Catching up: ‘The Rookie’ Episodes 5-7!

I am back! After a bout of Bronchitis and a charity event that dominated my time, I finally have had the time sit and watch some TV and write about it. Now I am playing catch up! And since I am a completist I must write about all these episodes that I missed, it wouldn’t be right to skip them. There won’t be as in depth as normal, just filling in blanks before I break down the current episode.

Maybe it is just me, but this season of The Rookie has been pulling out all the stops as far as action and character development. In episode 5, ‘Tough Love’, we had all the rookies looking to secure a confidential informant. Personally, I think that Lucy was the best but all of them managed to find a good informant to make Sargent Grey happy.

We were introduced to Lucy’s mom as her and her Dad were having a silly argument about a bagel that resulted in her mom staying with her and offering words of wisdom to West as he struggled with getting an CI at first and his overall feeling about the job.

Nolan’s Son Henry also dropped in for the episode which with his new girlfriend Alice. I love that she continuously joked with Nolan about being pregnant, but really, the big announcement is that they are getting married. With Nolan’s history and marriage, plus Henry being his only son, this makes him a little nervous. However, with the help of the Night General, Nolan gets his hands on a background check and debates on looking at it all episode. After a talk with Grace, his ex and local doctor friend, he decides that he needs to trust Henry and his decisions. However, Grace just couldn’t help herself and read it. Turns out that Alice has a history of arson with a bad break up.

However, when Nolan brings this up is makes Henry mad because he feels he invaded their privacy, especially since Alice had already told Henry about the situation. Turns out that she was in a bad breakup where the guy then posted pictures and video that had taken together, basically revenge porn. She got upset and set his car on fire and then was charged with the arson and he got off the hook. She isn’t upset with Nolan and just glad that the air is clean.

In episode 6, ‘Fall Out’, things getting intense when all of LA receives an alarm that there is an incoming ballistic missile. For Nolan this comes when he is at his first court appearance which is already nerve racking. Jessica was there to support him and Wesley, Angela’s lawyer boyfriend, was there as the prosecution. With the nuclear scare they end up in the old fallout shelter with a shady judge who was ready to lock them out and a group of seriously hard criminals.

Tim is still seeing Lucy’s friend, Rachel who warns time that Lucy’s ex is getting married today to Lucy’s former friend. (This explains Lucy’s relationship issues) Tim does take it easy on her but Lucy knows that something is up and gets upset when she puts it together that Rachel told him. After going through the bomb scare, she realizes that life is short, her ex is an ass, and she is over it.

At the end of the episode Angela and West save a group of cultists from jumping to their death as it is announced that the bomb scare is a fake. As things settle down, they realize that Nolan has yet to check in. This is because the fallout shelter doesn’t have a signal and all hell has broken lose. The inmates were able to break out of their chains and started taking hostages. Nolan deals with the one attempting to kill the judge as Angela and West show up. What Nolan didn’t know was that Wesley was severely stabbed in the chaos. He ends up in surgery but pulls through okay.

Harper, Nolan’s new TO, had a mess of her own this episode as well. She has been struggling with going from undercover to a uniform officer. She made this decision to be closer to her daughter so she could earn back custody/visitation. Something severe happened here but we still don’t know the details. When the alert came in about the missile Harper went to the school and picked up her daughter. Of course, this is seen as kidnapping and doesn’t sit well for her when the dust settles. However, now that Nolan knows about the situation he steps in and has her back and talks Harper’s Ex down.

Episode 7, Safety, focuses on Community Day with the LAPD looking to build relationships with the people of the community. This has Tim and West working with the LA Rams and a youth training camp, while Harper and Lucy talk with a community group about problems in the city and Nolan helps Grace at the hospital with a class.

Tim and West end up with a kid that is good at football but is pulled out by his mom who is recently out of jail. When following up with her they find that she is planning on moving even though this violates her probation. It becomes clearer that something else is going on after they are attacked with West and Tim standing there.

Sometime later the boy shows at the station looking for Tim and tell him that his mother is missing. He then goes on to explain that she was being pressured to do a heist job but said no, this resulted in the previous attack. Now they think that she has been kidnapped and is being forced to do the heist job they wanted her to do. This lines up with Angela who has been working private security this episode for a diamond pickup. Turns out that the heist is to get these diamonds. However, mom decides to lock out the others leading to their arrest.

Harper and Lucy also have an interesting day although it doesn’t seem that way at first. At the meeting Harper tells Lucy to promise nothing but Lucy being the soft heart she is has them running around the neighborhood checking on all the complaints. Things take an interesting turn when they are attacked in a tunnel by a drugged-out man which reminds Lucy that she is being trained by a man, and things sometimes work different for a woman.

Later they are following up on a man that has been feeding squirrels which also take an interesting turn when Harper notices that he is missing two fingers and has a burn on his hand. When looking into his background she suspects that he may be the UCLA bomber. Lucy then puts on a distraction so Harper can get his trash for DNA. However, he catches on and arms several bombs in his house, most of them with pressure plates on the floor. Lucy is smart and uses the wear on the floor to determine where the bombs are and gets the suspect under her control and out of the house. This earns her some respect from Harper and they agree that they are low key friends now.

For Nolan, he spends the episode freaking out when Jessica tells him that she is pregnant. This is amplified when he must teach a class about car seat safety. Jessica finds out that she isn’t pregnant, but this sparks the feelings in her that she does want to have a baby, something that takes Nolan by surprise. She gives him time to think about it but by the end of the episode he decides that he isn’t ready to be a dad again. This isn’t a good answer for Jessica and she decides that this isn’t working for her.

In the next episode I expect that he will be dealing with this breakup. I think we all know that he is going to end up with Grace but I hope there are a few episodes of time in the middle. In the trailer for the next episode we know that we are getting a Firefly reunion!! Alan Tudyk will be guest staring as a janitor of a crime scene. I will have a typical breakdown posted for that so don’t forget to pop back here for that!

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