‘The Flash’ S6E2 “A Flash of the Lightning” Breakdown and Review!

What another explosive episode for the Flash in the countdown to Crisis. In the last episode Barry was visited by the Monitor again and this time told that for everyone to live he must die. This news coming after the monitor already destroyed the video left by Nora last season in order to deplete Barry’s hope and to prepare him for his sacrifice. Of course, we know that there is more going on that Barry doesn’t know, like everything over on Arrow, but that will be over on my post which should be up later today.

First off Barry just tries to process this information and in typical Iris fashion, she wants to look for a way to stop this from happening. If the date switched from 2024 to 12/10/19, then there must be a way to change it again. This has Barry looking for a second opinion which means that he will be traveling in time to the day after his death. We know that it isn’t going to be that easy, mostly because he is secretly time travelling and that never goes well, ask Nora… Anyway, Barry is blocked by Antimatter from this date.

One thing I want to point out is the tech that Barry puts in his ear, a mobile Gideon. We know from past episodes that Barry is the creator of Gideon and if he is going to die soon, that means he must create her within the next few months. Otherwise this could have some interesting consequences for the Legends since their ship is basically run on Gideon power. Unless this is going to be a plot device to bring them into the mix since their episode for Crisis doesn’t take place until after the mid-season break.

So, Barry is blocked by a wall and cannot get a look at whatever it is that happens in the future. This has him seeking council from another more experienced speedster, Jay Garrick from Earth-3. Typically, Jay is against time travel, we remember his explanation with the coffee cup a few seasons back. However, this is a different scenario and he is in favor since he too has been picking up on Antimatter all over the multiverse. He shows Barry a cool map of the multiverse that hold a ton of Easter eggs but I will get to that at the end in the ‘Road to Crisis’ section.

Jay explains to Barry that his body is not going to be able to go beyond this moment but maybe with some tech he has been working on he can send his mind. This brings in an interesting character, Barry’s mother’s Earth-3 doppelganger, Joan Williams. She knows that Jay is his father’s doppelganger but he doesn’t tell her who she looks like although she picks up that he recognizes her. They then use Jay’s helmet as a cap that will allow for Barry to psychically enter this time period that is covered in Antimatter.

What Barry sees her is the results of an Antimatter wave brought forth by the Anti-Monitor that wipes out all possible futures except for the one where Barry sacrifices himself. This scene where Barry disintegrates is taken directly from The Crisis on Infinite Earth #8: A Flash of Lightning comic where Barry sacrifices himself to stop the Anti-Monitor. Obviously, this venture takes a lot out of Barry and he spends time resting. When he comes to Joan is reading the poem under the same name as this episode and corresponding comic, “A Flash of Lightning” by William Knox. He tells Jay and Joan about what he saw and that the only hope is that he dies and even though he is still in a lot of psychical pain he wants to return home to Iris.

When taking with Iris, Barry tells her flat out that he is going to have to die which makes her upset and she thinks that he is just giving up, but that Barry she knows would never stop running. He then talks with Joe, and while Barry doesn’t explain everything in detail, Joe reminds him that they put themselves on the line with the badges or emblems they wear, that with the charge then have been given it is their duty.

Meanwhile, While Barry is struggling with the fate of the Multiverse, the others have a few things going on. Frost is trying to acclimate living on her own life while Caitlin takes the back seat for a while. They give her this Ray palmer shot that makes her appear more normal, like her eyes are now brown and her voice is normal. I think that this is less to do with the story and more with the actress’s comfort, but I am glad they explained it in the story. She is attending one of Kamilla’s art showings with Cisco and Ralph and isn’t super supportive making Kamilla think that maybe Cisco shouldn’t bring her anymore. Later though Cisco catches her trying to express herself through art and falling short. Basically, she is struggling with the emotions she is feeling. You make recognize the paining she is trying to mimic, it is who her father Icicle thought she was the embodiment of, so this could also be linked to grief over losing her father last season.

For the most part though the rest of the team is consumed with a case that Cecile is working on for Allegra Garcia. She is being accused of and is pleading guilty to killing a man with her powers although the burns on the victim don’t match what her radio wave powers can do. While there was an eyewitness to her at the scene, Cecile can feel with her powers that Allegra is innocent. However, when going to talk with the eyewitness again they find Allegra at the apartment where he has been killed. To escape she burns Ralph before Joe gets a meta dampener on her. The burn on his face isn’t from radio waves, but from Ultraviolet radiation, meaning she can control all types of waves. This puts her back in line as a suspect although Cecile still feels that she is innocent. She explains to Cecile that she was there looking for information to find the real killer since her desire is to be a reporter and to free herself.  This all leads to a fight between Joe and Cecile where he points out that she isn’t exactly doing her job as a prosecutor.

When Cecile talks with Allegra again, Allegra tells her that she doesn’t really understand, that she is constantly seeing the waves of energy and she can’t stop it. This is something that Cecile does relate to since she can feel other emotions all the time. This gives them the connection for Allegra to open to her and tell her about her cousin. When Allegra got her powers, she was in juvie with her cousin who was the bad one. Allegra wanted to leave the group which started a fight at the time of the particle accelerator explosion. Her cousin Esperanza was thought to be dead, but they do have the same tattoo. Upon investigation they find out that her cousin Esperanza is alive and was taken by a secret organization and experimented on. Based on the symbols on their jacket, this is the blackhole group. Yes, another reference to blackholes this season in the Arrowverse. First over on Supergirl in episode one with an Alien that can make blackholes, then last week a meta that makes blackholes and now a top-secret group named Blackhole.  In the comics there is an organization with the same name, so this could also be a set up for a villain in the back half of the season as well.

As the story is being told to Cecile, Allegra’s cousin Esperanza shows at the CCPD and wants Allegra. Barry is brought in the loop and decides that even though he is still recovering he is going to show up and be there. One thing about this fight is the use of the Ultraviolet radiation and that it is faster than Barry and the Speedforce, it is also a mix of all the prism colors. I think that this could lead to a solution wit the Crisis considering it could increase Barry’s speed. There are also varying colors of speed force lightning too which could also lead to an explanation or solution. Maybe I am just making stuff up, but even the painting that Frost bought match the Ultraviolet waves. Anyway, Barry is knocked down but chooses to get up and continues to fight, which shows Iris that Barry isn’t just going to give up on them.

By the end of the episode things are a bit looser but you still see the weight of the future weighing on Barry. Allegra gets an internship with Iris which means she will be an ongoing character. Jay and Joan head back to Earth-3 but I expect to see them more before the Crisis. Barry talks about needing to prepare his team and the world for life without flash.

Blood work is briefly in this episode both in the beginning and in the end of the episode. In the first scene he accidentally uses his new powers and kills a man, but then in the last scene he accidentally brings the man back to life. His power is to control blood. While he doesn’t really understand that now, I don’t think it is going to take him long to figure out.

Road to Crisis

For this section I am going to talk about this map and what it could mean for the crisis. Starting from the right side and working my way left. At the bottom there is a small key where the red ‘X’ signifies that there has been Antimatter present. Now on the right the writing is hard to see but it has Wells the Grey, a character we have seen on the Flash in the Council of Wells. There Is a lot of X’s around Earth 29, 6, 32, and 21 with all this leading to Earth 2 as a target for the Anti-Monitor. The answers to that are in the Arrow episode which I will be posting next. However, this the Earth for Season 2 Harrison Wells, Jessie Quick and for Black Siren. While there is never a definitive answer for Harrison and Jessie and their survivability, Black Siren is going to play a role in this since we know from flash forwards last season that Black Siren survives. Earth 15 is a comic book Easter Egg with it being destroyed in 1986 which is the year that the Crisis comic was published. Supergirl and Superman are on the map over on Earth 38 and will play a large role in the crisis. There is an unknown Earth at the top and I have the think that is the Smallville Earth since it is known to be involved in the crisis. I would also really love to see the Titans as rumored. The Breach Agency is over on the top left, this is where both Breacher and Gypsy work. Sherloque from Earth 5. Both JG (Jay Garrick) and BA (Barry Allen) listed as the only Flash characters. Of course, Earth X appears on the top Left side and I would love to see Leo Snart and The Ray make another appearance.

I think that the most surprising and talked about information on this map though is the addition of Thaddeus Brown AKA Mister Miracle. It is unclear if Thaddeus will actually appear in the show or this was just a comic drop but with a New-God inclusion this is sure to be an epic crossover.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I think it is easy to see by my breakdown that I love this episode. So much set up with the Crisis coming. While I think Bloodwork is a time killer type of villain, I think that Allegra and her cousin are going to be involved in the crossover. The type of powers, the hint that it is faster than speedforce, and the yin and yang tattoos that could represent the balance of Matter vs. Antimatter, plus she is working with team Flash this season for sure. I think the real question is, where the hell is this seasons Harrison Wells?

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