Wakanda Forever Graphic Novel Breakdown and Review!

Welcome back for #MarvelMonday. This week we follow the Dora Milaje as they hunt down one of their own. This story stretches to three separate comic lines starting in Amazing Spiderman: Wakanda Forever, then to X-Men 1: Wakanda Forever, and the finishes in Avengers: Wakanda forever.

The person that the Dora Milaje are looking for is Nakia, and if you only watch the moves up to this point then this could be confusing since Nakia is T’Challa’s love interest. However, things are different in the comics with Nakia pining after T’Challa for years. Technically, she was in line to marry him but he fell in love with Ororo/Storm and made her his Queen.

Nakia then went on to become the villain Malice who uses Jabari root, a toxic herb, to control people. In New York she has her hands on an old Dora Milaje weapon, the Mimic 27. As she beats on it here it creates a cloud trapping a child within it. Spiderman comes to the rescue and tries to stop her. She does admit here that she is hoping that this will lure T’challa to her, however, she gets the Dora Milaje instead.

Spiderman not knowing about the drum attempts to take it from her but this only causes the drum to create more of the cloud. Nakia though is not happy that T’Challa didn’t arrive and leaves looking to find something else to pull him out.

The Dora Milaje are not only concerned with Nakia but where she got the drum. It was stolen years prior by A.I.M. and they know of a close secret location. They decide to look in the chance that A.I.M. was able to replicate it. Spiderman tags along to the underground base. While Okoye and Akeka check out to see if there was any chance that the drum was replicated, Ayo and Spiderman stay at the ship.

Akeka is pretty sure that they would have been unable to replicate the Mimic 27 as Spiderman and Ayo get attacked at the ship by Hydro-man. Spiderman and Ayo take refuge in the ship and Spiderman almost electrocutes him not knowing that Okoye and Akeka are in the water as well but Ayo stops him in time. Luckily is seems that Okoye has some super-secret weapon on her for just this attack and she is able to freeze him. They leave Spiderman behind with him until the police arrive to take away Hydro-man. While they wait for Nakia to show, Spiderman suggest that maybe they should sight see.

During sightseeing Okoye gets the alert that Nakia has used the drum and it is close to a location that Ororo is known to frequent which leads us into X-Men: Wakanda Forever 1.

This issue starts with Nakia as a child in training to become a Dora Milaje going into the Echo Cave where the Mimic 27 drum is housed. The challenge is to be able to focus while an older version of yourself stares at you. It doesn’t get passed Nakia that she doesn’t just look old here but sick as well. She also has a brief conversation with Ororo here about T’Challa and her desire to be with him although after her experience in the cave she is afraid of her future.

In the present time, Ororo is shopping with Rogue and Nightcrawler when Nakia finds them. She uses the drug to create these mimicking creatures to fight Storm, Rogue and Nightcrawler all the while stating that T’Challa should have been hers. Nakia thinks by going after Storm this will draw out T’Challa.

When the Dora Milaje arrive, Okoye breaks the drum. Instead of stopping the attack it makes the mimics stronger as they are not free of the drum. The Mimic isn’t as pure as it once was either, it has been poisoned by Nakia. The Dora Milaje come up with a plan to stop but they need Rogue and Storm to distract while Nightcrawler takes them somewhere quiet. When she is asked by Storm why she is doing this, Nakia tells her that she wants to see T’Challa again. That is when T’Challa finally arrives.

In Avengers: Wakanda Forever 1, we have another flash back of Nakia failing to land a test when she is distracted by T’Challa. He helps her then as he helps her understand that what she is doing is wrong in the present. Nakia admits to him that all of this was to bring him here so that she could say goodbye. She is dying from the effects of the toxic root she has been using.

Meanwhile, Captain America and She-Hulk fight the mimic. T’challa, Storm and Rogue join them to keep the mimic in one location while Nightcrawler and the Dora Milaje, as well as Nakia, head to a quiet location.

They use a piece of vibranium like what was in the drum to access a vision of the echo tunnel. Nightcrawler stays behind to guard the piece of vibranium, if he fails the Dora Milaje could become trapped here forever. Okoye gives a brief history about Mimic 27. It was a substance that was found in the echo cave and then all 27 lbs. of it was used in the drum to create a weapon.

In the cave Nakia fights herself but it needs to be here that stops the Mimic since it is her that it is attached to. Nakia is only able to stop it by taking the poison from it that she injected in it. However, by doing this, the mimic that was keeping Nakia alive leaves her. She asks Okoye to tell T’Challa goodbye.

The mimics all disappear with Nakia taken home to be buried as a hero.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This volume gives a unique look at the Dora Milaje that have increased in popularity since the release of the Black Panther movie. Personally, I really enjoyed these issues. While there were other big characters included the center focus was always the fierce warrior women. This was also a sad but fitting end for Nakia.

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