‘Rookie’ S2E3 “The Bet” Breakdown and Review!

The Castle Boys are back! Both Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas who played Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito on Castle appear in this episode to reunite with Nathan Fillion! Along with that both Angela and John have relationship issues to work out this episode and Tim and Lucy engage in a bet to get him back in the dating pool.

The opening of the episode was the best yet in my opinion with Lopez and Nolan getting attacked by bees on a traffic stop. John then gets himself into hot water with Jessica when he plans out a closet that doesn’t include a shoe rack for her shoe collection, but John didn’t know that they were planning to live together making this pretty awkward. Likewise, things with Angela and Wesley also get awkward when he has a dinner with his mother that he neglected to tell her about, nor as he even introduced them.

In the office, things go right along with the relationship problems since it is dubbed ‘Problem Day’. This means that they will go to problem locations they know of that they don’t normally have time to scope out because they are busy with other things. Because West is still being punished for his low-test score, he gets stuck with the RV paradise cop, Officer Smitty. This has Lopez and Nolan teaming up since he has yet to get a new TO this season.

While on watch the groundwork for the rest of the episode is laid out. Tim and Lucy talk about his lack of love life after his divorce which gives birth to a bet. She fixes him up on a date and if goes well she gets to wear short sleeves. However, if he wins, she must stay in long sleeves and do 50 push-ups after every call. When Lucy runs into her old friend Rachel, she thinks this is the perfect opportunity. When Rachel seems hesitant about the date Lucy lets her know that this is part of a bet and she agrees to help.

At the date it seems like Lucy may lose this bet when Tim and Rachel work out an agreement of their own for Tim to win the bet. She wants better access to the watch commander for social workers and he wants to win the bet. Lucy watches as Rachel walks out of the date. However, when Lucy stops by Rachel’s she finds that Tim and Rachel’s date went better than she thought because Tim is there!

West does his ride along with Smitty and at first seems like it is going to be a boring day of watching parolees at a burger shop. However, West gets bored and decides that he wants to shake things up and gets them all for consorting with felons while on parole, but one of them decides to run for it making West chase after him. He does apprehend him but misses the fact that he threw out a gun that was then picked up by a kid who then used it to shoot his mother. Gleason is brought to jail but the ADA is willing to prosecute because West didn’t see him drop the gun so they are unable to link him to it.

Later Sergeant Grey looks for West with that information that the gun was used in an earlier murder which may have involved Gleason but they need a DNA sample to confirm. Unfortunately, he was already released. Smitty also pressures West into adding to his report which would help the charges stick to Gleason, but he isn’t comfortable with that. He then hangs with Lucy while she scoops Tim’s date but the whole time worries about Gleason and if the night shift is picking him up. When they let Jackson no that he is still in the wind, he heads back to the station to apply pressure one of the other men arrested for information. This leads to Gleason’s arrest although the mother in the shooting did die.

Lopez and Nolan have the run ins with the Castle boys first with Chaz Bachman played by Seamus Dever, who buys drugs and is busted in a problem area. Jon Huertas plays an undercover Homeland security agent Alejandro Mejia who Nolan and Lopez find when he is running through the streets. After he lands on the roof of a car from several stories up, he is rushes to the hospital where he is treated by Dr. Grace. This has Nolan in the middle of Grace and Jessica when Jessica wants to talk with Alejandro. This is an already awkward period with Jessica after the shoe rack incident.

John stays behind with Alejandro until other agents can arrive to monitor him. However, he gets distracted by Grace when she mentions that Jessica doesn’t seem like she is Nolan’s type. This leads to Alejandro being taken by a nurse to the basement where Nolan finds he is being tortured for passwords. In the end though Nolan saves Alejandro and kills the torturer. After all that Nolan and Jessica have the chance to talk and she isn’t mad but would like to keep an open mind about where they are heading.

Lucy left before all the excitement at the hospital to attend dinner with Wesley at his mother’s. The big deal is that Wesley is secretly rich with a trust fund. Angela though sees no problem with this and is rather found of his mom right off the bat. Later Wesley admits that he would like to just make it on his own and Angela pushes for him to do something good with his money instead of being angry about it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I loved the bet with Lucy and Tim! I think that these too have great chemistry built on mutual respect for each other. I wouldn’t say that I ship them now while he is her TO but once they are no longer training I can see something happening. Also, I can’t be the only one that prefers Grace over Jessica, right? I just think that her and Nolan have much better chemistry.

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