‘Black Lightning’ S3E2 “The Book of Occupation Chapter 2 Maryam’s Tasbih” Breakdown and Review!

This episode of Black Lighting didn’t have any huge moments in it but laid a lot of groundwork for something explosive stuff to pay off later.

In the last episode Anissa was working on helping Meta’s escape Freeland through a hole in the defenses that Gambi made, however, when the ASA attacked them Anissa ended up on the outside of the wall with no way back in. While she was able to quickly heal from her injuries, her issue this episode is with the Perdi that she helped last season. She had an agreement with them to help move Meta’s out of Freeland, but with increase of traffic they are unsure if they want to continue to help. This leads to an altercation with Anissa and the Perdi. Personally, I think Anissa is being a little hard on them. It is understandable that they would be concerned with their own people, but Anissa is only concerned with getting the Metas out of Freeland.

Later in the episode, Gambi gets into the ASA with the help of Henderson. Henderson has been spending his time under the thumb of Commander Williams. Williams even arrests one of his officers because he suspected her of using green light and of bring a Meta. Under the pretense of getting back officer Kane, Henderson causes a distraction for Gambi to get into the ASA to send talk with Anissa since otherwise all communication to the outside world is down.

Gambi warns Anissa about the Markovians and that there are some close to her canvasing the area around Freeland. We learned early in the episode with Agent Odell that the Markovians are planning a large attack on Freeland and then we saw them unload as well. Anissa fights the Markovians that are close keeping them from the Perdi Farm and the Metas she is trying to free. While there are still some benefits to the Perdi’s, like Metas that help their plants grow, the trust with Anissa and them is gone.

Jefferson and Lynn are still being held at the ASA facility with Odell and several other Metas and they worry about both Anissa and Jen. However, they think that they are together and that brings them comfort. However, they are not together. Anissa is outside of Freeland leaving Jen to basically fight for herself. She still struggles with the loss of Khalil and we see her several times looking at his drawings or pictures of him. Other than a conversation with Odell where he delivers a message from Jeff and Lynn, the only action Jen has is breaking up a fight a school.

Other than worrying about the girls, Lynn and Jefferson are trying to make the best of their time in the custody of the ASA. Odell is using Lynn to still read data from test they are performing. In this episode it is specifically Maryam. She has the power to bled to a picture but they experiments they are running on her is making her very sick to the point that she thinks she is dying. While Jefferson wants to charge full steam and take down the ASA, Lynn is focused on helping the kids that are being experimented on but after their argument I think that she has a plan up her sleeves.

Jefferson does have a conversation with Maryam. While the experiments they ran on him have given him new abilities and made him stronger, we know that for others it is killing them. Maryam also tells him that they are having the kids fight each other to test their powers.

One Meta that was the ASA’s creation all along was Khalil, who was brought back by them at the end of last season after he was killed by Tobias. In this episode he is put in action after implanting a mind control chip. To test him they send him to kill his own mother after she has been outspoken about the ASA. This scene was so sad and a little crazy. I feel like we are going to see a similar scene with Khalil and Jen eventually.

Then good old Lala. He is back from the dead again and this time wants to get the drug trade up and running under the nose of the ASA. The problem is that there is already someone running this operation. When confronting him he shoots and kills Lala again, but Lala doesn’t stay down and instead kills him. We are going to see the Rise of Lala this season.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This episode is one of those building episodes that aren’t so exciting but give you a lot of substance that will be important later. I enjoyed the episode and look forward to the rest of this season.

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