‘Charmed’ S2E1 “Safe Space” Breakdown and Review!

Well, well, well, isn’t this going to be a crazy season. The sisters spent all last season fighting in the war to stop the source, then Macy becoming the source, and then getting rid of it all while learning that they have a third sister, they are witches, and trying to manage normal lives and relationships. Now we are experiencing the fall out of some of the events from last season, like the fact that there are no Elders left.

At the beginning of this episode Maggie is celebrating for her birthday and Macy is right in on the action with her while Mel is in the attic working on running things in a world without Elders. Apparently, there have been issues with some Whitelighters missing. Macy admits to Maggie that she has a new job offer in Michigan, her dream job, which she is planning to accept meaning that she would be leaving things here behind. They eventually talk Mel into partying with them too, because what is one night of fun, right?

The next morning as the girls are dealing with their hang overs and Maggie slipping and telling Mel about Macy leaving, they experience a quake. Could be an Earthquake, could also be a hell quake but along with it comes a mysteriously dark and hood figure that is set on killing Maggie, Mel, and Macy, even the power of three doesn’t work on him. Harry gets them to the attic where they barricade themselves in but that doesn’t hold. While they fight the Book of Shadows is destroyed creating a portal. Harry instructs them to go through while he holds off this assassin, but Macy is reluctant to leave him. Eventually she does go but not before getting hit with one of the assassin’s darts. Harry is then stabbed in the chest by the assassin.

The sisters then end up in a secret bunker that is part of the witchness protection program where both their powers and auras have been stripped away. When they call for Harry he doesn’t arrive, but Maggie is not wanting to wait around here. The sisters decided to open the door that is the only exit and see where they are, especially since they are going to need help with Macy who is starting to feel the effects of whatever was on the dart she was shot with.

What they find through the door is rather unexpected. It is a safe space building where people can come to be creative. However, they no longer have access back to the door they came through and security moves them to the tour. When wondering around Macy even finds out that this used to be an asylum where they kept witches in the past. Mel even finds a modern witch shop and makes a phone call to Harry trying to figure out where he could be, but it goes to voicemail. She is however able to swipe the orange badge from the tour guide.

Maggie comes across a guy who is a boxing instructor looking for a first aid kit for Macy. He isn’t very trusting which Maggie takes as an insult, but with some convincing he gives her the kit. At this point though Macy has left the safe space hearing a voice oddly like Harry’s that is telling her to come home. Mel and Maggie eventually find her but the poison on the dart has already spread past needing a first aid kit.

With the stolen orange badge and the chant for the revealing spell they make it back into the bunker. Mel and Maggie argue about what to do now, but Macy again hears the voice telling her to come home. She even sees Harry who seems a little hotter than normal in this scene. He and Macy almost even kiss, but she is then pulled back to the moment by Mel and Maggie.

Once in the bunker they investigate what is around them and notice two red dots on the map and a button appears. Maggie hits the button and another portal opens. All three of them go through the portal but not before Maggie grabs a marble that came out of this liquid bowl.

The portal spits them out at a magical bed and breakfast run by witches who they find have been murdered. They try to figure out what is going on but one of the guests of the bed and breakfast comes down and they are killed by a rat turned person who shoots acid. They hide since they still do not have their powers, but Macy alerts them to their presence when she again hears the voice in her head telling her to come home. Macy though handles the rats when they come for them with her demon side which is still intact. Then because she used her power, Harry locates them and heals Macy from the poison. However, not he is weakened by the poison and cannot orb them out of there so they much face the big bad rat dad.

Macy who has never had to use her demon powers like this isn’t able to control them enough to fight the big rat, but he doesn’t know that so she uses this as a distraction for the others to find a way out. Harry knows that the Elders would have had a way for them to leave the scene once the witch was safe or the situation was dissolved. That is when Maggie remember the marble from the bowl which does open a portal back to the bunker.

There Harry explains to this that this is really their free pass, they no longer have powers so they can go on with their lives like none of this happened. However, they are not going to be able to return to Hilltown, it is not safe for them at least while the assassin is out there. Macy sees that something is bother Harry and asks him what happened at the house and he admits to them that he died. However, he awoke later in his coffin. He then sought out the other Whitelighters for help in finding them but they were all dead. It seems that without Elders there are no Whitelighters since that is where there power came from. Harry though was severed from the Elders last season when they stripped his powers but then Fiona gave them back. This means that Harry is the last Whitelighter.

After all of that they stop to get a drink together and Macy admits that she doesn’t want to walk away from this life when there are witched still in danger and there isn’t anyone else to protect them. Maggie, Mel, and Harry are all on board as well. Harry does have a surprise up his sleeve, seems the house also went through the portal and is now in Seattle with the girl. It is bound to them but it also cloaked for their protection. The house is a mess and it has been one long day, but they decide that tomorrow is going to be better because they are not going to wait for this assassin to find them, they are going to find and kill him.

With Harry in the attic we learn that may be a little harder than they think. Turns out this assassin looks just like Harry making me think that he is a Darklighter.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a pretty excellent premiere. I was a little skeptical about this series at the beginning of last season but by episode six I was hooked and I am glad that they are back for what looks like even more witchy issues. I think the relocation really opens up the story away and makes the sisters really become different people. Macy will no longer have her work and Maggie will no longer have Kappa making them focus on protecting witches that are in danger. How they are going to do that with no powers is the tricky part. I am also really interested in this Darklighter(?)

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