‘The Flash’ S6E1 “Into The Void” Breakdown, Review, and Crisis on Infinite Earth Info!

The countdown to crisis is on in the season premiere of The Flash. While all the Arrowverse shows are going to be involved with the Crisis, I think that Flash is going to be impacted the most after the Crisis, other than Arrow will no longer exist.

The opening of this episode is some glitch that destroys Nora’s goodbye message to her parents and the last thing left they had of Nora. The we take a four-month jump, Barry and Iris are putting up a front that they are okay but they are both still heavily grieving. So, things happened in the gap which includes this new machine they are calling MAC, which is a Mental Augmentation device that allows for Barry to use the speed force to see the future and stop potential crimes. How very Minority Report of you, Barry.

They have also been fighting and trapping these new Godspeed characters that keep popping up from the future that have not language skills. Seems like an annoyance more than anything right now but this could be a direct link to this new timeline that Nora created last season and to the villain for the second half of the season.

Speaking of villains, we are introduced to Ramsey Rosso when Caitlin attends his mother’s/her mentor’s funeral. She died from cancer and Ramsey is not dealing with it well as we find out when they meet for coffee later. He wants to use dark matter to fight cancer but Caitlyn refuses to get dark matter for him because his cure could also be creating metas. He leaves upset and she then almost sucked into a black hole.

This is the second black hole incident after Iris was almost sucked into another. She was looking for her purple jacket that Nora wears in the future, when Joe unknowingly threw it out. However, the jacket instead gets sucked into the blackhole. Cisco and Barry arrive and investigate it, I love that Cisco is so upset about the garbage and that Iris calls him Ghostbuster. Cisco does confirm though that these are actual black holes opening in their city.

Iris is quick in finding out who the culprit was for the black holes and it turns out that they are purely a scientific accident. A young man named Chester Rush made the black hole after using garbage tech to try to contact aliens. This landed him in the hospital, but he has a connection to the black holes in his brain and they black holes show up where he has a close connection, like he used the dump to find parts and he has a crush on a girl at Jitters. When Iris sees him in the hospital and he is seemingly in a catatonic state, she connects that his brain is still connected with the black hole phenomenon and Cisco is able to back the theory with science.

Caitlin this episode has been struggling with getting Frost to come out when she needs her and when Ralph returns from a special case, he is working he helps lure Frost out and gets her to admit that she wants a life of her own too. This leads to a talk later and Caitlin agrees to taking a back seat while Frost rules for a bit.

Ralph’s case is interesting. With the file he read being Dearborn we can assume they are going to be doing the Sue Dibney storyline so Ralph may have love soon.

When the team comes together to plan for how to deal with Chester the question arises if he should be killed to save the many. However, Barry refuses to allow that and wants an alternative solution which comes from future tech that Nora had brought. I find it interesting that they call Chester’s black holes an “Event Horizon”, sure that is what it is but it is also the name of the last Supergirl episode which involved another character that can make black holes and portals in space. All things we will see as helpful in this Crisis that is coming.

When it is time to put the plan in action, they move Chester to the new MAC machine and Barry travels into the black hole protected by this new ability they call a Speed force Aura which protects him. The best part of this was the Flash Gordon theme song playing while Barry enters the black hole just like Flash Gordon used to do.

Barry obtains the part of Chester that was in the black hole and reconnects it with Chester’s body. He still has the flashy eyes which he will keep but he must stay in the MAC chamber for 3-4 weeks.

While Team Flash was dealing with Chester and the black holes, Ramsey Russo was turning himself into a meta with dark matter he was able to retrieve from the dark matter guns. This will make him the comic book villain Blood Work who can literally control a person’s blood. If this falls in line with the comics we may get to see the Negative Flash this season.

Iris and Barry also took the time this episode to talk about their grief over losing Nora knowing that even when they have a child now, she (or they) will be different than the Nora they came to know. She even told him about her purple jacket which he surprises her with at the end of the episode. Not only did he save Chester in the black hole, he saved the purple coat. They put this in the time vault where the Reverse Flash suit usually is, however, the monitor comes in and spoils their moment. He admits to destroying the tape of Nora in order to destroy their hope. He then drops the bombshells that for billions to be saved in the crisis, Barry must die in the crisis which has been moved up to December 10th, 2019 instead of 2024 like they thought all along.

I didn’t mention Cisco who is still part of the show after rumors circulated last season that he was going to be out. He is not vibe anymore since taking the meta cure last season but he is still very much an active member of the team and seeking better work-life balance. He did have the time to make two new suits for Barry and Frost which I think are fantastic.

The Road to Crisis

Like I mentioned, all the episodes this season are going to be building up to the crisis on infinite Earths because the Arrowverse is going to be drastically different after. Like I mentioned, it is not a coincidence that both villains from Supergirl and The Flash have similar powers, in that they can create portals/black holes. I think we are going to find this useful or annoying when the crisis hits.

I will be including the “Road to Crisis” section in all my Arrowverse breakdowns as news and information is released or things relate to the upcoming crisis. I plan to do a post this week that will get everyone up to speed as far as past announcements.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this episode and I expect for all the episodes in at least the first half to be this full. Barry and Iris are stuck in their grief and I think will be for awhile. However, there was so much ground work laid here. More Frost, Ralph Dibney getting his own story line involving his comic love Sue Dibney, a Godspeed Army being built from someone in the future, and Blood Work. ALL that on top of Crisis set up!

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