“Prodigal Son” S1E4 ‘Designer Complicity’ Breakdown and Review!

Down the rabbit hole we are spiraling after Malcolm chloroformed himself to see if this would trigger any new memories about his father. Malcolm has always though he saw a woman in a box even as a child but has been repeatedly told that he did not, this time with the chloroform he had a new memory concerning his mother that would indicate that maybe she knew more than she let on.

Malcolm talks about this with his Psychologist but is more concerned about the fact that he voluntarily using chloroform on himself and that he is seemingly spiraling out of control. He leaves there when getting a call about a new homicide. He arrives on the scene shaken and bandaged from the glass he broke in his hand. However, once on scene he is able to quickly that this case most like involves a stalker. The victim is Tatiana Moore and influencer who was killed and then posed to look like the fashion ad by Axel X that made her famous. This Axel X also happens to be her boyfriend who is downstairs. When talking with him he claims to have been at a gallery opening and is surrounded by his entourage. When Malcolm pushes him and tells him that Tatiana was posed like their campaign, he has the look of fear on his face, like he knows who the killer is, and Malcolm zeros in on it. However, Axel lawyers up.

In private Malcolm asks Gil for a favor getting the interview tape of his mother the night his father was arrested. Gil basically tells him that this is impossible making Malcolm really upset. This then rolls into a fight with his mother when he comes home to find her in his apartment. She has agreed with Martin to have Malcolm removed from his father’s visitation lost although Malcolm finds it suspicious that after all this time, she has just now seen Martin and he wants to know why. By the end of the argument Malcolm comes out and accuses her of knowing about the murders and that she helped covered it up based on the red dress memory. Malcolm then goes and sees his father and asks him if his mom knew and of course there isn’t a real answer given here, just that he needs to sort it out with Jessica.

Malcolm then heads back to work and I like that Dani is the first to check on him. I can’t say of I ship them, but it is obvious that she cares about him and he admits that his mood is about his family issues. Then they jump into the case and look deeper into the stalkers that Tatiana had, however, when JT mention a memorial for the model Malcolm knows that the killer would be unable to resist this type of event.

At the event, Malcolm puts together that JT was not only a fan of Tatiana but that he met her once and this case has personal meaning to him. JT is also the first to notice the creepy man taking pictures at the memorial. When they approach him, he also notices that this is one of her stalkers. Malcolm gets a hold of the camera and uses it for leverage to get the stalker, Randy to talk. Malcolm can tell that Randy knows more than he is letting on but telling them anything would be an admission that he broke the restraining order that Tatiana had on him.

Meanwhile, Jessica starts a spiral of her own after finding the red dress that Malcolm mentioned. In the flash back it is an argument with her and Martin about something he has been doing and she knows about. This could obviously be the murders; however, she is concerned with maintaining their life the way it is. He tells her that she is the one that controls that, as in if she keeps her mouth shut nothing will happen.  Ainsley later finds her like this and is a little upset that everyone is visiting Martin but her and that no one is talking with her about it. She gets the idea in this conversation that she should interview her father, that this could be what elevates her career.

Malcolm working on the case uses the coroner’s report that Tatiana was strangled from the front to lure Roger into telling him the information he has. Roger doesn’t budge and refuses to talk with Malcolm, but immediately after the conversation Roger is hit by a car that then takes off. Malcolm convinces Roger at the hospital that he is going to die from his injuries, although he isn’t, to tell him what he knows about Tatiana and Axel. He confesses that he saw them arguing after Axel found out Tatiana was going to switch to another designer and he hit her.

While the images are pretty damning this makes them think that maybe the killer wasn’t a stalker of Tatiana but of Axel and they are upset that Tatiana was potentially hurting Axel. This aligns with the fear that Malcolm saw on Axel at the crime scene, the killer is someone Axel knows. Dani says that they only have tonight to secure that theory because Axel and his entourage are leaving the country the next day. Gil is against the idea of going but Malcolm ends up there anyway. He talks privately with Axel and Axel in a round about way let’s Malcolm know that it was one of his entourage that killed Tatiana, Joey. And on cue Joey joins them on the roof and tell Axel to head back to the party, that he is going to take care of Malcolm, but Malcolm didn’t come alone and they arrest Joey.

Gil later tells Malcolm that Axel is getting charged as well with helping to cover up the killing. However, the real reason for Gil seeing Malcolm is to give him the evidence tape that Malcolm asked for although Gil believes that Jessica didn’t know about the murders. On the tape, Jessica is talked to by another detective who finds it impossible that she didn’t know anything about the murders. When he is called away and Gil talks to her she admits that she knew Martin was up to something but she though that he was cheating on him, NOT that he was killing. She is pretty believable, enough for Malcolm to apologize and agree to not let Martin come between them anymore. However, Ainsley didn’t get the memo because in the last scene of the episode Ainsley arrives to talk with Martin.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really liked this episode although I am not giving up on the idea that Jessica knew about the killings. Maybe she is just a good liar. I am also interested in seeing Ainsley take on a bigger part of the story now that she is talking with Martin, I wonder what he could get her to do.

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