‘Batwoman’ S1E1 “Pilot” Breakdown and Review!

It is finally here! It was announced last year that there would be the new series for Batwoman coming this year starring Ruby Rose as Kate Kane. We got to see her in action in last year’s Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds, but now we get the back story. This episode takes place when prior to her involvement with Green Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash, however, she is going to be in the next Crisis on Infinite Earths, so I expect at some point there is going to be a time jump that gets her up to speed and in the same time as the other characters.

This episode starts with her training. She has traveled all over the world to gain experience, much like Bruce Wayne did. She was sent by her father after she was kicked out of the military academy. While she is trapped in the icy cold water during her training, she has a vision back to the day that both her mother and sister died when their car went over a bridge. Kate remembers seeing Batman but thinks based on her memory that he left them and only cared about getting the bad guys and not protecting the innocent.

In Gotham, Batman has been gone for three years. If you saw Kate in the last crossover this was all explained, but of you didn’t catch that, Batman is gone. No one knows where he went Gotham has been left broken after his disappearance. Now they are holding a ceremony to officially turn off the Bat signal with the city feeling that they have been abandoned or Batman is dead.

The security of this event is Crowe’s Security which is owned by Kate’s father, Colonel Jacob Kane. Of course, this ceremony does not go according to plan when the police are attacked by Alice and a Crowe Security agent, Sophie Moore, is taken.

After she is taken, Mary, Kate’s stepsister calls her to tell her and Kate rushes back to Gotham. In flashback clips we learn that Sophie and Kate used to be a thing and it’s obvious that Kate still has feelings for her. In flashbacks we see that it was because of their relationship that Kate was kicked from the academy. Not only does she want to save Sophie though, she wants to prove to her father that she is ready to become a member of Crowe’s security. I love that in their conversation he calls her a female Bruce Wayne.

After her father is called away to talk to the mayor and basically dismisses her idea of joining them, she heads to Wayne Enterprise. During the attack Crowe’s Security couldn’t obtain footage, but she thinks that Wayne Enterprise, while not operational, may hold some information.

She sneaks into the building where she meets Luke Fox. This meeting between them is funny. He tries unsuccessfully to stop her from getting the information and is unconvinced that her and Bruce are related. She does get the footage and tries to take it to her father but is stopped be own welcome home party. After the party she gets the footage and takes it to her father. He is surprised that she has it and that she is able to identify that the paddle they used is from a local orphanage.

Kate then heads to the orphanage without any back up. While she is a skilled fighter, she is heavily outnumbered and gets caught. Alice tells her that she is after Jacob Kane to show him that he isn’t the white knight of Gotham and that he doesn’t control her. When Kate asks about Sophie and offers herself instead, Alice tells her that her father only cares about Sophie, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent Kate off like he did after being dropped at the academy.

Jacob and Crowe security arrive on scene a short time later and everyone is gone. However, Alice didn’t take Kate but dumped her on Mary’s doorstep. Mary who seems like the spoiled stepsister, is a med student running an illegal free clinic to help people with medical treatment.  Mary patches her up and then Kate heads to see her father.

Kate pushes what Alice fed her out on her father accusing him of pushing her away because she is a reminder of her mother and Beth. She then heads back to Wayne Enterprise pushing for Luke to get ahold of Bruce, who coincidentally has also been missing for three years. While in his office, Kate notices that Martha’s pearl necklace is in the wrong spot., that someone had moved it. When she places it in the correct location a secret door opens. Luke tries to stop her, again unsuccessfully.

Now Kate discovers all the secrets that Bruce hid away. Not only that he is Batman, but that the crash that killed her mother and sister haunted Bruce for years. He couldn’t figure out after he secured their car it fell when he went to save the children on the bus. She also finds the gadget drawer! She then makes the request that she would like some changes to the bat suit. She wants it to fit a woman.

At Movie night in the park, the first public event in Gotham since Batman left, Crowe’s Security sets up. Don’t think we didn’t notice that the movie playing is Zorro, the same movie that Bruce watched with his parents the night they died.

One building is standing out to Jacob as an issue but he is assured that it is covered by one of his trusted men Dodgson. However, Dodgson we see is in with Alice who is using Sophie as a bargaining chip for Jacob. Alice rigged one of the security trucks with explosives, either Jacob can save Gotham or Sophie.

Batwoman arrives to level the playing field. Here her costume is essentially a slim Batman costume but we are going to see this evolve as the season goes on. She fights Alice and is able to save Sophie by cushioning her landing.

Of course, the appearance of Batman has hit the headlines with Vesper Fairchild reporting. Kate’s stepmother Catherine Hamilton-Kane seems a little annoyed at the idea of Batman’s return but Jacob seems uninterested in it as he prepares to hunt for both Alice and Dodgson. A shock for Kate comes when she finds out that Sophie is married, to a man. Jacob expects for her to leave town but also offers her a job at Crowe Security. However, she has found her calling in the Batcave.

She writes a letter to Bruce about her taking over. She thinks more on her sister and Bruce’s investigation into it. Bruce was never able to recover Beth’s body and that is when she realizes that the ruby on the Alice’s switchblade, she recovered matched her own ruby. In a flashback we see that Beth and Kate had matching necklaces. This means that Alice is actually Beth.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was happy with this for a Pilot, although to me it didn’t feel like a pilot. This is a character we already know and a backstory we have already been told briefly. I like that they didn’t spend a significant amount of time explaining it but got right into the action. I love that Alice is Kate’s sister and I have a feeling that Jacob already knows, or at least suspects. I was surprised that I ended up liking Mary by the end of the episode as well, but her mom seems like she is just waiting to be evil. My hope is that soon they remove some of the Batman aspect out of it and focus more on her as her own individual hero. Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman, but this is not a Batman show and I don’t want to hear about him being missing forever.

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