‘Charmed’ S2E2 “Things to do in Seattle When You’re Dead” Breakdown and Review

Powerless and Alone is where our witches are finding themselves after being hunted by an assassin that not only tried to kill them but destroyed the book of shadows. Let’s not forget that he looks just like Harry and did kill Harry. Luckily for Harry he was no longer connected to the Elders because his powers were restored by Fiona, but all the other Whitelighters are gone making him the last one.

When the book was destroyed the girls were sent through a portal where they have been cloaked and their powers were stripped so the assassin can’t find them. This does come with some hefty obstacles since it is still their jobs to protect other witches. Macy does though still have her demon powers so there is some fire power.

The Dream

We have been noticing interesting glances since last season between Harry and Macy, there was even when she read his mind last season while Macy had the source in her. While it was never confirmed what she heard, I don’t think it is outlandish to say that they are attracted to each other and that becomes even more evident in this episode. Especially with the scene last episode while she had the poison in her, he was very… seductive.

This seductiveness carries over into Macy’s dream at the beginning of the episode. Now, these aren’t just dreams, this is the assassin reaching out to her wanting to know where she is, probably so he can kill them. Nonetheless, it is still pretty hot and rattles Macy. Once she is awake, she has flashes back to their time last episode and remembers what the demon told her about her not being the only witches and trouble, this makes her realize that there must be another witch in danger. She relays this to Harry who is also struggling in the sleep department and looking for anything that can help them with the assassin.


Meanwhile, Maggie learns that they aren’t just out of Hilltowne, but Hilltowne thinks that they are dead. They don’t have too much time to focus on that though because Macy and Harry come downstairs to show them that they found a missing witch. She is a seventeen-year-old witch and the niece of the witches that were killed last episode. When watching the news, she was last scene with the demon that they fought at the B&B. Maggie notices the sticker on the back of the van and with an image search realizes that it is for a club called the Seventh Circle.

They try to get to the command center to portal to her but the doors are locked and Harry is still to weak to orb after healing Macy last episode and taking on the poison. The plan now becomes for Macy and Harry to go off on a road trip to save Leyla while Maggie and Mel work on getting into the command center. The car ride is a bit awkward with Macy having residual feelings about her dream and Harry picks up on her nervousness. I laughed hysterically when she turned on the radio and it was a love song. However, when they get closer to Leyla’s last location, they come across a dying witch who warns them that the seventh circle is going to kill Leyla tonight. Harry tries to save her even though Macy is worried about the effect it will have on him, but she does anyway.

The B-Team

Meanwhile, Maggie and Mel get into the command center wants Safe Space opens and they both agree that they need a better system to get, they can’t just get locked out. Mel tries to figure out how she is going to help witches without powers and comes across some mandrake root which she thinks she can use to make a cloaking spell.

Maggie is too distracted to hear her though because she comes across their father’s obituary while looking for theirs. Now, technically Ray isn’t Maggie’s dad we found that out last season, but he did help raise her. Ray is Mel’s dad though but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by his death since it has been years since he was there for them.

I’m a Woman

Maggie thinks that it their fault that Ray is dead because he had a heart attack. She assumes that the thought of losing his daughters killed him, however, I am willing to bet that the assassin had something to do with it. Maggie wants to attend the funeral but without their powers Mel says no.

Maggie upset end up in Jordan’s boxing gym punching a bag. When he arrives, she rants on him about not being a child and that she is a formidable woman that can make her own decisions. When all he wanted to know was her name. She ends up storming out without a name and directly down to the command center where she opens a portal to Minnesota for the funeral.


While Maggie is spiraling, Mel is getting caught stealing supplies from the Wiccan shop. Last episode she kind of made fun of the shop and still thinks that it is ridiculous but having supplies does help. However, none of them have any money. She gets caught lifting the supplies by the owner. Instead of getting mad she lets Mel takes the supplies since she can tell she is in need but promises to put a hex on her next time.

Mel then makes the cloaking spell and successfully cloaks and apple. When she goes to share the news with Maggie, she finds that Maggie is gone.

The Funeral

AT the funeral there is hardly anyone in attendance. As Maggie is saying goodbye with a little piece of a jewelry box, he gave her Harry shows to comfort her. Maggie realizes quickly that there is something off about Harry. He then breaks character and tries to kill Maggie. Luckily Mel comes cloaked and knocks out the assassin and they get away.

Back at the Command center they argue about Ray and why Maggie felt she needed to be there. Mel then explains that the music box that Maggie cherishes wasn’t even from their dad, but it was gift from Mel after their dad stood her up. This conversation though is interrupted when they get an alert from the board that there are two witches in danger.

The 1%

While all of that was going on with Mel and Maggie, Macy and Harry were scoping out the Seventh circle where a large group of demons from the Vagrant, Malignant, Carnal, and Primordial bloodlines are all gathering. Basically, the royalty of demons. They aren’t going to be able to march right in but Macy has on her some glamour powder that Maggie made last season. This changes their appearance so they can get in. The look on Harry’s face when he sees Macy was priceless. She tells him though that he needs to work on not looking so harmless to which he then messes up his hair and makes himself look more intimidating, however, this brings out Macy’s memories of her dreams. She then goes on to confess her dreams to him about this Dark Harry and his seductive ways, so in turn he tells her about the assassin looking like him.

The Overlord

At the door to the club they are testing for demon blood. Macy will pass but Harry won’t and he still can’t properly orb in. However, they aren’t sure if Dark Harry will be able to get in so she needs to be careful about trusting anyone that looks like Harry. She then decides to go in alone

Once inside Macy quickly locates Leyla since she is the main attraction hidden away. While she is scoping out the place Maggie and Mel arrive cloaked and find Harry outside. He confirms his identity by reciting their Cotija recipe from last Christmas. They then break into the demon party just after a demon Godrick is announcing the return of a demon Zagan the Great and the union of all demons. The carnal are not buying into the overlord juice and leave. Macy uses this to claim that she herself is the overlord and proves it when Mel and Maggie come charging in and attacking. Harry also manages to finally orb too which he then helps Macy get Leyla. I like the moment where she isn’t sure if she can trust him but then with one shared look, she knows it is Harry.


After everyone is home safe Maggie and Mel patch things over and Maggie is applying for a job at safe space so she always has access to the command center. Maggie takes back Jordan’s first aid kit. She thanks him for borrowing it and for listening to her rant. He also finally gets her name.

A Storm

Harry and Macy also have a chat in the Command Center with Macy writing down the names of the witches that they have lost so they don’t forget that the lights on the board are people, witches. Harry, ever the optimist, also makes a column to also celebrate the ones that they save. He also worries though about this Dark Harry and that they should work out a system to know that it is him, but Macy tells him that looking into his eye is all she needs.

As for the Seventh circle, they are taking comfort in the fact that they don’t know the Charmed ones are alive. In the last clip though we see that they do know.

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