‘Batwoman’ S1E2 “The Rabbit Hole” Breakdown and Review!

This episode we definitely descends down the rabbit hole that was Kate’s childhood. After discovering that her long lost and thought to be dead sister Beth is Gotham’s newest terrorist Alice, the challenge now is convincing her father, Jacob Kane.

The episode opens again to the crash scene that killed Kate’s mom and separated her from her sister. They now also show the search for Beth’s body after it was not found at the crash sight below. While they don’t say how long Jacob and Kate searched it was well past when everyone else gave up.

Jacob though has his Crow Security after both Alice and his former agent, Chuck Dodgson. He wants them brought in dead or alive. Kate is still out on the streets as Batwoman hunting down Alice’s rabbits looking for anything that can confirm her theory that Beth is her sister. Luke expresses his concern about what her appearing in Gotham in the Bat suit is doing to the city and how much Bruce would be upset about it. However, Kate is set in figuring out this mystery and convincing her father that Alice is Beth.

And while she prepares ways to tell her father she ends up just blurting it out at dinner with her father, her Stepmother Catherine, and her Stepsister Mary. She even produces Alice’s knife with the garnet as proof but her father doesn’t want to hear it. Kate though says she is going to prove it to him.

With Alice, she is set now more than ever to get revenge on Jacob claiming that he is a quitter. She is also pretty upset that her knife hasn’t been found and wants it returned. Dodgson wonders how Kate fits into all this mess and Alice simply says that it is all personal, that she is going to stripe everything from Jacob.

In a flashback, Kate has trouble sleeping having nightmares over and over of the accident and her fear that she will never find her sister. Jacob tells her though that they will never stop looking giving her hope of finding Beth. In present, Luke worries still that Kate is giving the same false hope to the people of Gotham as the sighting of Batman increase. This stuff wasn’t meant for Kate, it is for Bruce. The stakes get even higher when Sophie is beginning to question whether Kate is this mysterious Batman that looking like a woman, while Kate denies it on the bases that she hates Batman, I don’t think it helps deter Sophie.

Kate then talks with Sophie in the parking garage asking for a favor to run the DNA on the knife so she can prove that Alice is her sister. She has already asked Luke who denied her and now Sophie does as well claim that it would make Jacob mad. Nobody ends up running the DNA though because a crew of rabbits attacks them and takes the knife from Kate. This is interesting because Alice had no way of knowing that Kate had the knife.

As Kate is arguing with her father again about Alice, they are interrupted with the information that one of the Rabbit’s blood trail was followed until it dropped off on Bennett Ave, which happens to be the same area that Mary’s illegal clinic is located.

Kate pays Mary a visit and finds the rabbit. Instead of trying to get information from him she uses him to send a message to Alice, the word ‘Waffles’. She then calls Sophie to ask her to buy her some time to talk with Alice and get the truth, but Mary tells her that they already have her location and that they are heading there now. That location is on Norman Ave, the former Kane home and where Beth and Kate grew up. Jacob explains this away that Alice is just trying to get in his head. After seeing the crime scene Sophie becomes worried for Kate and tells Jacob about the meeting with Kate and Alice.

Meanwhile, some thing happens at the Batcave. It’s like the computer comes to life and give Luke access to the Batman suit, meaning he can monitor Kate. This comes in handy. Kate meets with Alice who shows at the waffle stand where her and Beth would frequent when they were little. Alice is able to give all kinds of information about their childhood, but Kate wants to know how she survived the crash. Alice dodges this question and asks Kate how long it took her before she was sleeping through the night and Kate admits that she still doesn’t because she knows that she should have been there with Beth and lives with that regret. This seems to be the magical words because Alice then surrenders her DNA for testing to prove to Jacob that she is Beth.

The reunion is crashed when the Crow’s show up for Alice and Kate shields Alice from them. This forces Jacob to not shoot Alice but have her arrested and put in Arkham. It seems that even if Alice is Beth, she is still not exactly good and warns Kate that Mary is in danger. Alice doesn’t like to share. At the clinic, Mary is attacked by Dodgson until Batwoman shows and takes care of him while Mary is hiding, she has no clue that it was Kate or Batwoman that saved her. When Kate goes to leave the clinic, she sees on TV that the transport moving Alice explodes with Alice’s vehicle landing in the water.

This time Kate refuses to let her be in the water alone or die there and rescues her with the underwater breathing tech that Luke pointed out earlier. However, this also tells Alice about Kate running around in a bat suit. Luke also comes in handy after there is another explosion and Alice and Kate are separated in the water and Kate is knock unconscious. He must defibrillate her before the police find her.

The city wants to know where Batman was during the explosion since no one saw Kate there and this is the fall out that Luke was worried about. That Kate would build their hope only to let them down because she doesn’t want to be a hero. She also has to apologize to Mary for standing her up at dinner. Mary thinks it is funny that Alice would see her as a threat since Kate and Mary aren’t exactly close.

To then wrap up the episode we have the flashback to Jacob seeing the map that Kate has made to find Beth and realizes that this is unhealthy for Kate, therefore he makes up that there were skull fragments founding ending the investigation into where Beth went.

Kate and Sophie talk and Kate is upset with her for selling her out and they make it clear that there is nothing here and Sophie is happy in her marriage. Kate though does take the time to thank Luke and he shows her the article showing that the city is still wondering what is going on with all this Batman stuff. However, the mystery of the knife is solved as we find out that it was Catherine that set that up, she must not want Jacob to know about Beth.

The last scene is a message left for Kate from Alice letting her know that she is in on her secret that she is Batwoman and that may make her just as crazy.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I enjoyed this episode. I don’t think that Jacob is maybe the bad guy we are being led to think. I believe that he just doesn’t want to believe that Beth was out there and he gave up. I like Mary and hope to see her and Kate develop a goo relationship, I think that may come when she find out that Catherine, Mary’s mom, is super shady.

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