‘The Walking Dead’ S10E3 “Ghosts” Breakdown and Review!

The Whisperer war is heating up as the years of psychological damage takes its toll on some of the characters. Sadiq has been dealing with PTSD since the Whisperer attack last season mixed with some survivor’s guilt. Carol has been in an interesting position as well after the loss of Henry. She has left Ezekiel for now and has really been clinging to her familiar friendship with Daryl. The last two episodes both dealt with the fall of a satellite which had Alexandria crossing into Whisperer territory to put out the fires. There was also some back story with the Whisperers, especially Alpha and Beta.

Waves of Walkers

The opening of the episode shows several hours of fighting walkers in waves as they approach Alexandria. The community is sure that this is the work of Alpha. After fighting for almost two days straight a Whisperer messenger sends word of a meeting time with Alpha. She confirms that it was not Alpha that has been sending in these waves. Lydia tells them that Alpha would send them all at once and Eugene thinks that this is because of the Satellite luring walkers close. This has three groups of Alexandrians breaking off. Michonne, Daryl, Carol and some others all head to the border to talk with Alpha. Gabriel handles getting a group together for the Northern Herd that is approaching and he then makes Aaron take Negan to deal with the southern herd.

The Meeting

The meeting with Alpha takes place at the Northern border where all the severed heads were lined up last season. This is obviously nerve wracking for Carol since this is where she learned of Henry’s death, and I think Alpha did it on purpose. However, the purpose of this meeting is to discuss them coming into Whisperers territory. Michonne explains that it was once to take care of the satellite but Alpha also knows about the snowstorm cross last season and when her and Aaron searches the bridge. She then goes on to tell them about their punishment but Carol is not interesting in listening and calls it bullshit. This has Daryl and Michonne moving in to keep the peace after Alpha goads her by mentioning Henry. Alpha says that as mother to mother she forgives her, but then tells them they need to run.

Seeing Things

Later that night when camped out on the way back to Alexandria, Carol is in the woods and sees figures moving. When she shoots at them the others come and help her look but there isn’t any trace that anything was ever there. This leads them to think that she saw something that wasn’t there especially since she has been taking pills.

Daryl finds them shelter at an old school and this part gets a little weird and it is hard to decipher what is real and what isn’t. The picture of the book that shows Carol with all the kids that have come and gone from her life, all the ones that ended up dead. That is what I think is really taking a toll on Carol. She agrees to take watch but that results in a conversation with her and Daryl where they talk about seeing things. However, in a later conversation with Daryl he says that they never had that conversation. In the Meantime, she is still taking the pills that are keeping her awake to avoid having dreams about Henry.

Later she sees a figure outside the window and follows it to a gym where she is trapped and then attacked by walkers. She fights them all off and escapes from the trap with no one showing until after she is down and everything is dead. Carol though doesn’t get out unijured and is taken back to Alexandria. After her surgery Michonne talks to her and it is clear to Carol that she doesn’t believe her story about the gym. When she asks Daryl, he tells her he believes her but I don’t think he does either.

However, in the last clip we see the girl that was luring her turn into a walker after the fight, so at least what we saw in the gym is real.


Like I mentioned, Carol is not the only one struggling. Saddiq also has issues both in the beginning when they talk about meeting Alpha and then later when he must treat Carol. Luckily the Dante is there to help him save Carol. He also talks with him later about the PTSD that Saddiq is facing after he himself suffered from PTSD when he served in war. Before Dante seemed a little full of himself, but then in this episode he seemed cool.


Part of Gabriel’s group at the northern border includes Rosita and Eugene. It’s not secret how Eugene feels about Rosita and after a long few days guarding the wall, he admits that he went out so he could protect her, that her daughter Coco is going to need her. This upset Rosita because she was the one that thought Eugene to fight to begin with and she doesn’t need his protection because they aren’t a thing. She apologizes immediately for being brutally honest but its enough for Eugene to realize that nothing is ever going to happen with them. She reminds him that they have a good friendship but he then says that the whole base of their friendship is dependent upon him wanting to be with her so he leaves upset and in need of space.


One of my favorite things this episode comes in the pairing of Negan and Aaron. Gabriel puts them together to take care of the threat coming in from the south and while Aaron doesn’t want his help, he is am able fighter. Once in the field it becomes about not giving Negan too much power to keep him in line. Like the crowbar he finds but isn’t allowed to have. This leads to an argument of Aaron venting on him about losing Eric, but Negan basically tells him that he isn’t responsible because Aaron couldn’t protect what was his. The argument distracts Aaron and he is attacked from behind by two walkers. However, in the attack something gets in his eye and he can’t see and Negan takes off.

Aaron stumbles around until he finds shelter in an old house where Negan also happens to be, however, Negan silently watched him freak out until it is time to jump in and save him. This was humbling for Aaron as Negan then takes care of him but getting him a drink when his water is gone from flushing out his eyes. Negan continues to protect him by keeping watch over him until morning. The next morning when Aaron wakes up, he can see, it was just hogweed that had temporarily blinded him. While I don’t see these two becoming friends Negan earned some respect from Aaron.

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