‘Walking Dead’ S10E1 “The Lines We Cross” Breakdown and Review!

If you were looking for an action-packed season opener, you probably didn’t get your wish. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some goo things about the episode that are laying the groundwork for the season to come.  Most of this episode takes place in Oceanside which we typically don’t see much. Oceanside also buts right up to Whisperer territory although the Whisperers have been MIA since they marked the borders with severed heads of their loved ones back last season. Out of fear though all the communities respect the boundaries that Alpha set. That being said, there is an interesting catalyst coming from the sky that may just bring the two sides back together for war.

At Oceanside, most of the communities have comes together for training. Fighting the Whisperers is particularly challenging because they usually use walkers as shields in herd formation. When ghost ships wash ashore this gives a unique opportunity for training in the techniques of fighting hordes. In the fighting Michonne cuts off one of the faces of a walker. When the kids later get seashells from the shore and find the mask, this leads to concerns that Whisperers are back. Michonne, Aaron, Magna, with some others head out to see if they can find anything that would show that the Whisperers have returned.

Aaron and Michonne split off together with Aaron on edge after losing both David and Jesus in the last two seasons. He even wonders if he is a good guy. When he rushes on a bridge to fight walkers this pushes Michonne considering she lost Rick on a bridge as well. After she tells Aaron that she knows they are good people even if they struggle with making nice choices. Now they don’t just need to be nice but they also need to be making smart decisions.

They are called back to their small group with the discovery of a small but old camp. There are dead walkers, a dead man, and a skin but no sign of anything else that would indicate a smaller group like the Whisperers. The concern as they head back to Oceanside is that fear will spread which could lead back to the division between their colonies. I love the little scene where Judith is telling little RJ about Rick and the bridge and refers to him as the brave man that sacrificed himself for the people he loved.

At Alexandria, we have a post-apocalyptic sitcom going on with Sadiq, Gabriel, Eugene and Rosita with the annoying neighbor Negan. When they are alerted about the skin that was found Michonne suggests that the community go on alert. This automatically has people giving Lydia side eye and Negan notices and take precautions himself. I think if anyone knows human nature then it is Negan. He knows that if people are scared, they look for enemies and he is right in line behind Lydia. Of course, his relation of this to Gabriel contains more talk about shitting pants.

Sadiq seems to be having issues after he was taken last episode by the Whisperers and then watched the other die only to be kept alive to deliver a message. Can we also mention how creepy Dr. Dante is? You’re not a god, you’re annoying.

It’s about this time that the Satellite falls leading to Eugene rushing to the radio to talk with Michonne. Kelly is also having issues with coping after everything last season, but I think the award for unable to cope really goes to Carol who has spend the last several months at sea avoiding Ezekiel and everyone else she knows.

When her and Darryl talk, she mentions Maggie and her letters. They haven’t received any from her in awhile and we know that Lauren Cohen is returning this season so this could be a quick opening to a storyline there. Carol actively avoids conversations about Alpha until Darryl flat tells her about the mask. They go for a bike ride and talk some more where she tries to convince him to run away with her when he suggests that maybe she spend some time off the boat. The do have a little argument when a deer is spotted but to get it, they would have to cross into Whisperer territory. They mention maybe going to New Mexico because surely people are not fighting there but considering Fear the Walking Dead takes place in and around that area, we know that is flat wrong. I do, however, love that Carol teases Darryl about making friendship bracelets.

When they witness the satellite falling, they head back to Oceanside. Eugene is sure that this is an issue and it does become one as it causes a forest fire within the Whisperer territory that could spread to their communities if not contained. The decision is eventually made that they need to take care of it. They fight the fire and then the walkers that arrive with the worry that these are Whisperers. However, they all turn out to be just the average joe walkers. Michonne wants to quickly move out but Eugene cannot pass up the chance to take the tech from the satellite.

The Whisperer though are not far when Darryl and Carol walk out to the location that Alpha took Darryl last season to see their horde, she threatened them with. Although the Horde is gone, Alpha emerges from the trees to have a stair down with Carol.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Like I said in the beginning, not much action and a lot of set up. I am sure that Alpha is not going to see the forest fire fighting as a good faith favor and more like an attack on her lands which will lead us into war. I am most excited about the return of Maggie and all the knowledge she could bring to the table, not only with fighting the Whisperers but getting the Kingdom back on it’s feet. I am worried about Carol as she is naturally slipping into the badass role we love, however, she also doesn’t like that side of herself so she is trying to avoid that. I do not think that her and Darryl are by any means getting together, I think they are just friends who have been through a lot together.

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