‘Batwoman’ S1E3 “Down, Down, Down”

For the past two episodes Kate Kane has been running around Gotham trying to save her sister. While at this point things are still in the air with Alice after the explosion on the bridge. The issue now is that Kate has inadvertently brought hope back to a city that has been struggling since Batman disappeared three years ago. In Gotham we know that with hope comes villains.


While the episode focuses on the consequences of Kate in the Bat suit, it also has some Alice mixed in. In her nightmare at the beginning of the episode we start to see where she has been all these years after her fall from the bridge. It seems like she ended up in the basement of a murderer, which could be why she is crazy now.

A Deal

After Kate saved Alice last season it revealed to Alice that she was the one running around in the bat suit. I’m not going to lie the hand puppet with the bat signal was hilarious. In their meet up Kate makes a deal with Alice that if she can go 24 hours without killing, she will give her back Dodgson, her boyfriend who Kate has locked away.


Meanwhile, the meat of this episode involves a robbery at the RND department at Wayne Tech. After inventory was taken by Luke, he determines that the gun that was stolen is the only one that is able to penetrate the bat suit. Bruce had designed this in case the suit ever fell into the wrong hands. This is obviously a move to get Bruce’s attention and they all wonder if this is going to be what brings him home.

Not to mention that on top of the break in there has been a staging of a dummy in a bat suit which is a warning meant for Batman that someone is coming after him.


With the appearance of Batman in Gotham this brings one of Bruce Wayne’s closest friends out. Tommy Elliott, long time friend invites Bruce to a party that he is throwing now that he not only has more money than Bruce, but he has a taller building so he is literally looking down at Wayne Enterprise. Kate tries to explain that Bruce is still gone but Tommy drops a subtle hint that he knows that he is back. This obviously means that he knows Bruce is Batman.

With the recent break in at Wayne Enterprise and the invitation Kate beings to think that maybe Tommy is behind this even though Batman save Tommy’s mom’s life a few years back. Luke takes an interesting perspective and thinks that Kate should put the suit back on and figure out if it is Tommy that has the gun, he knows that if Bruce built this weapon that there would also be something built to neutralize it. However, Kate has had enough of being Batman, she doesn’t want the responsibility.


Meanwhile, Mary has been working at her clinic which keeps her out at night. Sophie has also been dealing with her decision to cut ties with Kate by telling her to move on. So, this makes an interesting pair this episode when Sophie is assigned to be Mary’s bodyguard at Sophie’s request. Mary finds that this is cramping her style but Sophie uses this as an opportunity to ask about Kate since she is suspicious that Kate is the one running around in the batman suit. She specially asks why Kate turned down the job at Crow’s security that she has been training to get for years and Mary’s explanation is that Kate doesn’t want to be around Sophie, her ex.

This carries over at the party where the three of them end up in the elevator. However, the real drama comes when Sophie’s husband finds out that Kate and Sophie know each other going far back but Sophie never told him. The conversation isn’t resolved this episode but I feel like it is going to be an ongoing issue.


Kate does take this moving on thing seriously after flirting with the bartender Reagan. She then meets up with her at the end of the episode and they agree to get ahold of each other again.  I have a weird feeling about her and don’t know if she is good but it makes Sophie jealous.

Broken Promise

While the party is going on Alice decides that she isn’t really into keeping promises. She breaks into Jacob’s penthouse and kills the guard there. She then calls Jacob while playing their song by Bach on Beth’s cello. She still doesn’t understand how a father could stop looking for his daughter but being in his penthouse makes her realize that he moved on to a life on top of the mountain and she wasn’t really a priority.

After the call ends and Jacob knows that she is at their house he grabs he whole family and heads to the elevators.


Kate talks with Tommy at the party and feeds him false information about there being a GPS locator on the stolen gun. When Tommy goes and checks Kate catches him in the act, but Tommy just isn’t a quitter and tells Kate to have Batman meet him on the roof just as he stops all the elevators in the building, the same elevators that have all of her family and friends in them. When Kate asks why he is going this after Batman saved his mother, it turns out that Tommy hated his mother and Batman saving her ruined his life.

Suit Up

Of course, Batman is going to show, but Kate heads to the Batcave looking for a plan. She needs the suit but needs people to know that she isn’t Batman. With a few design changes she becomes something other than Batman.

She then meets with Tommy on the roof and he is upset that he is not meeting with Batman which results in an elevator pummeling to the ground. Kate tries to use the device on her to disarms the gun he has but it is going to take 30 seconds before it is ready which requires Kate to stall him.

Once the gun is disarmed Tommy begins dropping elevators. The first had Mary, Sophie, and Tyler in it but after they argues about Kate, they managed to pry the doors open and help the others that were dropped from the first elevator. The next one has Catherine and Jacob who spend their time arguing about Alice and that Jacob needs to put an end to her. Kate stops the elevator from dropping with a good old grappling hook. However, when she tries to climb back up Tommy is there to stop her.

Last Chance

Lucky for Kate Alice is there and knocks Tommy out and pulls Kate to safety. She headed here to crash the already crashed party by telling Kate that she couldn’t hold to her deal. She has plans for Kate and Jacob and she plans to execute those plans. She wants Kate to see that she isn’t Beth anymore.

The Cards

When the Kane’s arrive home, Catherine finds a message that was left for her from Alice but she hides it before Jacob can see. There is obviously a connection with Catherine and Alice that we just don’t know yet but can’t wait to find out.


And it’s official, the city of Gotham knows that they have a new but still awesome hero protecting their city. Batwoman.

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