‘Titans’ S2E7 “Bruce Wayne” Breakdown and Review!

This has been a pretty heavy season with a lot of venturing into the past to resolve issues and secrets that the original Titans have been holding onto. This is all to set the stage for a show down with Deathstroke which has been building since episode 2. So far, they have rescued Rose without knowing that she was Slade’s daughter, but this puts them in a situation that they have been in before which didn’t end well for anyone.

Last episode we witnessed the breakout of Cadmus for Superboy who saved Jason from the falling building after he slipped through Dick’s grasp. He then immediately was shot with Kryptonite bullets by Mercy Graves, who also took Krypto with her.


At Cadmus Eve has returned to work and learns that not only did mercy kill Connor, but that Eve is being fired before they are beginning a new Subject 14. Eve isn’t willing to just give up on Connor, just because he was shot doesn’t mean that he can’t be saved. She steals a key card and gets Krypto out of his cage and he flies them out and to Connor.

We Need the Sun

At Titans Tower, Kory and Dove are working to keep Connor alive but aren’t sure what he is or how to help him. It isn’t until he speaks Kryptonian that she understands that he must have been poisoned by Kryptonite. Even then she doesn’t know how to save him. Eve arrives at the tower led by Krypto and Kory allows her up. Eve explains that at this point in the poisoning there isn’t anything they can do, the radiation he would need can only be achieved by flying to the sun and they don’t have time for that. Lucky for them, there is a sun source in the room.

Kory uses her powers to give him the radiation source he needs while Raven contains the area which was a pretty epic scene. I am also pretty sure that it must be in the contract that Connor shows his ass every episode. While Connor is on the mend, he isn’t at full strength yet. Eve is not sticking around but is going to try to get as far from Lex as possible.

Mind Games

Some other interesting things are happening around Titan Tower. First off Dick is seeing and talking to a Bruce Wayne that is a fantasy, more on that in a minute. The others are all experiencing some weird things though. For Hank, a bottle of bourbon was put with his things, not a good thing since he is in recovery. For Donna it is the orange soda we saw Garth give to her in the Aqualad episode. With Dawn, a picture that was in her dresser ended up in the pantry which is where they start putting things together. So, they know at this point that someone is messing with them.


Jason is having some serious PTSD after falling from the building. However, other than Dick’s lame attempt to talk to him, the only person that reaches out to him is Rose. She knows all to well the damage that can be afflicted by Deathstroke and wants to make sure that he is okay. He is NOT okay, but she still gets him to dance with her and they even kiss for a moment. Things go bad though when she finds an album that used to belong to her brother Jericho in the mix. She accuses Jason of messing with her and storms out.

Bruce Wayne

Most of the content this episode is heavy but the one comedic relief came some an unexpected place, Bruce Wayne. He is appearing as Dick’s conscience as he looks for a way to stop Deathstroke without revealing a secret about the past. This leads him to go out looking for Deathstroke. He reaches out to an old contact named Ben, but Ben says that he isn’t into the information or weapon trade anymore, but with some force he tells Dick that Wintergreen used to date some sisters and they can be found at the Scarlet Rose.

At the Scarlet Rose, Dick meets with Maddie Matisse who used to date Wintergreen along with her sister. Wintergreen is responsible for the death of her sister so she offers up the hotel information for where Wintergreen is staying. Possibly the best part of the whole episode is Bruce on stage with the dancers even referencing the 1960’s Adam West Batman.


Dick then heads to the hotel where he knows it is a trap. Wintergreen is a long-standing associate of Deathstroke and he stays that way because he knows how to keep his mouth shut and offers no information about Deathstroke. However, when an unknown call comes through Dick answers it. It is Slade who gives him an address that hold meaning for them.

123 Lakeland

Dick heads to the address that Slade gave him which happens to be a church. We never find out what the meaning of it is but I am sure that is going to come up in the next episode. Instead he finds pictures of the Titans at Titans Tower where Slade has been watching them. This means that he is the one that has been planting everything.

Your Fault

The Titans don’t know that Slade has been there so when Rachel finds her room filled with crosses, she blames Jason. They everyone blames Jason for everything that has been happening. After the incident with the fall, on top of Rose being mad and now this he finally cracks and runs off just as Dick is returning.

Dick relays to them quietly that they are being watched and when he notices that Jason is gone, he heads to the roof to find him on the ledge. Jason explains that he thinks he is the poison that is ruining the group like everything else he has been around in his life. Dick finally comes clean with him and tells him that poison in the group is coming from him, that he killed Slade’s son.

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