‘Titans’ S2E6 “Connor: Breakdown and Review!

This episode was exactly was I was hoping for with the introduction of Connor Kent AKA Superboy! Since the post credit scene at the end of last season we have been anticipating both Superboy and Krypto and here we finally get the story of what happened both before and after his breakout from Cadmus. There was also a ton of Lex Luthor references making me hopeful for some Lex Luthor here on Titans.

The opening of the episode is Connor breaking out of Cadmus, saving Krypto and then walking bare-assed into the night of Metropolis after killing several guards. He comes up with his own name Connor after finding it on a shirt at the lab so we know off the bat that he is more intelligent than some think.

 This is an obvious issue for Cadmus calling in Mercy Graves who is Lex’s head of security, as well as Doctor Walter Hawn and Dr. Eve Watson. Eve is the head of this particular project and is put in charge of bringing in Connor, although she isn’t sure how he got out, what his mental capacity is, and worse where he is emotionally. Basically, he is a two-year-old inside of a body with Superman powers.

Speaking of Superman, Connor finds a Superman shirt on the stand but having no concept of money tries to take it. Even flinching when the man gets upset at him because of a memory flash he has been having about an old man hitting him. This is explained in another scene with Eve where she explains Epigenetic memory, that he could carry certain memories from the donor of the genetic material, in this case either Lex Luthor or Clark Kent. When Mercy threatens her with the though of Lex being upset, Eve pushes back saying that she warned Lex about this type of thing. 

Meanwhile, Connor stops a mugging where a man is trying to take the purse of an older woman. However, when she mentions money Connor asks if he can have the money and then walks off with the purse himself, a display of this child like mind he has. This is also how he gets the signature black and red super shirt that Superboy is linked with. Connor is aware though that he is being looked for and even ducks out to avoid military trucks. When he sees a truck with wheat fields on it, he is reminded of Kansas and heads in that direction.

Instead of heading to the Kent farm though, he ends up on the Luthor farm with Lex’s father, the man from the memory. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though since he gets to learn about the Lex’s childhood. Lex’s father, Lionel, tells Connor about Lex’s genius and that he is proud of him but this confuses Connor, if Lex made him proud then why did he beat him? Lionel explains that Lex lacked a moral compass and the beatings were a result of that. Luthor never cried though so Lionel didn’t think that he was scared, however, Connor can refute that because he knows exactly what Lex thought and felt. That he only wanted his father’s approval.

By now Cadmus has caught up with Connor and raids the home of Lionel attempting to take in Connor. Even though Eve instructed them to not hurt Connor, one of the agents hit Connor sending this into a frenzy. Connor is shot at several times but like Superman he is bulletproof. He even blocks so shot for Lionel. Krypto gets some good shots as well even catching and RPG and throwing it back.

After Connor kills all the agents, he uses his X ray vision and sees Eve out in the van. She tries to escape but he melts her tires to stop her. However, when Connor gets to her she begs him not to kill her so he doesn’t. She then goes on to explain who Connor is and where he comes from. He is the clone of Lex Luthor and Superman. Connor wants to meet Lex but Eve knows that that is not a good idea, that Lex should not be the one to mold poor Connor, so instead she says to hell with Cadmus and takes Connor away from there because back up arrives.

In the car, she explains further that coming up with Connor was her idea in a way which has Connor wanting to call her Mom. She even tells him that there are no bad science experiments and using nuclear fusion as an example. She is then blown away when Connor recites from memory what exactly nuclear fusion is making her realize that he also has the intelligence of Lex and Superman as well. However, he needs guidance with his moral compass.

This comes up when they stop at a shop for food and Connor witnesses a man abusing a woman. Eve stops him from intervening making him upset but she explains that for now he must stay low to avoid detection. She now must explain consequences which is shockingly something that Lex Luthor knows nothing about. He then pushes to want to know more about who he is and she agrees to show him.

This takes them to an old Cadmus facility that was condemned after an explosion, but also where Connor was created. When inside the building he notices a project Rakshasa which has not comic origin but since it was mentioned is has to mean something, right? But Eve goes on to explain that she lied, there are some bad science experiment and they happened here at this facility. She takes him to a door that pretty much only he can open and inside are the pods of the twelve failed experiments before him.

This really upsets Connor and make him feel that he is a monster and he attacks Eve; he doesn’t kill her though. She then explains that she did not bring him here to shame him into thinking that he is a monster, but to warn him that he needs to be careful with this side of himself, the Lex side. She then asks him about what happened when he broke from the lab and why he killed the men. He explains that he could hear Krypto crying out for help as he was being experimented on and then he was also having the memory flashes of being hit.

The conversation is then cut short with the arrival of Cadmus. Eve tells him to leave her knowing that she will likely be killed. She also warns him to not be a hero, that it will only draw unwanted attention to himself and he cannot be found by Lex. When Mercy finds Eve, she is alone, she doesn’t kill Eve but makes her intentions known about what she is going to do with Connor when she loads her Kryptonite bullets.

In the last scene of the episode Connor happens upon the events of last episode where Jason is hanging from the side of the building and then falls to his certain death. However, Connor springs into action and jumps to save him. Dick and Kory arrive there to help but find that Jason doesn’t need it, instead it is Connor who is in trouble when he is shot with those Kryptonite bullets from Mercy, who then takes Krypto. So, we went to worry about Jason to worry about Connor.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Like I said in the beginning, I am very happy with this episode and everything it brought to the table. We already have so much going on with the Titans and possible villains and stories, but to know throw Superboy in the mix, we have yet another layer added. We have Deathstroke and Rose, Starfire and Blackfire, all of Rachel’s stuff, Dick becoming Nightwing. It all just makes me so happy! Now with the next episode entitle Bruce Wayne I really have no idea what direction we are headed going into next week. Could we see Jason return to Bruce? Or will Dick seek his council with Superboy?

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