‘The Flash’ S6E3 “Dead Man Running” Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone! Before I jump into this breakdown, I want to apologize for posting so late! I came down with Bronchitis and have basically spent all my time coughing, trying to sleep, and sleeping. Some shows, like The Flash, I didn’t want to skip episodes so I will be making them up as quickly as possible, while others may have a few episodes missing. For the shows that will be missing I will be adding in recaps at the start of the breakdowns!

Crisis is Coming

The last episode of the Flash, Barry went to Earth 3 to test what the Monitor told him about his eventual death coming in 7 weeks. At the start of this episode he tells the team about the crisis but doesn’t include the part where he is going to die. This is his attempt to prepare them for the Crisis and get them ready for when he is gone. The reason for keeping his death a secret is not only the pain it will cause them, but he doesn’t want them trying to save him either. This news really affects Killer Frost the most in the episode and we see them teaming up together as his way of helping her.


The opening scene of the episode is the monster that Rosso created last episode. He is breaking into his own store house of illegal dark matter guns in order to absorb the dark matter into his own system. Barry is called in by CCPD to look and brings along Frost as a Meta expert. There they discover that this was probably someone that was looking to get Dark Matter.

This has Frost ending up in Rosso’s lab with an ice blade to his neck because she just has a gut feeling after his and Caitlin’s conversation back in episode one. Barry is a little more levelheaded about it all and Rosso does admit to having a small amount of Dark Matter. Barry then notices that there was this weird unknown substance at both the scene of the crime and here at Rosso’s lab. When running a DNA test at Star Labs the substance links back to Romero which makes them wonder why Romero would rob himself?

Then they get an alarm about a break in at Mercury labs where they are sure that there is a stash of Dark Matter. In the fight Frost pushed him out of the window and he falls several stories. Barry is upset about this since it isn’t something they are supposed to do and tells her that she needs to control her anger.

You’re A Dead Man Too

Now they have the chance to study Romero and Rosso takes the opportunity to get himself in Star labs and this is when Barry learns that maybe Frost was right not to trust him. They study Romero’s blood and not only is he dead and only being animated but the blood is also negatively charged. Barry leaves Rosso alone with Dark Matter long enough for him to attempt to take it, but Barry sees it and talks with him about it.

Rosso explains that he isn’t just trying to cure the disease that killed his mother, but he too is sick and is living on a countdown which puts him and Barry in the same boat. Rosso realizes this with the way that Barry talks about accepting death is courageous. However, Rosso reminds him that he may not feel the same when he has to face his loved ones.  


Frost spends a lot of this episode angry and when Barry finds her training, he takes the opportunity to train with her and then talk to her. She is upset at the thought that she may die which she is only getting to live a life now. She has never had her own birthday, hasn’t tried all the Baskin-Robbins Flavors, etc. However, right now, she really just wants to kick Romero’s ass.

Which is shortly gets the opportunity when Romero breaks into the lab to get close to Rosso. At first, he attacks Rosso but Rosso realizes that he can control Romero. Barry comes in at this moment and doesn’t realizes that Romero is controlling Romero but he doesn’t grab Romero and take him to the pipeline. The pipeline is no match for Romero though and he breaks through the glass (probably because he is negatively charged or just super strong)

Frost recognizes that the Dark Matter is only making Romero angry and if they overload him with it that he may overdose. This is how Flash defeats Romero as he blows up into a gooey mess. This is also how Flash defeated Bloodwork in the comic. After all of this, Barry give Rosso a sample of Romero’s blood to work with even though Barry knows that he cannot be trusted. At the end of the episode we see that he absorbs this blood back into his body making him stronger and probably angry.

Barry also throws Frost her very first birthday party but then tells the team about his eventual death and that they cannot try to stop it.

Mommy Issues

Ralph is getting his own story this season if you hadn’t already guessed. This is all leading up to his eventual finding of Sue Dibney, his partner in the comics. First, he must be open to love which means solving some issues from the past.

This has Ralph and Cecile working with his mom to clear her name after a pawn store had been robbed. In the process he learns that she had been lying about one of her former boyfriends dying when she broke things off with him, then there was a long list of boyfriends after. (Sounds like my dating life) By the end of the episode she admits that she lied about her boyfriend dying because after his dad left, she didn’t want him to be disappointed like that again. He gives her the guide to finding love but she gives it back and tells him he needs to be open to love too. Now, with all the build up to crisis I think that this is going to be a slow burn arc until the second half of the season.

Harrison “Nash” Wells

Finally, this seasons Harrison Wells has arrived. This version draws some strong resemblance to Indiana Jones which Cisco points out. With Harrison comes some Mirror Master Shazam references. First off Allegra finds a picture of him breaking into McCulloch labs AKA Mirror Master. Allegra wants to follow the lead but Iris takes over since Allegra doesn’t really know a lot of their secrets.

When Cisco and Iris are out looking Harrison notices that they are following him leading to their confrontation. Iris tells him that they are friends of the Council of Wells and this Nash thinks that they are all a bunch of idiots. What he explains through he that he is looking for Eternium. Eternium are fragments from the Rock of Eternity in Shazam Zero-Hour comic after the destruction of the rock in Crisis. This could lead us to think that Shazam and Black Adam are hear on Earth 1, or this is debris carried over to Earth 1 after the destruction from Earth 2 in episode 1 of Arrow this season.

Iris reads for high levels of the Eternium but not as high as when she was in the ally. This has Nash heading back to the ally in the post credit scene and finding something in the sewer. This was confirmed to be a storyline that plays right into Crisis.

Allegra is upset about her story being swiped and knows that Iris is lying to her and even attempts to quit. Iris talks her into staying but I think before long she is going to learn the Star Lab secrets and begin working with the team.

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