‘Evil’ S1E4 “Rose390” Breakdown and Review!

Well, this was a shocking episode both in the case of the week and in at Kristen’s home, but there wasn’t any mention of Leyland or the Sixteen.  Really though, to me this was the most shocking and disturbing thing yet.

Fake It ‘til You Make It

The case of the week brings David, Kristen, Ben to the home of a seriously disturbed boy name Eric. Right form the start you can see that this is going to be an interesting encounter when nearly everything in the house is on lockdown. The rest of the family even shares a bedroom together apart from Eric for fear that he will hurt them, they even mention that the baby agitates him. When talking with the mother she gives examples where he has tried to poison the milk to see if they could taste the bleach.

When talking to Eric he takes a liking to David because of their shared interesting in comic books. He also tells them about the time he bit her sister because she was being too loud and when he dared a kid to lay down on a train track and count to 42. This is what brings in the comic books, David remembers reading this before although Eric said he hasn’t. Ben thinks that there may be some environmental issues at play since the family moved into the house around the time that Eric changed, so he is having the water tested for copper exposure.

During their evaluation of Eric Lauren runs through several psychological tests which Eric doesn’t like. However, David talks with him about God, the rosery, and has him recite the Lord’s prayer. Neither of them comes to a clear conclusion, but Kristen says that what they would do with him from a psychological standpoint would be to teach him to mimic emotions until he can hopefully feel them one day. David gets on board with this plan and tell Eric that he should pretend to feel how others feel, follow the rules, and to pray. Eric is uncomfortable with prayer, but David instructs for him to just ask God something with faith and dedication.

Almost immediately after this encounter Eric changes. The mom, Sarah, finds him praying, he even takes the initiative to mow the grass on his own and is interested in his homework. Sarah then calls David to talk with him about getting a tutor for drawing comics. David volunteers and says he will be right over.

When David arrives, Eric is outside and again is praying. That is when David notices the baby in the water. He jumps in and gets the baby and gives it CPR until she begins to cry. Eric tells him that he was asking God to take away the baby. This has David pushing for an emergency exorcism. While Kristen says that she believes he is a psychopath and she doesn’t know why, by the time she figures it out and he gets help the whole family will be dead. David later thanks Kristen for having his back and asks her to get a drink some time which she agrees to.

The next day Father Amara prepares for the exorcism and they all head to the house explaining to Kristen that this is going to be a long tedious process with little bits of terror.  However, when they arrive the police are already there. Sarah says that Eric has gone missing but then says other things like, “When you child is in danger you have to protect them” and then mentions to David that they may need him to give a statement about the baby incident. They all realize that Eric isn’t missing, his parents killed him. This really effects both David and Kristen hard.


AT Kristen’s house there are some other interesting things happening. Grandma buys the girls VR headset to keep them occupied. This leads to the girls playing a haunted girl game, it is obviously a pretty scary game for girls this age but at this point it is just a game although Lauren gets terrified when she is attacked in the game. When Kristen walks in on this the girls lie and say that they were playing the bunny game.

I love the little scene with Ben and the girls, their energy mixed with his sarcasm was hilarious. He is there to check the pipes and the water after Kristen’s asks him. I think she is worried about what she has been experiencing over the last few weeks. When the girls leave him to play on the headset they are asked if they want to play online which they accept and are immediately contacted by Rose390 which leads them to a Ouija board inside of the house. Ben overhears them repeating Hail, Hail, Hail and discovers that they are playing a game outside of what they should be.  Lynn admits this to her mom when she comes home and Ben explains that he can adjust the parental controls to keep them off the game although Kristen still feels like she is being a bad parent.

When Ben goes to set the parental controls, he is stopped by this Rose390, however, Ben shuts it down. (Or so he thinks) That night the VR comes back on by itself waking Lynn and then Lila. Rose390 is talking with them about their Dad and that he is now dead. When asking the Ouija board, they are told that he is in Heaven. They take this to Kristen who puts their mind to ease about their dad claiming that she talks with him everyday and that he is fine. They also send him a video message, but we don’t hear back from him this episode.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Like I said in the beginning, I really liked this episode and think that it is the best one yet although we still don’t know if Eric was possessed or just a psychopath, nor do we learn if the girls were being attacked by a hacker or there was a demon in the headset. I think that is what I like most about this show, no one can argue that evil exists or not. We see it all the time and maybe sometimes there is an explanation like in the pilot episode but then other times the line between what scientific and what is supernatural can be blurry.

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