‘The Rookie’ S2E2 “The Night General” Breakdown and Review!

Another great week of Officer Nolan and the LAPD in action. Since Bishop has left, we have seen John kind of bouncing around with who he is riding with and this episode he ends up with Detective Armstrong. Armstrong is transferring to this precinct and is what they call a Night General. This means that he takes any cases that happening in the off hours and works them until they are assigned to a detective in a certain division. He also made detective after only 4 years which is pretty impressive and something that Nolan himself would like to do. This actually ends up being a great opportunity for Nolan since he will be able to learn directly from a detective.

Their first call is a man in a hospital on drugs attacking people. This has Nolan ending up on his back spinning around when he finds himself in front of someone he knows. Grace, a doctor at the hospital, was a friend of John’s way back when he was in college and they haven’t seen each other in 20 years.

Armstrong questions Nolan about the chemistry between him and Grace but that is put aside when they get a call about a silent alarm being triggered. On scene they find two people bound. They are Matt Christian and his wife, who tell them that their son Jeff was taken by the intruders upstairs. There they find Jeff dead after being shot through the elbow.

Armstrong immediately starts investigating and offers for Nolan to join him on the case. Of course, he accepts and points out the electrical tape on the doorbell camera. They question the parents who give them a description of the assailants. The real clues come from inside the bedroom when Nolan finds a loose panel on the side of the dresser where drugs were stashed.

Thinking that Jeff must have been the target they investigate his history and discover that he recently spent some time in rehab. His ex-roommate Bruno Wench becomes a person of interest but when searching his residence, they find that he has been beaten with a baseball bat. However, he is wearing the sneakers that the parents saw. This makes them wonder why one of the assailants would then become a victim.

Nolan goes to the hospital in hopes of talking with Bruno and again runs into Grace. She tells him that Bruno is in a coma and probably won’t be awake for at least a week. Armstrong plans to stay at the hospital for the night but instead Nolan invites him to his reno house for pizza in beer. They end up talking about Grace and John explains that they were hot and heavy after he broke up with his wife in college, but when Sara found out she was pregnant with Henry he ended things with her. As for now, Grace is wearing a wedding ring and Nolan is in a relationship.

The next day Mr. Christian comes in for a follow up interview. When Nolan casually makes the comment that if someone hurt my kid, I would want revenge, it dawns on Nolan that this could be exactly what is happening.  In the actual interview, Nolan talks with Matt about his son’s drug problem while Armstrong is in the other room getting Matt’s car tagged for surveillance.

Armstrong later identifies Bruno’s partner as a man named Jeff just as they learn that Matt’s tail lost him. However, they both Jeff’s address and the last location of Matt’s car are relatively close making them think that Matt is moving in on Jeff. There suspicions are confirmed when they head to Jeff’s to find it empty with a good bit of blood.

They then plead with Matt’s wife for where he would have taken Jeff. She gives them the location but by the time they arrive Jeff is already buried in wet concrete and Matt is about to hang himself. So now the decision is between saving Matt or saving Jeff. Since Jeff is the victim in this scenario, he is who they choose to save with Matt going on to hang himself.

Nolan has two other encounters with Grace this episode. One where she tells him that he needs to stay away from her since she is still angry with him for breaking up with her over a note on her door, and then the other where he apologizes and they become friends.

Tim and Lucy have a small but epically cute part this episode. Tim is assigned reading as part of his training and he instructs Lucy to read it to him while he drives. However, she mentions that he may have a disability that impedes him from learning in other ways. Of course, this doesn’t go over well. They have a couple calls in the meantime, like two kids trying out guns on each other’s vest and a former officer who is now a bounty hunter. Although Tim is upset with Lucy, he still has her back as she reminds him that he needs to call in his bounties.

Later when they check back on his and find that he has been hurt they arrest both the man in the house that he was after but his aunt as well. At the end of the episode, upset that she hurt his feelings and doing more research into auditory learning, she records an audiobook of her reading the book and gives it to him. Turns out he just learns best when listening while focusing on other things, which could be why he is a skilled officer.

Then onto hot mess Wes. First off, he decided last episode that he wants to cut back more in his personal life. However, when his landlord is caught dealing, Wes must find somewhere else to live. He doesn’t want to go back to his parents since he hasn’t yet told his dad about his extension in the program. Instead he is offered a place to stay on the police property. It’s like a retirement community for still active cops in the parking lot. Definity interesting. He considers this after staying one night with his parents, however, Lopez was able to push Lucy into letting Wes stay with her as a roommate.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was a good episode. I liked Armstrong and the advice he was able to give Nolan. I am interested in Grace and what she could mean for Nolan. She could be married although she never said so, but they do have some good chemistry. Personally, I am not a fan of Jessica, his current girlfriend.

Lucy and Tim are adorable. I am not sure that I ship them (although I am open to the idea) but I do like they way they look after one another. The recording she made for him was sweet. He is tough on her because he knows that she has the potential to be a good officer. However, she also knows better than anyone what Tim went through with his Ex, and the loyalty and love he had for her even when she wasn’t good for Tim.

Wes is still all over the place but I think we all saw it coming last season. He has lived his whole life wanting to succeed at being an officer and he is finding it harder than he imagined which makes him question himself. I think moving in with Lucy is a good choice and hopefully he can get back on track.

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