‘Nancy Drew’ S1E2 “The Secrets of the Old Morgue” Breakdown and Review!

Well, well, the plot thickens even more in this new murder mystery. With a few people dead (Lucy Sable included) the list of suspects is ever growing and more confusing by the minute. At this point the only person we know that didn’t kill Tiffany Hudson is Nancy herself.

The Body Move

Most of this episode revolves around the idea that Tiffany’s husband Ryan could be the main suspect in her death. This seems even more evident based on some of his actions. When George is with him for a late-night hook up, she overhears a conversation where he is set that he doesn’t want an autopsy done on Tiffany. Then when one seems imminent, he calls in a favor to a judge to have the body moved to another office. This puts detective Nancy in overdrive wondering what he could be hiding. She has a chemist who owes her a favor so the plan becomes to get into the morgue before the body is picked up to get a blood sample for testing. Sure, this isn’t a full autopsy but it is better than nothing.

She then scopes out the morgue but she quickly finds out that this is going to be harder than she thought. The morgue doesn’t have a standard lock but requires a key card for access. This means she is going to have to get help from the others to get in and get the blood. The plan is for George to get Ryan’s phone because she knows him and his routine, this will allow for them to have the van cancelled or delayed. Then Lucy needs to get into the coroner’s car and get the access card, she is planning to do this during the upcoming Seawater Festival.

George though bombs at getting Ryan’s phone, mostly because she has feelings for him. So, instead of taking his phone and leaving she gives it back to him. Ryan claims that he is having the body moved because he knows that his wife had a drug problem and with their last name, he doesn’t want it to become public knowledge. This later results in an argument with George and Nancy with George having some long-standing anger toward Nancy for being made fun of in school. Now, the back up plan is that Ace and Bess need to distract the van and at least make it late for its pickup.

Meanwhile, Nancy gets a tool from Nick that helps her break into the coroner’s car and get the access card. However, that is where Nancy’s luck ends for the night. Ace and Bess successfully distract the van driver with a flat tired and lose radiator hose, plus Bess lands a phone number too.

Nancy does get into the morgue and get the blood but on the way out the alarm is triggered and she is trapped inside. George runs up to the window and gets the sample so Nancy isn’t caught with it but Nancy does also get arrested. Of course, this only makes Nancy look more guilty but she also uses this as an opportunity to get into the Karen Hunt’s computer and get Tiffany’s phone record and the last unknown number she texted before she died.

After being bailed out by her dad Nancy retrieves the samples she collected from the morgue and ships them off. Fun Fact, John Sanders appears in Nancy Drew 23: Mystery of the Tolling Bell where he is a chemist recently graduated from Emerson College.

Lawyer Up

Feeling the pressure Ryan not only has Tiffany’s body moved by also looks for legal representation. This has him seeking out Nancy’s dad Carson. Carson though is extremely uninterested in representing Ryan and even makes the comment that he promised his wife that he would never represent a Hudson again. I want you to remember that, I think it will come in handy later. One take away from this that Ryan has is that he needs to maintain a better public image here Horseshoe Bay.

This has Ryan showing up to the Seawater Festival where he talks with people and works on getting to know people that could one day be the jury. Where he messes up is when he ignores George thinking this will help him, because instead this motivates her to find out the truth of Tiffany’s death which is why she helped Nancy at the morgue.

By the end of the episode Carson ends up taking on Ryan as a client so that he can get the money to bail Nancy out of jail.

The Curse of the Morgue

Morgues are creepy in general, but it seems that the Horseshoe Bay’s morgue has a little something extra with its own Lucy Sable curse. When Nancy plans to break in the curse is told to her by Ace. He talks about a previous break in as a prank which resulted in one person dying, which could be the reason for the beefed-up security. The full curse says that one person will die, another will disappear, and the third will lose their mind. There are some other things that go along with that this episode which I will talk about in a moment, but I wanted to make this a separate thing wondering if this will come true over this season.

Going Crazy

While breaking into the morgue may be one way to go crazy, it isn’t the only way. Ever since Nancy saw the video of Tiffany’s death where it looked like a ghost killer her Nancy has been experiencing and seeing some weird things. Last episode it was the attic opening which lead her to the chest with Lucy’s bloody dress inside. This episode she sees Lucy in the windows at the morgue when she first scopes things out, then when she is stealing the key card to get into the morgue, she sees both bloods pouring out of the bottom but then Lucy again in the window. Let’s not mention the disappearing dead body in the morgue. However, this when a door opens at the morgue mysteriously, this leads Nancy to finding the evidence from Lucy’s case. She takes this as well and sends it off to be tested. Nancy is just going to solve it all and hopefully recover her sanity.

The Bloody Bucket

Horseshoe bay is full of superstition and weird tradition, this isn’t uncommon for towns with fishing and sailor history but this one is a little weird. The bases of this Seawater Festival that is happening this episode is that you take a bucket of seawater home, then at midnight when the bell tolls you kick the buck, if the bucket is still full of sea water then you’ll survive the next year. However, if the bucket turns to blood then you’ll die soon. At midnight we see everyone kick their buckets, however for George it seems that she only less than a year to live since her bucket is full of blood. This also lines with the curse of the morgue since she was there as well.

Are We Trusting Nick, or Not?

Nick remains up in the air as a suspect. Nancy found out last episode that Tiffany Hudson was the key witness against Nick in his manslaughter case. However, when Nancy and Carson talk while she is in custody, he tells her that Tiffany was behind a screen during her testimony so Nick doesn’t even know that Tiffany testified against him. This puts Nancy at ease but later that night while laying in bed Nick leaves to go kick the bucket. Nancy sees the phone number that was the last call that Tiffany made on the inside of her shirt and decides to call it but must hang up quickly when Nick returns. However, we see that the number she called is a hidden burner phone of Nick’s! Putting this all together, Nick committed Manslaughter to which Tiffany witnessed and testified to, but then they are also still in contact. Plus, Nick was represented by Carson who we know has history of representing the Hudson’s as well. Add that to the drugs found in Nancy’s mom’s car…. I think we have some big things happening.

The Bloody Dress

Oh, the bloody dress. The bloody dress of Lucy Sable found in Nancy’s attic is what leads Nancy to investigate Lucy’s case again. After going to the station to get the file she finds out about Ryan moving Tiffany’s body, this eventually leads her to the morgue where she gets the evidence from Lucy’s death, but it also gets her arrested where she finally has the chance to ask her father about the dress. He chalks this up to just being a prank he pulled on Nancy’s mom, but then why at the end of the episode is he burning the dress? Nancy also remembers the trunk she found the dress in being dug up by her mom and dad. At the time her mom told her it was all a dream but now her dad explains that her grandmother hid valuables in it before she died. Obviously, this is not at all believable to us since we see him burning the dress later but this does make Nancy feel better for the time being.

My Theory

If I had to make a theory right now, I would saw that not only is Ryan responsible for Tiffany’s murder, but he also killed Lucy Sable. Now hear me out, we know that Carson and Nancy’s mom were lawyers back in the day and that they represented Ryan before. Not only that but Carson promised his wife he would never represent them again which means that things didn’t go well. I think that they have Lucy’s dress because they were hiding evidence to get Ryan off the hook because he had something on them, something like drugs. We know that drugs are involved because there were some found in Nancy’s mom’s car. So, maybe Lucy was also involved and something happened so Ryan killed her, Carson and Nancy’s mom covered it up to protect Ryan and themselves. I think Nick is currently pulled into the Hudson’s drug trade which would be why he was arrested, why he committed manslaughter and Tiffany was a witness, and why he was there the night Tiffany died since he was the last person she texted. Now, Ryan certainly didn’t kill Tiffany himself since he was sitting in the restaurant but I am putting my money on Nick who was outside of the restaurant. However, depending on how weird this show is going to be, it could be that it was the ghost of Lucy seeking revenge on the Hudson’s for killing her twenty years ago.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am loving this show. It does have some of the teen show elements in it like Riverdale that people sometimes find annoying, however, I am digging the mystery and thick plot and drama. I mean really at this point anyone could have killed Tiffany OR Lucy. I have my theory above but even if I am wrong, I can’t wait for this to play out.

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