‘Supernatural’ S15E2 “Raising Hell” Breakdown and Review!

After the finale last season with God opening every door in hell the Winchesters have been fighting to contain the hellish souls and demons that have been cast onto Earth. Since Jack was killed in the finale he isn’t in the picture anymore and Cas is still grieving the loss, but to top it off his soul has become in habited by a demon names Belphegor who was a torturer in hell much like Alastair back in season 4. He was able to throw up a warding that is blocking the ghost from leaving the town…. for now

Over It

The ghosts are in the town but the people are not, last episode had them rounded up and sent outside of the warding under the guise of Benzine leak, but the town folk are over this and one lady in particular sneaks in to get her son’s medication. She runs into a neighbor that also snuck in but is now the meat suit for a particularly nasty ghost. He kills her which has her husband worried and plotting with others to get back into town and search for her.

The Warding

Aside from people being antsy, the Winchesters have other issues. This warding was great for keeping in the ghosts but it is only temporary and its power is fading faster than they can come up with a solution. Belphegor claims this is a one-time spell and once it is done it is done. This has then seeking help from Rowena. They are hoping that she can make the soul bomb like she made before, that it would be able to absorb the souls and trap them until they can close the doors to hell. She says that it will be hard, but it is the only plan they have.

A Situation

Sam, Dean, and Bel are then called into a situation inside of the warding with the two people that snuck back in. They are being possessed as ransom by Frances Tumblety AKA Jack the Ripper. He says that he will only release the people once the warding is down. However, they get help from a surprising person, Ketch! He has these bullets made of Ion flakes that pushes out the ghost but doesn’t harm the people.

Back in the safe zone they bring Ketch up to speed and explain everything from God being the bad guy to Jack being dead. It turns out that Ketch was sent here to kill Belphegor but another demon named Ardad, but since Bel is helping Ketch decides not to take him out. Ketch and Rowena are hilarious, they have met only one other time when she was being tortured by the Men of Letters but not, they are all “Love is in the Air” much to Dean’s annoyance.

We Are

Dean and Cas have a moment to chat it up. Cas is feeling like a lot of this is his fault for mishandling the Jack situation to being with but Dean is just angry about everything from Jack to his mom, and then to finding out they have all been Chuck’s puppets from the start. Dean doesn’t even think that any of it is real anymore but Cas reminds them that WE are real. (Destiel fans scream)


Now as if everything else isn’t enough two hunters have gone missing. Dean and Ketch move in to find them but are immediately attacked. But again, in swoops the unexpected, Kevin Tran. Turns out that Chuck is a liar and Kevin wasn’t in Heaven like God said, he has been in Hell. However, he has some “Street Cred” because he was cast down by God, so he is able to intimidate some of the other ghosts away. Dean and Sam are set on getting him to Heaven but Bel tells them without the exception from God, like in the case of their dad, a soul can not go to Heaven after it has been in Hell.

Kevin is also able to feel that this warding it is getting weak and wants to do his part to help. He goes to the other ghost posing like he wants to get out of the warding but Francis isn’t buying it knowing that he was close to the Winchesters in life so they take him prisoner instead.


With Keven taken by the ghosts this gives them the upper hand. Rowena is headed with the stone they are going to use to suck souls to Sam and Dean when she is stopped by Ripper. It just so happens that these two know each other and dated back in the day, go figure. He gives her a message to pass to the Winchesters that they have Kevin and gives her a meet up spot. He then knocks out Ketch at Rowena runs off.

Without many options Sam and Dean attend the meeting but refuse to give into Ripper’s terms. Instead Rowena comes in the back door and sucks up a few souls into the spell while others get away. However, they have Kevin in the clear and he tells them about the plan b, which is to attack the weakest point of the warding.

Soul Suck

At the weakest point of the warding they are joined by Ketch with Rowena continuing to suck souls after Dean uses all his ammo. However, Ketch isn’t really Ketch, he is being possessed by Ripper who knocks down Rowena and takes the b soul bomb. However, Dean just isn’t playing around and shoots Ketch to dispel Ripper for Rowena to then suck up as many souls as she can.

Let Me Out

Ketch is still alive but must be treated because he was shot and for some reason Cas is having healing issues. For Kevin, he doesn’t want to go back to Hell so he wants to instead take his chances at going crazy and walk the Earth. So, Bel opens a small hole in the warding to let him out. But he isn’t the only soul wanting out. There are still hundreds of souls in the wardings that are all ready to escape.

On Your Own

Chuck is back in this episode as well and seeks out his sister Amara who really wants nothing to do with his brother sister bonding idea. She does catch on though that he is there wanting something which leads her to finding out that he is hurt. When Chuck touches the bullet hole, we see that this also hurts Sam. This injury has greatly depleted Chuck and keeps him from leaving this dimension. Amara, instead of helping, decides that she is ready to go it alone and leaves Chuck behind trapped, kind of like what he did to her before.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was good to see some faces that we haven’t seen in a bit. I hope Ketch will be back, I have found him likeable in the last two seasons. However, Kevin made me super sad and hopefully with whatever they do to resolve what is going on, they get Kevin to Heaven. This whole thing with Sam and God is super interesting and I feel like eventually Chuck is going to seek out the Winchesters for help in getting his powers back.

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