Catching Up: ‘Walking Dead’ Episodes 4-6!

Hey Everyone, Walking Dead has been full of little arcs this season with all them eventually leading to an all-out war with the Whisperers that may end up being their last. If you haven’t seen my last few posts I had to take some time off from blogging, but I am back and filling in on all I missed talking about. This is basically a recap of the last three episodes before the new episode airs on 11/17/2019.


Sadiq has been very wishy washy this season as he has been struggling with PTSD after being the sole survivor in the Whisperer attack last season. Several times we see him having panic attacks to the point he must dip his head in ice cold water to focus. He has also found a new friend in Dante, a fellow doctor full of ego but with a history of PTSD after serving in the Army before the apocalypse happened. I think the most startling thing to happen over these three episodes was when he drifted off holding baby Coco and then woke holding her at the windmill. Sleeping walking with walkers isn’t a good thing and something that we may see cause serious problems going forward.


Still on the topic of Sadiq and Dante, they have been dealing with an outbreak in Alexandria of some type of stomach bug. For the most part the only main character that is sick is Rosita with a high fever, even to the point that she admits to Eugene she misses him. (He is in Hilltop and we will talk about that in a minute) We know from the prison that these outbreaks can wipe out a lot of people and fast so when Dante tries to carry the burden alone to give Sadiq some rest, Sadiq gets mad that it could already be out of hand. Can you image if Rosita dies and Coco is left to be raised by Sadiq, Gabriel and Eugene? That is a comedy show on its own.

Man with the Metal Arm

While out patrolling Aaron (The metal arm man) comes across Gamma (One of Alpha’s chosen leaders). She is out killing walkers for skin and reports back to Alpha after seeing Aaron lurking in the trees although he isn’t in their territory. Gamma is also dealing with some residual feelings after her sister attempting to kill Alpha a few episodes ago. When she returns to the walkers, she is so angry with her stabbing that she accidentally cuts herself with the knife. Aaron seeing what happened offers her bandages. She doesn’t communicate with him but uses the bandages and tells Alpha about the encounter. Alpha sense that maybe this little connection with Aaron may be useful and thinks that maybe Gamma is going to have to wear a different mask for a while.


Outside of the attacks on Alexandria in episode 3, Hilltop gets a mysterious attack of their own. It’s a little unclear if this was an attack or not until we hear Alpha admit it to Beta later, but a tree fell into Hilltop crushing a wall. For now, the people of Hilltop focus on repairing the wall and keeping the walkers out. However, most are suspicious that something bigger is at play.

Michonne and a crew of Alexandrian head to Hilltop for help and it’s Judith who presents the most likely theory. She thinks that the Whisperers are doing the little attacks to occupy and wear down the communities while she plans for a larger scale attack with her horde. Michonne thinks that this is a plausible idea and even goes father when talking with Daryl that it is Lydia that is keeping Alpha from doing a large-scale attack. Alpha thinks that if Lydia is with these communities, she is safe. We will talk more about this in a moment.


While Michonne is on the way to Hilltop she comes across Ezekiel out by himself and separates the group to talk with him. When she walks up on him it appears that he is about to jump and end him life. She not only talks him off the ledge but he then thanks her by kissing her. While they talk about the likelihood of this developing beyond this one kiss as never happening, it is funny since they do end up together in the comics, ‘Maybe in another Universe’ they say. He admits that missing Carol is a big part of his struggle and she can relate with how much she missed Rick.

When he returns to Hilltop, he shows signs of coughing and it is discovered that he has a very large mass in his throat. He explains that both his father and grandmother also had Thyroid Cancer, but with post-apocalyptic life this is pretty much a death sentence.


Meanwhile, in Alexandria Lydia is continuing to have issues fitting in especially with the recent Alpha attacks and border changes. She is teased and taunted by another group to the point where they are spray painting doors and buildings to poke at her. Negan gives her the advice to keep a level head and let it roll off but when Lydia has enough, she acts out and makes a scene at dinner. Later that night she is attacked by the group and Negan steps in to save her. However, in the process a girl is killed and the town is out for Negan’s blood. Daryl sees that Negan was in the right this time since he was just defending Lydia but Negan isn’t taking any chances and escapes Alexandria. Lydia later chooses to have herself locked up in his place for her own protection.


Kelly is out and about tracking a boar when she begins the experience hearing issues. We have seen this happen to her before at Oceanside but it seems that this is getting worse. It gets to the point where she becomes disoriented and is attacked by walkers. She fends them off but ends up passing out in the woods by herself.

Connie noticing that she has been gone too long after the others return heads out looking for her with the help of Daryl. We all can feel that Connie and Daryl chemistry, even Carol mentions it to him later. They do eventually find Kelly and get her back to safety, but I expect more advancement with Kelly’s hearing and whatever is going on with Daryl and Connie.


With Negan’s escape Alexandria is on high alert and looking for him. However, it is Brandon, the son of a former savior that finds him and plans to join him away from Alexandria. He even stopped to get Negan’s old leather jacket. He idolizes Negan for what he thinks he used to be, but Negan has changed doing time in his cell and doesn’t want to relive his former savior glory. When they come across a woman and a kid Negan plans on taking them close to Hilltop so they can get to safety. He also tells Brandon to get lost that he is annoying. Brandon thinks this is a test and instead kills the woman and her son prompting Negan to kill him. Right after that Negan then crosses another border into Whisperer Territory with the plan to join them.

A Joiner

Of course, joining the Whisperers is more than just announcing that you want to be friends. Beta is highly annoyed and suspicious of Negan. He thinks that they should just kill him here but Alpha wants him tested to become one of them when Negan offers information about Alexandria. Negan does pass all the test, even surviving a small horde of walkers. I think we all know that he is being a mole to save Alexandria but we’ll have to see how this plays out.


Over the radio Oceanside informs Hilltop that they think that someone is watching them from the woods. Because of this Michonne, Judith and a small group head there to help and figure out what is going on. There isn’t a resolution to this since we don’t see Michonne arrive there yet but I expect for that to happen soon.


Eugene continues to work on the Hilltop Radio since he has all these new parts from the satellite. While he talks with Rosita who tells him about being sick and that she wants him to come home, the most interesting thing that happens is that he reaches a new community. As expected, this woman is cautious and doesn’t want to share any personal information but her and Eugene do talk about their time before the apocalypse and begin to bond. When they are done, she thinks it is best that maybe they stop talking since other are dangerous, but Eugene shares his name with her to gain trust. She agrees to continue to talk to him if it remains between them only. This is exciting and could be the door to the enemy after the Whisperers.


After Negan’s escape Carol sets out on the guise that she is looking for him. Daryl joins her but knows that she has another motive. She is looking for information on the Whisperers and where their horde may be. She has been tracking movement over the past few weeks and finds the spot where they always head through. Her and Daryl talk and he even searches her bag when she is off peeing. He thinks that she is attempting to make another attempt at Alpha but she promises she is only looking for the Horde.

Eventually walkers come to the field and based on the movements they know they are Whisperers. As night comes, she thinks that they should get closer and follow them even if this means crossing the border. Daryl thinks it is a bad plan but agrees to go with her. All hell breaks loose when Carol snaps a twig and they horde breaks apart into the woods with them. This has Daryl in a pretty compromising position and he narrowly makes it out of the woods alive and without being spotted. Meanwhile, Carol has captured a Whisperer and plans to question him, something Daryl isn’t happy about.

Next Week’s Episode

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