‘The Rookie’ S2E4 “Warriors and Guardians” Breakdown and Review!

It feels like forever since Officer Nolan has had Bishop bossing him around and he has gone from having strangers to Angela as his T.O., but finally he gets a permanent trainer. However, this may not be for the best

A Guardian

The episode starts with Nolan getting a call from his new T.O., Nyla with a meet up spot. However, when getting there she is posing as a waitress to test him, not only with how he carries himself but what he says. Immediately she comes to not only not trust him because he talked about bring a police officer but based on why he became a cop she puts him in a guardian category. She has no use for a guardian and calls him the 5% the remainder of the episode.

Felonies Only

Not only is she a warrior, but she doesn’t have time for petty police work and will only pull over a car if it will result in a felony arrest. This has them pulling over a potentially stolen car since it is missing its plates and has a towel over the steering column. After being pulled over two of the three get cuffed while the other takes off with Nyla running after him. Nolan secures the other two and follows and he is just in time to find the man after he fell off the roof a few floors up. He is alive but with a broken leg claiming that Nyla pushed him.

Body Cam

Nolan has his suspicions about what happened but isn’t sure if he should disobey his T.O. and talk to Grey. Tim tells him that it is responsibility to tell even if it upsets his T.O., however when he goes to talk to him Nyla is already there reviewing the body cam. This shows that the man jumped off the building instead of being pushed. This is enough to drive a bigger wedge between the two now that she knows he will go to Grey.

Lucky for Nolan, Grey is also worried about Nyla and what she could bring to the table after her previous job that was deep undercover in the drug cartel. She has no trust and is a little wild. However, she did something that earned her a golden ticket which means she did something exceptional in the force and was able to pick anywhere to work, but she picked being a T.O.


While out later Nyla sees someone out that she used to work with in the cartel and if he is in town it means something big is going to be happening. However, last time he saw her she was an addicted name Crystal. She changes out of her uniform and in a few minutes looks deep into drugs. She then puts herself in Corkscrews path. While he recognizes her, he doesn’t want her in on anything since last time they worked together she flaked and people were arrested. This results in a fight with Nyla pushing him through a window. When Nolan comes in, she has him arrest her instead of him. While she was in the back of the car Nolan gets Corkscrews number.

I’ll Have Your Badge

Nolan can’t pass on the opportunity to have Nyla in a position where she is forced to answer questions. She isn’t haven’t though and wants out of the back but Nolan ends up getting so deep into being stubborn that he leaves her in the car while getting lunch. She gets out of her restraints and the car and then threatens to have his badge. Nolan though has a get out of jail free card when he tells her that he has Corkscrew’s number.

The Perimeter

Much to Nyla’s dismay, even though she gets the information of the buy going down she is not going to be in the thick of it. Instead she is going to be on the perimeter with the other T.O.’S and rookies. When the buy seems like it is going to bring in more guns and money, they decide to wait to hope to get lucky and get a bigger fish. However, one of them decides that maybe they should wrap this up. Nyla wants to wait a bit longer but Grey overrides her and they move in.

That is when Nolan notices a blue mustang that does a U-turn. The man inside looks shaken so him and Nyla follow him where he ends up at a storage facility. Nyla wants to move in instead of calling for backup but Nolan disobeys and calls after Tim told him early that he would have his back if needed.

Going In

Nyla and Nolan move in and sure enough there are a ton of black-market weapons stored here. This results in a shoot out with Nolan getting shot in the chest. Luckily it only hits his vest so Nyla steps in and protects him as Tim pulls up like a bat out of hell with Lucy shooting up out the side.

By the time they are done they come to the realization that Nolan is a little bit of a warrior and Nyla is a little bit guardian. This isn’t enough for Grey though and he forces Nyla to apologize to Nolan for being reckless.

Her Secret

The entire episode Nyla kept it close to the chest why she chose to come back to LAPD and pick a job that would typically seen as a step down. At the very end of the episode we learn that she has  daughter in the area that she isn’t allowed to see but is planning to work at getting back in her life.


With Tim and Lucy this week, he has been seeing Lucy’s friend Rachel for two weeks now. But when he finds out it is her birthday; he doesn’t plan to get her anything. Lucy thinks that maybe he should at least get her something little, but after some thought he decides something little wouldn’t hurt.

They then spend the rest of the episode arguing over his gifts being all about him instead of her. By the end of the episode he gets her a model airplane after learning that her and her grandfather used to be in planes together. Lucy is making him such a softie.


Angela and West respond to a call where boys are shooting paintballs at a homeless woman and instantly Angela build a connection with her. She gets her name and then later gets stuff together to take back to her. When they get back to get camp, she is gone but left behind a picture she was hiding and protecting earlier. Angela identifies the girl in the picture as a woman that was the victim of a hit and run which resulted in her being paralyzed. Angela puts together that Alice, the homeless woman, was previously a professor until about 10 years ago which was the same time as the accident making her think that it may have been Alice that was the driver that fled the scene.

When they find Alice, she confirms the story so they are forced to arrest her. The victim comes in to see Alice and while Angela pushes for her to see that Alice has already paid for her crime, this only upsets the victim and she leaves.

Later they meet again and Angela apologizes but this time she is willing to admit that since the accident she has gone on to find a husband and must kids so her life is great and she would like to make a statement forgiving Alice. Angela relates this back to a story in her life where she argues with a boyfriend that later died in a car accident and the guilt she felt after that which is kind of this suspended state that Alice has been in for ten years.

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