‘Riverdale’ S4E2 “Fast Times at Riverdale High” Breakdown and Review!

After the memorial episode for Fred Andrews/ Luke Perry, Riverdale moves into the plot of this season. I have decided to change the format of my posts a little by sectioning things off more with headingings. If you prefer the new format let me know with a comment!

Moving On

Like I said, this episode starts laying out the groundwork for the plot this season. Even though some storylines were ended last season like Hal Copper as the Black Hood and Griffons and Gargoyles there was a lot left open that is going to need resolved. We have Penelope Blossom in the wind and I am sure she is off plotting and scheming away. Alice is still undercover with the farm after their disappearance last season with the ascension. Then both Hiram and Hermione are still in prison but I don’t expect that to last long and I am sure will erupt with a war at some point this season.

Principal Honey

With Principal  Weatherbee gone now a new Principal steps in and right off the bat shows that he is not a push over like his predecessor when Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie are all late for school. I am sure that this is going to be a hinderance on all the students at Riverdale High.

Principal Honey VS. Veronica

While the both Hermione and Hiram are at fighting against each other, this puts Veronica right in the middle which I will talk more about in a moment. However, because of the drama and an article that was released this puts Veronica on Principal Honey’s radar. He thinks that maybe she should take a sabbatical from Riverdale. I am not sure in what land High schoolers can just take a break from school, but Veronica denies wanting to take a leave.

Principal Honey VS. Cheryl

Cheryl has her own bag of issues going on this episode but when Principal Honey cancels the Back to School dance, she makes herself and issue for Honey. First, she moves the party to thistle house, which is where she is living. The party goes smoothly for a bit until it is shut down by FP on a call he received from Principal Honey. This results in Cheryl leaving a beehive on his desk which I am sure is really what is going to ignite the war between them.

Pick A Side

Veronica is pressured this episode to pick a side between her mother and father since they are going head to head. He is in prison for a set up Veronica orchestrated, while Hermione is in for attempted murder of Hiram. The waters are muddy to say the least. After an article goes out detailing Veronica’s set up the paparazzi pressure only intensifies. At first she thinks that it may have been Reggie that linked the information, but it was actually Hiram but he says that he was just letting the world know that Veronica is truly a Lodge.

When the pressure becomes to much she goes full blown musical mode. I saw complaints about this scene but it is really just a spoof of the musical Chicago where Roxy confesses to her crime but that it was in her own defense. Even the song choice is right from Chicago and I thought it was funny. Her final decision about her parents is that she isn’t going to take either side, she is only on her own side from this point forward. However, she does change her last name to Gomez, her mother’s maiden name, for her Harvard application.

Full Blown Crazy

Cheryl has never been what we would call normal, however, I think she has finally broken now after her experience with the farm. In her time there she thought she was communicating with her brother that died way back in the pilot episode. After the events with her mother last season his body was dug up and now Cheryl has kept them and is talking to them like he is still alive. He even helps her pick out clothing. Twice though his body is almost found, once by Toni looking for Cheryl and then again by Reggie looking for a bathroom during the party. I imagine that someone is going to find him soon but I can’t decide what direction it will go in from there. Will she sink further or will she get help?

Stonewall Prep

Jughead is finally getting the recognition he deserves for his writing. At the beginning of the episode he is called to Principal honey’s office where a judge from a writing contest was impressed by Jughead’s writing and wants to invite him to study at Stonewall Prep. Jughead at first declines the offer, but when Mr. Chipping shows at his home, FP pushes him to at least take a tour of the school.

On the tour his guide is Bret Weston Wallace who insists on calling him Forsythe instead of Jughead. After the tour he is then invited to return the next day for a salon, which is like a study group. During the group Jughead shines for his take on Moby Dick but still has reservations about leaving Riverdale and his life here. Betty though pushes him to then go to Stonewall after an underwhelming English class. This is a boarding school so he will be living there and only coming home on the weekends. While prepping to leave FP tells him that his Grandfather also went to Stonewall for a short time but didn’t tell him because he wanted this to be his own decision. However, he makes the mistake of saying this is going to be a good year.

Welcome to Riverdale High

With the exit of Jughead, Mad Dog enrolls in Riverdale after spending several years in juvie. Not only does he attend class but Archie also got him on the football team as well. This does cause issued with Reggie who is the captain but otherwise Mad Dog does well with this new change. My hope is that he gets his own story line and isn’t just the sidekick of Archie all season.

Reggie Mantle

Reggie isn’t happy about Mad Dog on football because he shows him up on the team which then has his father Marty putting pressure on him. He literally screams from the sideline. When he shows up at Veronica’s with a black eye she confessed to Archie that this isn’t the first time that Reggie has been beat up by his father. When Marty again yells at Reggie during practice Archie steps in and calls him out but this upsets Reggie more than anything. After Cheryl’s party though he admits to Archie that his dad does hit him frequently. This leads to Reggie then destoying his father’s car. I think it is interesting that they have the conversation where Reggie says that he was jealous of the relationship Archie had with Fred. One symbol of that relationship is the car that they fixed up together so it is only fitting that Reggie destroys his dad’s car which is actually something that comes between Reggie and his dad, that he loves the car more than his own son.  Reggie tells Archie that this made things better and opening a conversation with his father which seems weird to be but I guess it is Riverdale.

The Farm

Yes, the farm. At the end of last season Betty and Jughead learned that Charles Smith is alive after they were told in season 2 from Chic that he was dead. Charles is both of their half brother since he is the son of Alice and FP and he works for the FBI investigating the farm. Turns out Alice wasn’t into the farm but was an informant getting information for the FBI. Now with the disappearance of the farm Charles hasn’t heard anything from Alice.

Kevin was the only one left behind at the farm last season and spent the summer recovering from being abandoned. He even applies to work with Betty but she is having a hard time forgiving him for dragging her down the hallway to a lobotomy. When snooping through Charles’ papers, she finds out that Kevin is still in touch with Fang who is with the Farm. Kevin is wanting to meet up but Fangs won’t unless Kevin has some information for him. This has Betty giving false information about an informant to lure out fangs. Betty then calls Kevin out for betraying her and although he is sorry for hurting her he is also feeling very lonely.

Betty though goes out on a limb and tells Kevin that her mother is an informant and tells the truth about the false information. Charles is pretty upset with Betty about this but is able to get the location for the farm but giving a fake informant name. He also saw Edgar and a stash of weapons that Edgar has acquired.

Spring Break

AT the end of the episode we got a look at spring break. We saw similar clips last season in the finale where Betty, Veronica, and Archie are all bloody and burning clothes including Jughead’s beanie. Now though it seems like jughead is missing with all of Riverdale out looking for him. Now that they have added this new school it seems likely that things are not going to go well there.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really liked this episode for a few reason. I like the investigation that Betty is going because I can’t tell if Kevin is really helping her or luring her into a trap. I think this new story with Jughead is going to turn out to be a disaster, like why didn’t Grandpa make it? Was her really just a quitter? Otherwise some of the other stories I don’t think are that interesting yet, but maybe over the next few episodes my mind will change.

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