‘Watchmen’ S1E4 “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own” Breakdown

Well, this certainly was an interesting episode of Watchmen. Personally, I think it tops the charts on the weird scale. It also steps further into this main plot that has been boiling just under the surface with Adrian Veidt and then the addition of Lady Trieu.

A Deal

The opening of this episode is of a man and woman living on a farm in Oklahoma. The Woman here is reading an interesting book and is a deeply bedded Easter Egg. If you are a comic reader you may recognize the ‘Fogdancing’ book the woman is reading. It is one of the in-universe classic novels written by comic book artist and writer Max Shea, better known as the creator of the Tales of the Black Freighter comics. Shea, like many others, was killed by Adrian Veidt to erase all traces of his alien project after being trapped on an island (Much like Veidt is now)

Eggs were used a lot in this episode to show that plots and secrets were being cracked open and it really starts here when Lady Trieu shows at this unsuspecting couples home looking to make a deal. Basically, Trieu wants their land and has already implemented steps to make it happen, like creating a baby from the couple’s genetic material that they submitted to a fertility clinic years prior. For them to keep the baby they must sell the farm. Of course, they do.

Another theme in this episode is things falling from the sky, and things being shot up into the sky. Here something is falling from the sky and Lady Trieu immediately calls dips on whatever this is, however, we don’t get any information this episode.

I think what this encounter is trying to show is the lengths that Trieu is willing to go to in getting what she wants. Also, that she has a big plan in the making after purchasing Adrian Veidt’s company.

Family Tree

In the last episode Angela and Laurie had a conversation where Laurie mentioned the Wheelchair marks under Judd Crawford’s body when he was hanged. This has Angela rushing to get bakery to clear away the evidence that William, her grandfather, was there. Notice those eggs again laying out showing that this situation that Angela is involved in is only going to continue to crack. While cleaning she gets a call from the Greenwood Center for Cultural Heritage where Angela submitted Williams DNA in episode two. This is how she learned that Will was her grandfather. Now he is alerted on her phone that other members of his family tree have been identified. This peaks Angela’s interest so she breaks into the center to get information. Of course, she calls in first that the window was already broken and then uses that as a cover for the alarms she trips.

After gets her acorn encoded, she sees her family tree and learns not only about William but links back Angela’s history to the very opening of the series where we saw the death of OB reeves and his wife Ruth. Little William here is thought to be dead but Angela obviously knows that he survived.

Cover Up

Angela isn’t just covering up her grandfather’s involvement with the Judd’s death but also trying to cover up for Judd while she tries to figure out what is going on. While looking at her family tree she hears a loud sound only to find the scene at the end of last episode with Laurie and Angela’s car dropping from the sky. Obviously, this is weird that they would both find themselves together in this moment, however, I think that it was planned for them to come together over this. In the car Angela finds the red pills that William had in her shop.

The next day Angela sees Wade at this home where she asks him to have his ex-girlfriend investigate the pills for a clue as to where they came from. She doesn’t give him the full story of the pills, that is too personal. However, she does tell him about the Klan get up she found in Judd’s closet. Wade tries to write this off as being a family heirloom. Angela asks him to hold onto it for now to keep Laurie from finding it.

Angela then dumps the evidence from her bakery from an overpass into a garbage truck. Obviously, the hope is that it can’t be tied back to her, however, she turns to find that she is being watched by a man later dubbed as the “lube man” because he uses lube to slide down into the sewer to escape Angela. She investigates him at the precinct but comes up empty.

When Angela returns to the precinct Senator Keane is there and calls her Angela while she is in the Sister Night outfit basically outing her identity to everyone around them. Since we are assuming, he is 7th K, this could be very bad for her family and I am sure was done purposefully.

In the meantime, Laurie was digging into Angela’s car because she thinks there is a connection with the car and Judd. What she found was Will’s fingerprints. This led her to information about Will, such as he was a cop in New York in the 40’s-50’s. This puts him there in the Golden Age of the Minutemen and I personally think he is somehow connected to the Hooded Justice. I mentioned this back in my episode two breakdown as the reason that Will used hanging as the method to kill Judd. Laurie also connects that a 100-year-old man would probably also have a wheelchair like the one at Judd’s hanging.

Millennium Clock

Because the car was dropped from the sky this leaves a small list of suspects with the equipment to pull this off. This has Laurie taking Angela to the Millennium clock where Lady Trieu would have the equipment to pull this off. On the way there Laurie talks with Angela about her mask and why she wears it. Angela says it is to protect her family, but Laurie knows it is meant to hide trauma. Laurie knows from experience she one wore a mask. Her trauma is finding out that her father, the Comedian, attempted to rape her mother, Sally Jupiter.

At the Millennium Clock, Lady Trieu is outwardly very helpful. Laurie, nor do I, think it is a coincidence that Angela and Trieu are both from Vietnam. This becomes clearer when we learn that Trieu is connected to Will. She asks Angela privately about the pills but Angela thinks that if Will wants her to know something that he should just tell her.

There is also the Adrian Veidt statue. Laurie is curious about why they made him old in the statue but that is what he would look like now and how we saw him in costume last episode. I don’t think it is far fetched to assume that Trieu and Veidt are connected.

Escape plan

Speaking of Veidt, the last episode we saw him coming up with plan to escape this island that he is on. I think that the assumption was last episode that he was trapped on Mars. While I think that is still plausible, they also hinted that he could be on the moon. Let’s back up a minute though, first off, one of the weirdest things we have seen so far is the fishing of clone babies from the lake to then microwave them into adults. He must go through this effort because he killed all the other clones putting his plans to work. What he is attempting to do here is to catapult the clone out of the island to escape.

The Countdown

In the last scene, I think it becomes clear that Lady Trieu’s daughter is a clone. We can come to this conclusion because she is reliving residual memories from the Vietnam war. This could make her a clone of Trieu herself or a family member.

Will is here as well and they talk about some deal they have come to together in whatever this plan is they are working on. Based on the idea that Trieu is cloning people, I think we can conclude that she is also connected with Veidt, or at least the island he is living in. Trieu is concerned that Will’s judgement may become clouded now that Angela is involved but he knows that he is on track. However, he says that in three days’ time she will know the truth and hate him for it. This is what this Millennium clock is counting down to, almost like the original doomsday clock.

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