‘Black Lightning’ S3E3 :The Book of Occupation Chapter 3: Agent Odell’s Pipe Dream” Breakdown!

Another episode with the characters all operating under the thumb of Agent Odell and whatever he is up to. The war with the Markovians is heating up (supposedly) which allows for Odell to manipulate everyone into doing his dirty work.


In the last episode we had Khalil back in action but this time with a brain chip which has take him memories and forced him to do the bidding of the ASA, this included killing his mother. In the opening of this episode we see what a beast he has become and all the fighting techniques he has learned. When he does against Black Lightning, which I am sure is in the future, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

The Virus

Also, in the last episode, Henderson had one of his officers arrested for use of Green Light and the possibility that she could be a meta. She was then moved to one these Meta camps that have been stationed around the city. Odell says that they are to protect them from the Markovians, but we know he is rounding them up to weaponize and experiment on them.

When Henderson goes to see the arrested officer, she has come down with a virus that she says has been killing a lot of people in the camp. She then tells him about money she had hidden away and would like for him to get it to them when she dies, she then almost immediately dies.

To attempt to combat the virus Odell has Lynn investigate this as a priority over the POD kids since this virus is specifically attacking Metas and could potentially wipe out all Metas. This has Odell using Jennifer and Anissa’s safety to coax her in to working on a cure. While working she explains that she thinks that Dr. Jace created the virus and then brought it into the camp with the assassin from last episode purposely infecting the Metas. By the end of the episode there still isn’t a cure.

A Tour

Jennifer is still attending Garfield High even though her parents are at the ASA. In this episode she is assigned a new student Brandon to give a tour. I am not sure if Brandon is a prospective love interest or had just put her for use to see what all Jen has experienced here at Garfield.

When returning home after school she is approached by Odell and he has a mission for her. He first explains about the death of Khalil’s mom and that the Markovians had her killed, although we know that Odell sent Khalil to kill her. He then uses her emotions to get her to location a data base of the Markoivans as part of a mission he is planning.

A Gift

After Odell sends Lynn off to work on a cure, he returns with a gift in hand for Jefferson. At first it seems like a harmless watch but Odell shows him that by charging the watch with his powers it has all sort of hidden features, like a new suit. While the suit is nice and all I am sure there is a catch here. We know that Jefferson’s powers have increased and I think this is a way for the ASA to trick him into studying him. It is also instantly used to open the conversation about sending him on a mission to get Dr. Jace from the Markovians with the promise that he can go home after.

The Plan

After we see Odell work Khalil, Jefferson and then Jen, we then see the plan executed. First Jefferson moves into this facility to look for free the captured commandos. When he arrives, they tell him that the were sent here for the purpose of being captured to get intel on Dr. Jace, however, Dr. Jace isn’t here. Once Jeff and the Commandos are clear of the building Jen moves into position to blow up the facility. Jeff nor Jen know about the other one’s involvement and at one point they even pass each other. After the Data Farm is destroyed, Odell then send Khalil into a house to take out several enemies.


Since Jefferson completed his mission, he and Lynn get to leave but get a less than enthusiastic reception at home since they are all wiped out. It is exciting to see him return home and I am hoping to see him more in action now.


Odell is still holding Tobias captive and has taken him off the serum that has allowed for him to live without aging. Now he looks as old as he should be at this point. Odell is looking for the case or at least the information in the case. We know that Lala has the case, but Tobias refusing to talk resulting in severe burns from a sun lamp.

Later Odell returns and apologizes for being so harsh and this time wants to make a deal. He will return Tobias to his seat of power with all the territory he had before in exchange for the case. This isn’t good for Tobias; he wants more money attached to the deal. Since these tactics aren’t working Odell then beings to play minds games with him using the images and voice of Black Lightning to motivate Tobias.


Since last season Anissa has been searching for Grace who randomly disappeared when Anissa was getting close to knowing about her shapeshifting secret. After all this time Grace randomly appears back in Anissa life and wants to work things out even though she thinks that Anissa can’t handle it. This has Anissa talking with Jamillah who takes the news well and offers to be friends still.

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