‘Supergirl’ S5E3 “Blurred Lines” Breakdown and Review!

There are a lot of stories rolling here all at once. I think the most pressing issue is J’onn’s brother Malefic and his quest for vengeance against J’onn for sending him to the Phantom Zone. Lena is working on a plan to create humans that are incapable of betrayal after Eve’s betrayal last season and learning that Kara has been Supergirl all along. Plus, everything going on at Catco with Andrea and William. Not to mention all the love drama with Brainy and Nia, and Alex and Kelly.

Not Interested

The opening of the episode takes place in a night club with William meeting a man named Jared. It seems like William is trying to offer him some help but he refuses William and then heads off to the bathroom with a woman whose tattoos come to life and kill him.

Story Ideas

At Catco Andreas holds a meeting to talk story ideas. The proposal today is for stories talking about deaths. When Jared comes up Kara recognizes him from a story, she did last year, but William steps in and tell her he already investigated it and there is nothing interesting about it. The interesting part here is that Kara can hear in William’s heartbeat that he is lying. Kara talks about it with James who agrees to help her investigate it.


Later James and Kara meet at the Coroner to look at Jared’s body for any clues and she sees that there is a spider tattoo on his heart which seems like a weird place for a tattoo. This has her investigating further how he got the tattoo. When looking at surveillance from the night of Jared’s death she sees that Williams met with Jared that night and she also sees the woman with the spider tattoo. Alex recognizes this as an orphatian, which is a parasite that attaches itself to a host which looks like a tattoo. They also ID the woman it is attaches to as Caroline O’Connor, former military and highly trained.

The Host

Supergirl heads to Caroline’s apartment and not only finds a hidden thumb drive, but also finds Caroline herself which initiates a fight. She uses her webs to trap Kara and then she fights James who comes barreling in the front door. Kara escapes the webbing but not before one of the spiders attaches itself to James. The DEO has a gun to remove this but Kara worries about James putting himself in the line of fire with his upcoming campaign to be a senator.

New Target

The DEO later figures out the assassin host’s new target, Andrew Stern. Both the DEO and Supergirl arrive just in time to save him. There is another fight here and this time Alex uses the same gun she used on James to remove her powers, but when she does that a dark shadow comes and kills Caroline before she can talk.

At the end of the episode we will William meeting a man and accepting cash and is instructed to “keep at it”

Read My Memories

In the last episode, Kelly was able to read J’onn’s memories that had been hidden from him to discover truths about his brother Malefic. After fighting with Malefic and learning that there were still things, he didn’t know he asks Kelly for more help but she is worried that if she continues to use the Q Waves it could reset his mind. This has him turning to Nia for a more natural approach.

In looking back on his memories, he finds out that his brother was not connected to the Hive Mind of the Green Martians like the others. This made Malefic an outcast who used his power to control people out of anger. This forces J’onn’s father to lock up Malefic who then turned on the green Martians for the White Martians. The pain of this caused J’onn’s father terrible grief to the point that he removed Malefic from their memories.

Outside of the memory J’onn explains to Nia that this is a disgraceful act that is worse than death.


That night Nia dreams more of J’onn’s memories and leaves Brainy to go see him. This part of the memory she warns is going to be painful but he insists on seeing it. The memory takes place right as the other left off but this time shows that it was not his father that wiped their minds, but J’onn removed him after seeing that his father experiencing so much grief he wanted to die.

This weighs heavy on J’onn but he asks Nia not to tell anyone.

Old Friend

Meanwhile, Malefic is on a mission to get his powers back. He spied on the conversation with J’onn and Kelly about a mind rest and he thinks that this is exactly how he can get the powers that were taken from him in the Phantom Zone. He then goes to Kelly’s apartment and takes to form of her old friend, Pete Andrews. He then goes to Kelly’s job and meets with her claiming that he needs help and she agrees to meet him later. At the meeting he tells her that his memories of his time at war have been bothering him and he needs the help that her research can offer. She agrees to help but that it could take some time getting in. However, he pushes her too see him that night.


At the appointment, Kelly hooks Malefic up to the machine and this activates his power of inception. This allows for him to telepathically control people. Nia has a dream sense of this and warns J’onn who shows up there to stop him. What Malefic didn’t count on was creating a connection with Kelly where she is able to see him even when he shapeshifts. This is handy but Malefic still gets away.

This encounter gives Kelly the push to get to safety away from Malefic, and James decides that he is going with her.

Making Zombie

Lena is working on her project to make better humans but in all her simulations she ends up making Zombies. Eve/Hope reminds her that Lex wrote about something in his journals that would help with this. The problem is that all of Lex’s belongings are locked away in Fort Summit and out of her grasp.

For A Friend

Kara and Lena have their first lunch together this episode after Kara confessed to Lena that she was Supergirl. To get into her good graces Kara flies all around the world getting Lena’s favorite foods. During the lunch Lena tells Kara that she has been having nightmares about Lex. She also thinks that reading his journals would help her heal, but that they are locked away. Because Kara wants to desperately to get back into Lena’s good graces, she agrees to getting them

She later has some doubts when talking with Alex, but after James helped her and he tells her it is important to help friends, she decides that she is going to get the journals. At the forts she gets the journals and takes a portal watch that she then gives to James when they head out of town.

Mind Control

At the end of the episode Kara drops off the journals. Lena then has Eve/Hope decipher them because, of course Lex would write in code. What she finds is an entry on how Q-Waves can be used for mind control.

Always 100%

Brainy and Nia are hitting a rough patch after the last two episodes have involves a large amount of food delivery and all the time poems. She doesn’t say anything for a while because she doesn’t want to hurt him but eventually tells him that it is just too much. He then walks out because he only functions at 100%.

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