‘Supergirl’ S5E1 “Event Horizon” Breakdown and Review!

Well this was a pretty full season premiere that left a lot to work with for the season leading up to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. While last season focused on a political climate where aliens were not being accepted and the country divided at the hands of Lex Luthor and the Children of Liberty, this season we are going to have Kara going up against Andrea Rojas and possibly Lena. Also, with the warning from the Monitor last season, J’onn is going to have his hands full facing his brother Malefic.

The start of the episode is a simulation brought on by Lena and this new tech made by Obsidian North. They are virtual reality contact lenses and the simulation is Lena punching Supergirl through a bus. Lena is not taking Kara not telling her that she is Supergirl very well. Another new addition we notice this episode is Lena’s AI assistant Hope, who is taking the place of Eve after she betrayed her last season with Lex.

With Kara, we learn that Obsidian North is going to be a bigger part of their life then we thought. Not only does everyone have these contact lenses but Kelly, James’s sister and Alex’s girlfriend will be working for them in their medical unit in the same building as Catco.

Kara confesses to Alex that she has been struggling with tell Lena that she is Supergirl, although Alex has been pushing her to do so. Even using the neighbor’s dog as an excuse. Kara is even getting an award FOR telling the truth after her article last season about Ben Lockwood and yet she cannot tell her best friend her identity.

AT Catco, yet another shock and intrusion of Obsidian North when James and Kara are informed that they are now owed by Obsidian North because Lena sold them to her. Andrea Rojas, the owner, is also planning to take the position of Editor in chef removing James from the position. When Kara asks Lena about the purchase, Lena comes clean and gives this little speech about how honesty is important. The fact is that Lena planned to tell her at their lunch date and Andreas wasn’t supposed to talk about it yet. It seems like Kara is about to tell Lena about her being Supergirl when she is called away by an incident at a museum.

At the museum, specifically a Krypton exhibit, a little girl turns into a T-Rex. I find it funny that a T-Rex was the choice considering we have seen a T-Rex on both the Flash in season 4 and the Legends fight them regularly. The T-Rex though was only a distraction here to steal the Kryptonian pod that was used to bring Superman to Earth.

Obviously, the little girl is some kind of shapeshifter but J’onn is certain that she is not a Martian, he would know, right? But the big worry is what she could use the Kryptonian engine that contains anti-matter for, their worry is that it is to make a bomb. Another big issue is that Kara’s cape was damaged in the attack!

Meanwhile, Kelly starts her new position at the medical wing of Obsidian North. Lena shows to talk with Andreas upset that she did not stick to the timeline that she promised when she told James and Kara about her purchase of Catco. It also seems like there was another deal in the works that involves a reveal the next day at 9 PM. The same time that Kara is going to be accepting her award.

Andreas has some other things for Catco other than this bombshell article. Her plan is to lighten up the mood of what they are reporting and make it more clickable. With the social and political topics subscribership is down. Obviously, James, Kara, and many other employees are upset because they believe in what they are reporting but if they plan to walk that gets sniffed out quickly when Andreas reminds them that they all have three-year contracts with non-compete clauses.

And while that seems heavy it is nothing compared to the creepy little girl using the pod engine to create a portal to the phantom zone to release the villain by the name of Midnight. Brainiac picks up on this energy and the team including Supergirl, J’onn, Brainy and Alex all head there. However, even with their best effort she gets away with her ability to create energy voids. On the bright side, her energy is depleted and it will be a moment before she is read to fight again. J’onn does have some information on her as he was the person that put her in the Phantom Zone. Her name is Midnight, the murderer of the Multitude fueled by death. She was on Mars and helped the White Martians although no one know where she comes from.

At work things are tense as James considers leaving Catco and Kara fights for her right to write and not be rewritten by William Day, another famous writer. She vows to fight for every piece and article she does. She even tells Alex about it at her award ceremony but is concerned that while she fights to tell the truth she is still lying to Lena in her personal life.

Brainy is there and gives her the new suit which is microscopic and is activated by Kara quickly taking off her glasses. It’s pretty cool. The joy is short lived though when Kara sees that Lena has shown up to her award presentation and will be announcing her. Guilt eats at Kara until she spits out that she is Supergirl and then goes on to apologize profusely. She explains the fear she had about Lena feeling like she was betrayed and that she didn’t want to lose Lena as a friend. At first Lena says nothing but then also chooses not to out Kara as Supergirl in the article she was supposed to be sending Andrea. She then tells Kara that they will always be best friends.

The happy moment again doesn’t last long when Midnight arrives at the ceremony. I love Kara’s reaction to her new suit, mostly that it is pants and not her traditional skirt. The whole crew is there to fight Midnight including Supergirl, J’onn, Alex, Nia, Brainy and James however, she still manages to create a black hole that J’onn gets sucked into after cuffing her.

Brainy uses the Phantom Zone machine to send Midnight back to the Phantom Zone as Supergirl enters the black hole to save J’onn although Brainy warns that she is not going to be able to save him from the event horizon and close the portal. Of course, she rocks it anyway and is able to save J’onn as that creepy little girl looks on.

After all of that, Andreas is upset that she didn’t get the file Lena promised as James comes in to tell her that he is quitting.

J’onn also gets a surprise when he heads back to his office to find the little girl who is actually his brother malefic. While J’onn says that it is impossible, it certainly seems so when they briefly fight. He tells J’onn that both he and their father were evil and they need to pay for their crimes.

Lena also has vengeance on the brain. Even though she didn’t out Kara as Supergirl she has not forgiven her. She thinks that what she is planning will go better if Supergirl trusts her even though Supergirl stops by to give her one of the Supergirl alert watches.

In the last scene of the episode we have dear old Eve who gets kidnapped as she is leaving her job.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this premiere and the direction that the show is heading. I enjoyed last season but at times it just got a little bogged down to me. I look forward to seeing this new AI world that Obsidian North is planning and the drama at Catco. However, I am a little disappointed that they are turning Lena into a villain when she has tried for several seasons to not be although I do think that she will make an excellent villain as well.

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