‘Evil’ S1E3 “3 Stars” Breakdown and Review!

We are back to demon possession/influence this episode after taking a break last week to look at a possible miracle. The opening of the episode has David explaining to Kristen the difference types of possession and in the case, they are seeing now it could be a Diabolic Obsession.

It starts with an employee coming to the church after a sudden change in behavior with her boss. Her boss happens to be Bryon Duke a famous theater director who recently lost a Tony and has been on a rampage since. Now this could be just a case of bad boss, but there are some other signs that something else could be at play. He is sweating blood on his neck and every time he comes to work the temperature drops. It is these two factors that give David the green light to investigate.

When talking with Duke he obviously a Narcissist, although he claims this to be some anger issues associated with being a perfectionist. Ben is also able to explain away the bleeding on his neck as infected hair plugs which gets them thrown out of his office. However, immediately after leaving the employee, Patti, shows them video of him talking with an invisible person and even acting as though something is choking him.

From here David seeks council from another priest who tells him that he needs to get video of the possession, documentation is everything. David also tells him about the vision he had last episode, he again tells David to document what he saw, which I will talk about here in a minute.

Kristen researches what could be happening with Duke and thinks that this could be that he has personified his anger and visualizes it as a separate person. However, when she tests this theory, we find out that there is another person involved named Joe and he has somehow hacked Duke’s AI assistance device driving Duke insane. This then really becomes Ben’s case as he investigates how someone has hacked Duke’s office to remotely talk to Duke and control the temperature.

His first though is that it is someone from the coffee shop below but that is quickly debunked when no on responded to the high frequency pitch Ben sends through. However, the person then talks with Ben directly. Ben then shuts off the WIFI thinking it will severe the connection, but it doesn’t. Instead it plays animalistic sounds and gives directions to Hell. The working theory then becomes that it could be Bluetooth but Ben is going to continue to work on it.

He takes the device to his parent’s house where his sister is for help as she too is a tech expert. Her theory after ruling out Bluetooth is that it could be adapted. Later when she confirms that it was not adapted either they both become shocked when the AI device at his parent’s house too starts talking with them. The explanation for this is that the hacker hacked Ben’s phone giving him access to his parent’s device.

Duke’s at this point begins to deteriorate at work with the hacker becoming more aggressive in Duke’s office. However, it is in this encounter when David finds the IT label for Sebastian Lewin, a former IT worker that is upset with Duke because he withheld pay to test his work. When they pull in Sebastian, he does admit that he was hacking Duke, but when Ben brings up his father’s device Sebastian denies having anything to do with that and says he stopped messing with Duke days prior. Ben then heads to his sister who is arguing with the AI device about a baby. His sister then becomes upset and leaves the room and Ben throws the device in a garbage truck.

Even though the hacker issue is not solved, Duke is in a much better mood even complimentary and thankful. Patti even gets on the phone to thank David for all his help. While she is out of the room though Duke gets a message that says, “Hell is only half full” and then we see him jumping from the balcony as Patti is still on the phone with David.

David this episode was also working on his visions like I mentioned before. After drawing them like the priest suggest it is help from Kristen that pushes him to maybe some more understanding. She tells him that the woman in the picture looks like the famous Salvatore Mundi painting. This then has him studying the painting and noticing the three stars in the globe that is being help. Then after looking at this other sketch he relates the numbers on the building to longitude and latitude. When he then puts the stars on the map they align with New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

For Kristen she ends up in another head to head battle with Leland Townsend after he is ruling that a fifteen-year-old is fit to stand trial after Kristen had already testified that he wasn’t. Kristen then tells the Defendants attorney that she will testify about Leland However, Leland pulls out those therapy notes again showing that Kristen is persuaded by her feelings about the clients.

Kristen then confronts Leland about this case and records him saying things about purposely sending the boy to jail, that he will become hardened and more susceptible to influence.  However, she later calls in Ben when all of Leland’s side of the recording is static. Ben can’t pull out the audio that has been jammed but with the little bit of Leland’s voice from the beginning and Kristen’s memory of the conversation they are able to deep fake the recording which is then used in court. This discredits Leland in this case and possibly others but will also probably have blow back for Kristen as well.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was really intrigued by this episode in that it wasn’t truly solved and tons of questioned asked. By the end of the episode Duke had killed himself and Ben never figured out the hacker. From most shows this would annoy me, but in this show that nagging mystery is really what gives to the idea that there is something more going on then can be explained. I was happy to see Kristen win a round with Leland but we know that this is far from over. As for the stars with David, this is obviously going to mean something, the episode was named after it, but what? What could be happening in these cities and how is it linked to David?

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