‘Supernatural’ S15E1 “Back and to the Future” Breakdown and Review!

The finale season is upon us now with the opening of season 15 and a lot of call backs to earlier seasons. Most of these call backs are not so pleasant considering they are ghosts or demons that Sam and Dean have already sent to Hell.

The episode starts right where it left off last season. Sam shot God which means that Sam was also injured per the rules of the gun. Jack is still dead and they are fighting all the resurrected bodies from the cemetery. While they are very zombie like, they aren’t really since they are filled with souls from the souls released from Hell. Sam, Dean, and Cas carry Jack’s body to a mausoleum where they take refuse. However, they have trapped themselves here with no place to escape. Cas is unable to smite all the souls as this would literally drain them.

Speaking of drains, Sam hears running water and thinks that they may be able to escape though a pipe. Instead they are attacked by another dead body. Cas this time kills the body but the souls in turn enters Jack’s body. He introduces himself as Belphegor, who is one of the torturers in Hell and would really like to return to Hell and get on with business. Not only is he able to push out the souls around them allowing for escape, he also estimates that there are probably about 3 billion souls that escaped Hell. Oh, and he has a plan to contain the souls but they would need to clear the local town instead of heading back to the bunker.

When they happen across a deserted car Dean instantly recognizes this as the work of a Woman in White. Sam wonders if this is THEIR Woman in White since all the doors to Hell were opened. We also see two other hauntings, Bloody Mary and John Wayne Gacy who Sam and Dean have already fought before.

Sam pretending to be FBI heads to the local sheriff where he convinces him to an evacuation of the town to the local high school which would be out of the spell zone. I love that Dean calls new Jack/Belphegor a Crowley Jr. While Sam and Cas work on clearing houses, Dean and Belphegor work on getting the ingredients for this spell to create a barrier trapping in the souls of Hell. In the car Belphegor takes a special interesting in the gun that Dean stashes in the glove box, but they move forward with getting salt and try to come up with a plan to land a human heart.

Cas then clears the house where the girl was killed by Bloody Mary while Sam is lucky enough to get John Wayne Gacy considering Sam’s fear of clowns. Even though Cas shoots Gacy with the rock salt he isn’t truly gone but Sam grabs the girl and mom and they try to head out of town. The real fun starts though when Lizzie Boden and Bloody Mary also join in the fight.

Dean gets ahold of Rowena to get her exquisite ass here to help when buying salt. Belphegor mentions a little call back here to Dean’s time in Hell when he worked with Alastair to torture souls, even calling Dean’s work art. Dean then asks more questions about what happened in Hell and it turns out that it wasn’t just all the doors in Hell that were opened, it was also the Cage that contained Michael. This is not the Michael that Dead and the gang fought last season, he was from the apocalyptic world. This is the Michael from all the way back in season one that inhabited their brother Adam and he has been rotting away for almost 15 years now.

The Sheriff calls Sam to let him know the town is clear as Cas was attempting to heal Sam, however, something repealed him. This is an energy that Cas has never felt before and it reminded me of when Same went without a soul back in season 5. Meanwhile, the sheriff happens upon the Woman in White and is killed. Dean and Belphegor hear his scream which then solves the problem of where to get a human heart.

Belphegor then preforms the spell to create the barrier as Sam, Cas and this woman and daughter run for their lives. I love that Sam takes the time to tell Gacy to shut up. They then take them to the high school where everyone is meeting and she promises to keep the ghost/angel secrets. The worry now is what to do, they have about a day or two before the real FBI shows up and a town full of souls that belong in Hell. Dean even wonders if anything they ever did mattered now that it has all been undone. Sam assures him that it does matter, that now God has moved on and once they win this war this version of Earth is theirs. The last moment of the episode is a call back to season one episode one, we have a lot of work to do!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

So many call backs makes my heart both happy and sad. It has been a great 14 seasons to get here and honoring the road along the way is going to be so special for the super fans of this show. I love seeing old villains and friends. We know for sure that Michael is going to return in their lost lost half brother’s body, Adam for sure so this could be the ultimate big bad. I love this new character Belphegor, I can already see that he is going to be the overly powered comedic relief. Plus he has Jack’s adorable face.

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