Catching Up: ‘Batwoman’ Episodes 4-6!

Welcome back! Over the last few weeks I have both been dealing with a bout of bronchitis and working on a charity event for my local elementary school so my time has been very limited. This means I have fallen far behind in my breakdowns. Being the completist that I am I feel that it’s necessary for me to fill in the blanks and get back to breakdown new episodes.

Basically, over the past few weeks we have learned more about Alice/Beth and where she has been for all the missing years with a few added one-off characters. In the last episode I reviewed Kate met Regan, a new love interest, but this was short lived as Kate just couldn’t find work life balance between Kate and Batwoman.

In these three episodes there were two one-off villains. The first was Magpie and if you are familiar with the comics or watched Gotham you may know about her. Magpie is a jewel thief who specifically targets jewels named after birds and then replaces them with booby-trapped replicas. She steals Martha Wayne’s necklace that was going to be on display for a museum fundraiser only to replace each pearl with bombs. Obviously Batwoman figured her out and stopped her.

The other villain we see in this 3-episode stretch is the Executioner who kills a prosecutor and a detective in executions style murders to reveal the corruption in the justice system. The man behind the mask is the actual executioners of Blackgate upset that he has been putting innocent people to death, basically making him a murderer. In this scene, Jacob kills him but this causes for him and Batwoman to become trapped in the room which becomes a gas chamber. They escape when she ignites the gas burning it away.

It has always been known that Gotham was corrupt, that was the need for Batman. However, this is particularly hard on Luke since his father’s murderer was prosecuted by this corrupt prosecutor. This means that the case is reopened and Lucius Fox’s murderer could go free.

Catherine is also turning out to be a villain in the story. (Who didn’t see that coming?) In episode 3, Alice had left a message for Catherine and in the start of episode 4 Catherine follows the clue to a meeting with Alice. She reveals to Catherine that she knows about the lie that Catherine told. This lie happens to be about those skull bone fragments that were found belonging to Beth which is what ended the search for her all those years ago. Apparently, it was Catherine who had the DNA faked to make it look like Beth was dead. She claims that she wanted Jacob and Kate to heal and move on. Obviously, this is big news for everyone and in exchange for keeping it a secret Alice wants a weapon that Catherine’s company has been working on.

Catherine is not willing to make the trade with Alice and ends up telling Jacob and Mary about what she did and neither one of them take it well. Jacob mostly cries, but also begins to buy into the idea that Alice and Beth are the same person. Especially since he also learns that it was Catherine that attacked the vehicle that Alice was in back in episode two. Mary gets drunk and hangs out with Luke.

Kate also learns in episode 6 that Sophie knows that it is her in the bat suit. She takes her to Mary’s clinic after she is shot and wants Mary to keep her there until she can come back and talk to her. Sophie does end up leaving and Mary is sure that Sophie is going to tell her identity, although Mary herself doesn’t know. However, when the time comes to tell Jacob Sophie decides not to.

Probably the biggest thing about these three episodes is learning how Beth become Alice. It starts when Batwoman drops off Dodgson to Mary. She has been holding him captive but not able to get information from him, now she places to tag him and send him back to Alice but needs Marry to fix him u first. In the process Mary tricks Dodgson and learns about someone named Mouse and that Alice has plans for him.

This gets even weirder when Alice is found to be the person that has been skinning local corpses. Batwoman moves in and gets Alice and wants to know what her plan is with the skin. However, the only way Alice will spill is if they can take a field trip together. This has Kate calling her dad and telling him that she is with Alice so he will track her. This gives her the freedom to go with Alice but also the insurance of back up.

The first stop on the field trip is a diner. Here Alice tells Kate about the house she woke up in and that she was taken prisoner there. Also, there was a skin mask in the sink (eww) As weeks went on, she was trapped there but once was able to break out to make a phone call to her dad. When he arrived though Beth was trapped in the basement and it is explained to Jacob that it was a prank call, that the little boy Mouse can mimic voices. Kate at one point is even on the other side of the door from Beth and doesn’t know that she was there. As time went on Mouse and Alice became good friends, even reading Alice in Wonderland together.

In present time, Kate is drugged at the Diner and taken to the house Beth was held at and locked in the basement. Jacob arrives and for the first-time calls Alice by the name Beth. Too little too late since she then stabs him. Sophie, who was with Jacob, finds Mouse in another building and is attacked but Kate was able to escape the basement and saves her. They then use Mouse as leverage to save Jacob and everyone walks out of the house alive.

When looking more into the house and the people that lived there the last name ‘Cartwright’ comes up. In the comics, Jane Cartwright has similar abilities to what Mouse possess so they are really massing up Jane Doe with the Alice storyline from the comics.

In episode 6, Alice and Mouse use the skin that Alice collected to make a mask to get him into Hamilton Tech to steal the gun that Catherine had been working on. This gun can penetrate the bat suit. While initially we think that this is a way for Alice to attack Kate, Mouse knows that this is her way of protecting Kate and it makes him jealous. He and Alice and two halves of a hole and he doesn’t want room for Kate at the tea party table. However, Alice assures him that they can both share Kate.

Some other little Easter Eggs that you may have heard. It was mentioned in the Executioner’s storyline that Jack Napier is the Joker. This is a name commonly associated with Joker as an alias and I hope this is something we can explore more on the show, especially considering they mentioned he was prosecuted by the corrupt prosecutor. It was also mentioned that Oswald Cobblepot was once the Mayor of Gotham, however, it was unclear where he is now.

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