‘Nancy Drew’ S1E1 “Pilot” Breakdown and Review!

Well, if you are looking for Supernatural meets Riverdale and Charmed didn’t hit the spot then this is the place for you! We all know of Nancy Drew, a young girl detective out there solving crimes and mysteries and CW has adapted that into a modern tv show with a pretty killer soundtrack.

Some back story on Nancy as told in the beginning of the episode. She grew up in Horseshoe Bay living with her mother and father. Dad is a lawyer and mom is dead. She died from pancreatic cancer which was the event that stole the fire inside from Nancy. Before that she was exactly how we expect, smart, inquisitive, and even found a missing girl once. She has recently graduated from high school and has plans to soon head off to college but for now works at a local diner. A year before the events of the show and when her mother was still alive, Nancy was the Sea Queen, a local town honor with a sordid past involving Lucy Sable, a previous crown holder that died the night she was crowned with only blood and part of her dress found by the ocean.

Currently she is casually sleeping with Ned “Nick” Nickerson a local mechanic. Most of the remainder of the characters all work with Nancy. There is Georgia “George” Fan her manager who has beef with her dating back to high school. Bess Marvin is from out of town and is staying with a rich family member for a gap year before attending college. Ace is the cook and the type clueless guy pining over Bess.

The story really starts that night when they are all working their shifts. Nancy set up her cell phone with the intention of capturing the fireworks since this is her first year seeing them without her mom. They are closing when a group of men come in, one of them being Ryan Hudson, a rich guy that vacations here for the summers. He and his associates meet with his wife waiting outside. It’s obvious that there is something between Ryan and George and we will talk more about that later, for now though George has Nancy take care of the wife outside.

Nancy takes Tiffany Hudson her food and goes back in to get her wine when the electric goes out. Nancy grabs her phone then for the light and heads out to serve the wine, however, Mrs. Hudson is around the corner and dead. Just as everyone comes out of the diner when Nancy screams the police arrive.

The officer let’s Mr. Hudson and his associates leave but suspects Nancy and the other workers right away. This Also includes Nick since he arrived just at Nancy found the body. Bess says that she was getting more wine, George was in the bathroom, Ace was serving the table, and Nick was still on his way from the repair shop making Nancy the only person to have contact with Tiffany. He then takes them all back to the station. He calls out Nancy for always being a throne in his side, but then also points out that George’s mom is an alcoholic and Nick is an Ex-con.

When Nancy is questioned further, she is played the 911 call that Tiffany made which was how they arrived so quickly. Detective Karen Hart, who was friends with Nancy’s mom, asks Nancy for anything else that could help them. Nancy only remembers that she was wearing a ring when she saw her the first time but it was gone when she found the body. The officer then throws this back on Nancy and her mom’s medical bills which was a pretty low blow.

Nancy’s Dad and Lawyer, Carson Drew, arrives at the station but only as Nancy is leaving and it is clear here that they are not close. On the walk home Nancy has this weird experience in a window dress shop where she sees herself with the crown on in a dress. Then she heads home to watch her firework video only to find that she has video of what looks like a ghost attacking Tiffany. She shows this to the George, Bess, Ace who all instantly think that this must be the work of Lucy Sable, the town ghost. Nick shows at the diner to talk with Nancy about the Ex-con thing thinking that it scared her off, however, Nancy is in full blown investigation mode thinking of ways to solve the murder starting with the husband. However, then she reminds herself that she doesn’t do that anymore.

Then she finds herself committing a B&E looking for anything that would link Ryan Hudson to his wife’s murder. Inside the house she finds a necklace hidden in the nightstand drawer before she hears a loud bang that alerts her that the security company is there after she tripped the alarm. The loud bang came from Nick who followed her there. Together then make a run for it but her hat gets snagged and is left behind. On the ride home he offers that maybe they should start sharing more about each other but she says no, she doesn’t want this to be serious.

She does need help with the necklace and seeks out George for answers. She knows that the necklace is a maritime piece and that the lore says that if you put it in saltwater it reveals it’s secrets. When doing this it reveals a seahorse like the one on Lucy Sable’s and all Sea Queen’s crown. It also contains an address for a medium’s shop. Nancy plans to head there alone but George and Bess insist on going too.

At the medium shop, Nancy only wants to ask questions but instead get roped into a seance. The goal is to talk to the spirit of Tiffany, but instead the medium has another visitor that tells Nancy to FIND THE DRESS!

Meanwhile, Detective Hart stops by Nancy’s and talks with her father after her hat was found at the Hudson’s. The Detective doesn’t believe that Nancy had anything to do with the murder so she offers to get rid of the hat and then she and Carson kiss. Of course, this is right when Nancy walks in causing her to be upset that her father has already moved on from her mother, and with her friend.

Nancy then heads to Nick’s where she professes that she wants to be with him and begins sharing parts of her past with him. Nick doesn’t share anything about himself other than he has an old sport injury. When he drops her off at her house the next morning, Carson informs Nancy that she needs to stay way from Nick. This makes Nancy realize that her father must have been Nick’s lawyer. She then breaks into her father’s cabinet to get Nick’s file. Turns out he was charged with manslaughter and the key eyewitness was the dead Tiffany Hudson.

As the episode begins to close, we see that everyone is not as innocent as they lead on. George is having an ongoing affair with Ryan Hudson which gets caught on film by Ace who is working with the police officer. Bess isn’t rich at all and lives in a camper. She also has the missing ring that belonged to Tiffany Hudson. Nick shows at Nancy’s wanting to work on her mother’s car and even though Nancy knows that Nick may be a killer, she lets him. Nick though finds out that Nancy’s mom wasn’t a saint and may have been a drug dealer.

Nothing compares to what Nancy finds at her house that night. As she is investigating the case of Tiffany Hudson the lights go out and her attic springs open. Once upstairs there is the really freaking wallpaper ripping thing that happens in scary movies with the little song about Lucy Sable. This leads Nancy to a chest that she remembers from a dream about her mom and dad she had when she was a child. When she opens the chest, she finds the pink dress covered in blood, oh and the ghost of Lucy right behind her.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The first half of this episode I thought that maybe this was a leave it but that ending was enough to keep me here. I am interested in learning if they are actually going to make this a supernatural show or if there is always a practical explanation. I personally would like to see it takes the supernatural route but would still give the show a go otherwise.

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