody of her daughter. He agrees to help but only by doing a fair evaluation. He rides along with her and she is actually very good this episode even helping Tim when he needed it, arresting a potential drunk driver, and getting a crazed man off the streets.

Grey this episode is worried about his daughter moving to Cornwell after being accepted there. He thinks that he would have to move but Harper encourages him to let her go, that he did a great job in raising her and that now it is time for her to spread her wings.

Basically, she gets an excellent evaluation.

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