‘Watchmen’ S1E3 “She Was Killed by Space Junk” Breakdown!

Over the last two episodes we have been focusing on the events of Tulsa with little nuggets of information about where the original Watchmen are and what happened in the past to create this world. In this episode we get almost a full history lesson into what happened with the Watchmen and where they are now with the introduction of Laurie Blake. I know I am getting this breakdown up late but I will have episode 4 up tomorrow, as well as, the new episode 5 airing tonight.

Laurie Blake

Laurie Blake is one of the 1980’s Watchmen. She is the daughter of the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter, and the Comedian, Edward Blake. Sally was a model and actress turned crimefighter when she was invited into the Minutemen (we have been seeing their story play out in the American Hero Story Tv Show) After becoming a member of the Minutemen The Comedian attempted to rape her but was stopped by another member, The Hooded Justice. However, later Sally and Edward Blake went on to have a consensual relationship.

Laurie growing up in the business of vigilantism also became the Silk Spectre and had a relationship with both Dr. Manhattan and then later Nite Owl. Now, years later she is an Anti-vigilante FBI agent who is a cynical as her father The Comedian. There is a lot more backstory that I am skimming over here, I really encourage the reading of the comics!

She’s Got Jokes

While the jokes span the length of the episode I want to go ahead and talk about them now. Laurie tells two different jokes this episode, which is a call out to her father, the Comedian. The jokes are being sent over these phones that can reach Dr. Manhattan on Mars. The first one is about a girl who’s father was a brick layer’s daughter (a reference to herself) after the father became frustrated after having a brick left over in his barbeque he torn down his creation, the little girl then throws the brick in the air and then she forgets the rest of the joke. However, this is a trope designed to leave the listener hanging and frustrated, only for the payoff to come later when they aren’t expecting it during a seemingly unrelated joke.

The second joke is really the history of the Watchmen and what has happened to them since the events of the comics. The ‘Three Heroes’ are Nite Owl, Ozymandias, and Dr. Manhattan. Nite Owl is currently in jail after being caught out as a vigilante after the anti-vigilante laws were passed. In the joke she says that he was too kind in and hard world so he was sent to Hell (Jail).

Then the second hero that stands before God is Adrian Veidt who save mankind by dumping a large squid on New York City. Although this did prevent war with the US and Russia, three million people died at his hands. God proclaims, ‘Christ, you’re a f-king monster,” right before snapping Ozymandias to Hell too.

The last hero is a god in his own right, Dr, Manhattan or as she calls him, “The Blue God”. Basically, she is just bitter that he has been gone for 30 years. She still loves him but feels that he doesn’t really care about her or Earth even though people are still so damn interested in him. She even quotes the comic directly with, “A live body and a dead body have the same number of particles,” Dr. Manhattan ends up in Hell because he is already in his own Hell. Dr. Manhattan can not only see through time, he experiences it all at once.

The joke ends with the fourth and often overlooked hero, Laurie herself. Even God doesn’t remember her but, in this moment, she basically declares that she is the cleverest of them all as she was the one that threw the brick in the air and killed God.

Not only is this a history lesson and shows that she has the same sense of humor as her father, it leaves us wondering what brick Laurie has thrown in the air.

The Assignment

Back in Laurie’s apartment there are several more Easter eggs back the original team. These include her silk glove and the owl. The Owl isn’t just a reference back to Nite Owl but is also names ‘Who’ which references the question, ‘Who watches the Watchmen”.

While in her apartment she gets a visit from Senator Keene. We know the Senator was a friend of Judd Crawford. Judd has connections to the Klan and the 7th Kavalry so I think it is fair to assume that he is also connected to these groups. We also know that he is hoping to run for president against President Redford. He is calling her into Tulsa to solve the case of Judd’s death. This is interesting because right now it appears that he was killed by the 7th K, at least that is what the police are working on. However, we know that he was killed by William.

She has a briefing at the FBI and declares that she is going in alone, but when pushed to take someone she picks the projector guy. Speaking of the projector, the Rorschach journal entry that was displayed is the same entry that was created when Rorschach met Laurie and Dr. Manhattan for the first time.

When flying into Tulsa we see the Millennium Clock and this was not pointed out without reason. I image that this big ass clock built by the person that took over Adrian Veidt’s company is going to have purpose. There are also a few Black Freighter reference in the episode, the first is with Laurie in the Black Freighter motel. Black Freighter being the in-universe comic that follows along with the story of the main plot, much like the American Hero Story TV show.

The Racist Detector

Once in Tulsa Laurie gets right to work and finds the warehouse being used to interrogate the 7th K the police think is responsible for the death of Judd. She first runs into Pirate Jenny and Red Scare but is there to talk with Looking Glass. This is because he was one of the investigators. She obviously thinks that things are being overlooked because there wasn’t a tox screen done. She also talks about the raid at the ranch and where that information came from leading them to talk about Sister Night and how she beat the information from the suspect. On top of that she knows that Sister Night is Angela Abar who has taken the day off to write a eulogy for the funeral.

The Funeral

Laurie is shocked that the funeral is happening so quickly after Judd’s death making her more suspicious. She talks with Angela and looks to set up a meeting with her to discuss Judd even though Angela denies being law enforcement. Angela notices that she is with the Anti-vigilante task force and Laurie even makes a comment comparing Vigilantes to masked cops who play by their own rules (Basically Angela)

Angela delivers the Eulogy which is the song from the movie, “The Last Round Up”. An old western movie where the protagonist faces off against a town banker and later exposes the banker’s schemes. While she is singing the song, we begin to heat the ticking of the clock which is a sure sign that something is about to go down. As she is singing a scheme of its own plays out as a masked 7th K member with a bomb strapped to him wants Senator Keene because he feels that the senator has declared war on the 7th K with the round ups at Nixonville. We can pretty much see this as a devices scenario to make the Senator look good, however, with Laurie there it doesn’t play out how it was planned. Laurie shoots the bomber thinking that he was lying about the dead man’s switch. This has Angela pushing his body in the hole and then pushing Judd’s casket on top.

This all makes Laurie suspicious that Angela is in league with Judd. This is backed up by the empty closet compartment Laurie finds in Judd’s house. She knows that Angela was the last person there based on the wife’s word. However, we know that Angela didn’t know about the Klan outfit and is just in the dark about Judd’s hidden background. Laurie also knows about the wheelchair marks in the grass. Basically, by the end of the conversation Angela looks at Laurie as an enemy.


On top of all the other clues about the past this episode we learn more about Adrian Veidt’s situation. We know that this has been weird from the start and that he has basically been living the same day repeatedly. Now we learn based on somethings going on around the castle that he is trapped in some type of other dimension where he is being monitored by a ‘Game Warden’. Personally, I think that he is being held in this reality on Mars which is why we saw Dr. Manhattan with the same castle as structure that Adrian lives in. The clones are not created by Adrian but by Dr. M which could be why Adrian continuously killed them.

Adrian’s plot to escape is also laid out for use with his sketches and experiments. It looks like he is planning to Catapult himself out while wearing a special suit. He even tests his border limits when out hunting which gets him a heated letter from this ‘Game Warden’. Adrian refers to him as his advisory and plans to continue to push the boundaries to escape, even donning his original costume as Ozymandias.

The Punchline

So, the jokes come to a close at the end of the episode and I have already explained them. However, after sending the jokes she gets an unexpected drop off. She assumes that this is from Dr. Manhattan on Mars after getting her call, but this is also the same vehicle that was picked up with William in its last episode. Does this mean that William’s friend in a high place is also Dr. Manhattan?

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