‘Batwoman’ S1E7 “Tell Me the Truth” Breakdown!

There comes a time in every superheroes life where they must fake out everyone, they love on order to protect their identity and the loved ones. Well, here we are. Seven episodes in and the inevitable has come. After this episode we have a one-week break and then into the mid-season finale for Batwoman followed by the Crisis episode. I imagine at some point in the next episode they are going to have bring up the Monitor or something to draw her into the fight. I guess we will see…

The Rifle

In this episode a new villain springs up and has already taken out two people. In the opening of the episode he attempts for a third but it thwarted by Batwoman. Luke puts together that the two victims and the third target all work or are connected to Hamilton which is the company that Catherine runs and the maker of the Batman armor piercing gun.

When the Rifle again tries to take out the target Batwoman is there to stop him but so is someone else. Batwoman and this new mystery woman fight it out while the Rifle gets away. However, this new woman turns out to be Julia Pennyworth, Daughter of Alfred. Apparently, her and Kate have history. After Kate was removed from training after being found to be a lesbian, Bruce sent Julia to check in on her. Kate felt very betrayed when she found out the truth.

Julia is part of a task group that has been tracking the Rifle around the world including Metropolis. Luke and Julia also know each other and have a pretty good friendship. Do I smell team up? Not for now.

Telling the Truth

Like the episode suggest this is an episode where the truth is on the brink of being exposed. Sophie is sure that Kate is Batwoman and she plans to tell Jacob to protect Batwoman. Jacob though is out of town looking into Arthur Cartwright, the man that kept Beth all these years. There is another layer added to this when Sophie’s husband Tyler gets suspicious that Sophie knows Batwoman’s identity.

Kate realizes that Sophie is going to tell Jacob based on the conversation they had at the scene of the Rifle attack. She then sends a message to Sophie wanting to meet up and talk. Kate is testing the waters to see how much trust she can put in Sophie. There are a lot of flash backs this episode and all include the time when they were going before the academy review board. We know that Kate refused to sign the paper denouncing that she was gay, but Sophie signed the paper. Now we learn that the push to sign came from Jacob himself. In learning this back story she knows that Sophie’s loyalty runs deep with Jacob and there is no chance she is not going to tell.

Sophie doesn’t just plan on telling Jacob, she finally comes clean about being with Kate and isn’t able to say that she still doesn’t have feelings for her.


Aside from all the Batwoman drama, Jacob has filed for divorce with Catherine. This is really affecting Mary more than anyone since she feels that her and Kate were finally connected. Mary seeks out Kate wanting help in saving their family but Kate is busy working on Plan C of keeping her identity as Batwoman secret. Meanwhile, Catherina talks with Jacob about halting the divorce and reminding him why they are together and what they have built together.

Plan C

In the same conversation Catherine tells Jacob about the three men’s connection to her company and specifically the missing gun that can pierce Batman’s armor. Sophie overhears this conversation and tells Jacob that they have a way to track it thanks to a loan machine from ARGUS. (Yes, this is the first mention of ARGUS on Batwoman) She then tells Jacob that it is important they recover this and save Batwoman because Batwoman is Kate.

Sophie then begins looking for the gun with the tech from Argus. While she is on the trail, she runs into Batwoman and talks with her like she is Kate, however, when Kate shows Sophie is thrown for a loop. In the process Batwoman is shot with the weapon that can pierce her suit. This has Kate panicked and she goes against the Crows in order to get Julia back who is surprisingly not dead, only banged up.

Alice and Mouse

It turns out that Alice was behind all of this. Not only did she hire The Rifle to kill the only three people that could repair this special gun, but she also disabled it so it wouldn’t work and, in the process, traded for something in this a vial from Catherine. Basically, she played Catherine every step of the way. She says she has done this to protect Kate. The even weirder thing is that Mouse was pretending to be Jacob almost this entire episode. Other than the call Jacob made looking for Cartwright, everything else was Mouse. This means that Jacob never knew about the possibility that Kate was Batwoman and it was him who Catherine reconciled with.

Luke even puts together that the third victim was killed by a butterfly knife which lets Kate and him know that this was the work of Alice all along.

In and Out

Kate basically tells Sophie that they are over and that nothing can happen between them because Sophie will always sacrifice her and is still not ready to admit that she is a lesbian. Sophie then immediately heads back and makes up with Tyler. Julia is leaving on the premise that she is following The Rifle but she is a character I would like to see back on the show and learn more about.

As for Mary, Kate decides to by the property across from the restaurant she was kicked out of for being gay and plans to turn it into a gay bar with the help of Mary. Mary is another character I think could break up the seriousness of the show more and would make a great addition to Kate’s team.

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