Catching Up: ‘Supergirl’ Episodes 4-6!

These have been some pretty packed three episodes! If you haven’t seen my last few posts then I guess I should explain that I had somethings going on that prevented me from blogging so now I am playing catch up on the episodes I missed and current episodes. With the amount of information in these three episodes I suggest you strap in.

James is Out

It was announced before the start of the season that James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) would be leaving the show this season. He was written out in episode four after taking Kelly to the house they grew up in. Now, there Aunt is gone and the town that were raised in has been taken over by corrupt politicians and everyone is too scared to do anything about it. By the end of the episode he decides that he is going to stay behind as Kelly heads back to National City.


J’onn’s brother has been the main villain of the season so far and we see his arc come to an end, sort of. He does put in action a plan to take down J’onn once and for all but without attacking him directly. This has him seeking out Alex and using his powers of inception to get to J’onn. When the Phantom Zone portal doesn’t work on Malefic and Brainy is too distracted with his broken heart, they call in Lena for her help. Of course, since she has been doing some questionable things this season to stop people from being able to hurt others, she plants a device in the portal.

With Malefic using inception on J’onn, he has Alex confront J’onn with the information about J’onn wiping the Martian history of Malefic. This could be particularly hard for Alex because she has been spending the whole episode concerned that she has put Kelly in harm’s way when it was J’onn that sent these events in motion, Alex wouldn’t really see it that way.

With that guilt J’onn then confesses to Kara about what he did to Malefic but when he tells Kara that Alex heard it all from Nia, this raises a flag because Kara has been with Nia all day. This is what leads them to know that Alex has been incepted. J’onn reaches out to her psychically and in the process gets a message from Malefic to meet him at Obsidians Planetarium.

At the Planetarium, they have the battle with Alex and Malefic and in the end Malefic is sent to the Phantom Zone with the portal device. (Or so they think)

A Deal

Instead of Malefic being sent to the Phantom Zone he is portaled to Lena’s lab where Lena plans to figure out how Malefic’s Q-Wave powers work. She then plans to use it to stop people from hurting each other. However, Malefic isn’t up to playing with her and it takes a deal to get his cooperation. In exchange for her testing him and replicating his powers, he wants her to remove the barrier that stops him from hurting J’onn. This goes against what Lena is trying to do but she agrees to the terms.

After getting the information from Malefic’s mind she replicates his powers and now can mind control, however, she reneges on her deal with Malefic and doesn’t remove the barrier.

Mexico City

William has been a thorn in Kara’s side since his arrival to Catco. However, Nia begins looking into him on a hunch and finds out that a lot of the stories he has been telling them are lies. She even follows him with astral projection and learns that he has a whole secret James Bond lifestyle. However, when he gets the information for a girl in Mexico City named Elena Torres, Kara thinks that he may be an assassin. This is confirmed to her when she arrived in Mexico City at the scene of an accident where it looks like Elena was killed.

However, when Kara gets into Elena’s apartment there is an assassin there waiting for her. Kara lets herself be attacked and then comes back as Supergirl to bring the girl into the DEO. To add to that it seems that the body in Elena’s car wasn’t hers, instead it was a body that had already been dead for weeks. With the help of an IT guy Nia also finds an offshore account that is linked to Elena and an anonymous person and they suspect this is William.

After some more digging Kara ends up at an address linked to the bank account. She finds an investigation board where William has been investigating Andrea. When he arrives, he explains that he has been looking into Andrea for years but that he cannot tell Kara, it is too dangerous. Also, he isn’t a jerk, he has just been pretending to get close to Andrea and to keep others away.


In episode 5, Kara tells William about the DEO and that they have another assassin that may be able to help with the case that they can question. She then takes him to talk with the girl she captured in Mexico City. She doesn’t know who it is she worked for but doesn’t remember a man with four arms. This upsets William because this is the same assassin that killed his friend Russell.

This same assassin who they call Rip Roar, breaks into Fort Summit where all of Lex Luthor’ property is stashed and steals a weapon called the Marathon Lasor. They all believe that this stolen weapon links with the launce of Obsidian North’s virtual reality lenses we have seen all season. However, they have no one left they can question for information until Alex remembers that they have the spider’s parasites that were attached to Caroline O’Connor.

They use Brainy as a host for the spiders in order to talk to them, however, they aren’t much help either which make Kara upset. She feels that she needs to just talk to Andrea, but Alex talks her down and that they need to know more first.

The night before the big launch we have Rip Roar meeting with an old woman and she claims that they need to do what Lex couldn’t, change the world. Meanwhile, Kara and William both find themselves in Andrea’s office looking for anything that may help. What Kara finds is a stash of international money and a photo of Andrea and Russell together. This is when William tells Kara that Russell was not only his best friend but Andrea’s boyfriend.


The DEO then gets an alert about an attack in New Mexico at a satellite station and Supergirl goes to check it out. There she finds Rip Roar with a modified Marathon Lasor that can shoot a beam hotter than the sun. This beam incapacitated Kara long enough for Rip Roar to get away. The modifications also make the gun impossible to track. However, they did put together that some of those assassinated all worked at a base in Antarctica. With the mixture of this sun cannon and the sub glacial lake they know that Rip Roar is going to try to heat up the glaciers which will result in mass flooding and possible extinction.

Supergirl and J’onn arrive in Antarctica but not fast enough to stop Rip Roar and he creates not only a geyser that is enough to cause massive flooding, but also a Tidal wave that is heading for the West Coast and National City. J’onn and Kara work together to get the geyser stopped while Nia uses her powers to stop the wave from hitting National City.

One of the big issues with saving everyone is that they were all simultaneously in Obsidian’s VR world including Kelly who was waiting on a date with Alex. She witnesses Alex fighting to save people which does a number on her later as she relives the death of her former fiancé. Luckily Nia was there for her.

Out of all that Supergirl did capture Rip Roar and he is being help at the DEO. Kara then breaks the news to William that they identified Rip Roar as Russell. Also, Andrea is most likely not behind the attack because she stood to lose billions if the wave hit.

Medallion of Acrada

Episode six was hands down my favorite episode of the season so far as we get a look back at the friendship of Lena and Andrea and where it went wrong. The opening of the episode is a shadow assassin breaking into the DEO to get Rip Roar. After failing we see that this shadow assassin is Andrea herself. Shen then approaches Lena about needing help getting into the DEO to save Rip Roar/Russell.

In looking back, we see that Andrea and Lena were friends going back 15 years. They bond over not having any parents show for parents’ weekend and their love of Titanic. In the process Lena talks about a story that her mother used to tell her about a medallion that would allow the wearer to bend shadows. That her mother was obsessed with the story and that she wants to find it.

Five Years later, Lena is with Lex at Lexcorp as Superman has becomes active and Lex becomes obsessed with killing him and in the process, Lena is fired. Andrea is also seeing struggles as her father’s company is about to go under after being outperformed by Lord industries. Lena and Andrea meet up and Lena has information on a metal that could stop Lex once and for all. It also links back to the story her mother used to tell her with the satellite images of the Aztec making the same symbol from the story. She talks Andrea into going with her since she knows the area and the local language.

On the trip it is Andrea who falls into the cave containing the medallion, however, when she takes it, she is approached by a person from an organization called Leviathan. The make her take the medallion although Andrea wants Lena to have it, he tells her that if she doesn’t then her father will die. She then lies to Lena about the Medallion not being there. After possessing the medallion things get better for Andrea however, the promise that she will be called on by the Leviathan hangs over her head.

Meanwhile, Lex attacks Superman and the events we have seen play out before. Lena then dates Jack and goes on vacation with him where she runs into Andrea who is wearing the medallion which is one of Lena’s first betrays at the hands of a friend. Lena then up and moves to National City. We see her and Kara’s friendship develop as Andrea meets and dates Russell. It’s at this time that the Leviathan come calling and activate the powers of the Medallion to have Andrea kill the governor. This effects Andrea which makes Russell suspicious. When he finds the medallion, he is attacked by the Leviathan and almost killed until Andrea pleads for his life and shows them his value. This is how he is turned into Rip Roar.

Now 10 weeks from current events Lena sees Andrea on the news and calls her in for a meeting where she offers to sell her Catco. From this point on we are in current time where Andrea explains that the medallion is a curse that has been laid on her life and she only took it to save her father. Lena agrees to help Andrea get Russell to repair their friendship.

This has then tricking Supergirl into helping Lena so Andrea can get into the DEO. This doesn’t go quite as planned but Andrea does get Russell out of the DEO and in exchange Lena wants the medallion. Andrea gives it to her and goes on the run with Russell until the Leviathan catch up with them killing Russel. Turns out the medallion wasn’t really the source of the power either. It is in Andrea but was only activated by the Medallion.

While the Medallion now has no magical value, Lena still translates the image to the word Leviathan and is searching Eve’s memories for anything Lex may have known about them.

Next Week

Based on the promo we know that Kara is going to face off with Sam and Dean’s grandpa…. I mean… a strong alien that will challenge her. It has also been leaked that she will learn that Lena is up to something as well. Here is the promo:

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