‘Supergirl’ S5E2 “Stranger Beside Me” Breakdown and Review!

I am really starting to think that this may be the strangest season of Supergirl yet. So far, we have Andrea Rojas who is not only running this new company Obsidian North, but she also bought Catco as well. Based on the last episode we know that this is going to make like for Kara very difficult and James even quit.  After getting the warning from the Monitor, J’onn finds himself at war with a brother he didn’t even know he had, Malefic J’onzz. While Kara finally came out to Lena last episode as Supergirl, it was too little too late as Lena begins her work on making a perfect human race incapable of hurting each other.

The beginning of the episode is Supergirl saves a woman and child from getting hit by a truck after they swerved to miss a woman with her face in her phone. While on the scene there is an important story running about upcoming election that is cancelled out by an Obsidian North ad and this makes Kara realize that Andrea is using Catco for free advertisement for her main company. She complains about this to James who breaks the new to her after quitting at Catco that he has support to run for as a senator.

Both Kelly and Alex, and Nia and Brainy work on navigating their new relationships this episode. While Alex strikes out with Blueberry pancakes (Kelly is allergic), Brainy hits a home run with breakfast in bed for Nia to which she declares this the best day ever.

Kara though doesn’t have the best morning considering she finds J’onn in pain after his fight with his brother. He tells her about Martian history, that because the original divide with Green and White Martians started with an argument amongst brothers, there is this built in things that cause intense pain to brother who fight each other. Since J’onn attacked Malefic last episode they are both experiencing that this episode. Alex tries to treat J’onn, but the technology to help J’onn doesn’t exist, yet. Brainy tells him about the use of Q-waves in the future to heal psychic pain. However, it just so happened that Kelly is working with Q-waves now at Obsidian North. Malefic plans to tear J’onn and his friends apart once he is no longer in pain.

While dealing with that Kara gets a call from Nia that Andreas is on a rampage because she is late. Turns out Andrea has some fashion assignments for Kara that Kara doesn’t really want. Instead she wants to write a piece on James running for senate. Andrea says she can work on her own piece after the fashion article is done by noon.

These lenses seem to be a pretty big deal this season. Lena uses them to collect data on the brain and thinks she can implement them with her new desire and work to create the perfect human. She was even the one that kidnapped Eve for the purpose of knowing what she betrayed her. She tries to tell Lena that she was manipulated by people she cannot talk about, but Lena is not buying it.

Kelly uses the lenses to help J’onn with his mind and discovers that there are parts of his mind that are broken and missing. Kelly decides that she is going to go in J’onn mind with him to help him sort out what is happening.

Meanwhile, Kara heads back to Catco where she finds Nia loaded down with sushi from Brainy, which works out for her. Kara also works on her story putting her right next to William, the jerk journalist that Andrea brought in. She is called away when Brainy finds a green Martian signature, but William thinks that she saw the pictures he was working on and had Kara tracked.

Malefic was able to be tracked because he was experiencing great pain from J’onn dive into his mind. He and Kelly were able to determine that some things from his mind were wiped about the Martian civil war.

Supergirl, Brainy and Alex all end up in the sewers tracking Malefic when they run right into the white Martian he has been working with. Together they fight it as William shows in the tunnels as well. How he was not able to put together that Kara was Supergirl was beyond me. Either way, he got a nice scare. The White Martian did get away when Malefic escaped with him through a portal. He is only able to do that because J’onn and Kelly healed them when J’onn again went into his mind and learned that Malefic was a traitor and worked to poison the minds of the Green Martians during the war. He was then sentenced to the Phantom Zone, however, Malefic warns J’onn that he is still in the dark.

Kara must head back to an upset Andrea because she missed her deadline, but Alex is followed by Malefic. Kara is sentenced to work as a copy editor and William finished her article for her. This has Kara confronting him for being a showoff and taking her work.

Andrea though got the news that someone had messed with her tech and that someone happens to be Lena. She then confronts Lena as she is getting Eve to finally tell the truth. Lena must hide Eve while Andrea threaten her, takes the lenses, and accuses her of stealing tech. This is going to set Lena back in her work but she does have a breakthrough with Eve now that she is finally admitting that she liked hurting people.

Meanwhile, Brainy is unable to locate Malefic but he is getting on Nia’s nerves with the overwhelming amount of food that he has been sending her trying to make her happy. She tells him there are lots of things that she likes and that he shouldn’t send her more food.

J’onn is worried that there may be other memories that have been wiped from his mind and doesn’t know what to do about it. While Alex is followed home by Malefic who pretends to be Kelly. He then attacks Alex and stashes her in the closet but not before Alex gets a signal to Kara. When Kara arrives, she can tell quickly that this is not Alex and they fight, which was interesting to see the Danvers sisters go at it.

Kelly goes upstairs and gets Alex out of the house and makes sure she is safe. While Supergirl stops Malefic from hurting anyone he does get away. This has J’onn wanting to dive even deeper into his mind but Kelly warns that this could completely reset his mind. This conversation is heard by Malefice who thinks that this can be how he recovers his powers he lost in the Phantom Zone.

Kara heads back to Catco to finish her work and promises William that she is not giving up. It also seems like he is not the overall jerk we think he might be because he volunteers to help people outside of his work. Alex and Kelly work out the allergies thing and Alex admits that she is worried they don’t know very much about each other but that she does like her a lot. Brainy though is off the mark when he spends the night reading poetry to Nia and she isn’t super happy about it.

But Lena finally completes the mapping of Eve’s brain which makes the path for Hope to enter her brain and take control of Eve. While this was done with good intentions, it is concerning.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This episode has a lot going on in the best way. Everything with Lena has me super nervous because I am not liking her being a villain. However, Andreas is all bad, we all know it. However, I think that William is looking into Andreas and Obsidian instead of being her blind follower like it appears. I also think they are looking to make him Kara’s newest love interest even if we all just want Mon-El back. This stuff with Malefic is interesting to me only because I know it is going to directly link in with the Crisis coming in a couple of weeks. I also have my suspicions that this white Martian with Malefic is M’gann.

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