‘Titans’ S2E5 “Deathstroke” Breakdown and Review!

FINALLY! We have Deathstroke as not just a looming figure but we get to see him in action, he also leaves the team a pretty hot mess by the end of the episode.

Here is what we know so far. Back in the day of the OG Titans, Deathstroke killed Garth AKA Aqualad, although I am not solid that he was the intended target. In revenge, Dick sought out Deathstroke’s son Jericho. SOMETHING happened to Jericho between then and now that ended with his death and based on clues from this episode, we know that he was used as bait to lure out Deathstroke. Now the Titans are back together with Rose, his daughter, living with them.

This episode takes place 22 minutes after episode 3, since episode 4 was entirely set in the past. Jason is with Dr. Light after being taken in the tunnels. Of course, Jason is doing his best to get under Dr. Light’s skin and succeeds enough to get him close and choke him out with his legs. In his effort to escape though he is thwarted by Deathstroke.

Gar heads back to Titans Tower to tell Rachel about what happened; however, she is sleeping and we have seen that Rachel sleeping is a pretty dangerous thing. Gar does get cut in what he calls,” The black could of razors”. He tells Rachel about Jason which Dick overhears leading to Dick being pretty upset with both Gar and Jason.

As Dick notifies the other Titans about what has happened, I think that Hank and his overprotectiveness for Jason was the most shocking since it also seemed like Jason was his least favorite. They head into the tunnels to see if they can find anything that will help them locate here Jason could be. What they do find is the blood trail and a camera, alerting them to the fact that Dr. Light has Jason.

Dr. Light becomes pretty upset at overhearing that Jason has a tracker in him and that the Titans destroyed their camera. He becomes angry at Deathstroke as well since it seems like he doesn’t care that the Titans are on the them. He leaves but doesn’t make it out of the parking lot before Deathstroke kills him, leaves Jason’s tracker on him and uses him as bait for the Titans.

At the house, things are not much better. Gar is upset that Rose is not upset. Then he takes it out on Rachel who is already mad at him for not telling her about their plan to go into the tunnels in the first place. This all gets broken up though when Kory finally arrives from Chicago after getting a call from Rachel about the change in her powers since all the stuff with Trigon.

In person she shows Kory the cuts that she has been getting when she sleeps and tells her about the cloud that happens when she sleeps. Rachel says that she knows that her father is not back that whatever is happening to her is from her, but she has no control over it. She really has the same fears that she had from the beginning of the series, that she is evil and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Kory though assures her that she gets to decide if she is good or bad by the choices she makes. She also tells her that on her planet she was one of the strong uncontrollable ones.

Around this time Dick and the other Titans arrive after finding Dr. Light’s body and getting a phone call from Deathstroke requesting a trade, Rose for Jason. Kory joins Dick, Hank, Dawn and Donna in the discussion for what to do about the trade. Hank seems in favor of just turning in Rose while some of the others are more on the fence. Dick fears that the only thing keeping Deathstroke from killing them all is that they have Rose, if they hand her over, they lose their leverage. What is for sure, is that they used Jericho in a similar situation before. Rose overhears this conversation after Gar shows her and Rachel the video and audio surveillance of the meeting.

Upset Rose attempts to escape but Dick puts the building on lockdown. Of course, this doesn’t stop her from fighting. Her and Hank face off with Hank losing when Dawn demands that he let her go. It does end though when her and Rachel face off. Rose hits Rachel activating the thing in her which then destroys Rose convincing Rachel that she cannot choose, she is evil.

Rose though is going to be just fine considering she heals herself. Hank though is torn. He knows that they should not be handing over Rose but at the same time he feels for Jason. He knows what it is like to be alone with a bad man and feel helpless. This relates back to what we learn in season 1 about his coach sexually abusing him.

After that moment with Hank, Dawn seeks out Dick and tells him that after Deathstroke Titans are done, even if she must burn down the whole building. Slade seems to share that sentiment and tells Jason that all of this is the price that Dick must pay for bring back the Titans and putting kids in costumes.  

Donna and Kory also talk about Kory’s past and her royal status. The Kory talks with Dick for the first time alone since coming back to the tower. She wonders why he never asked her for help with everything that was going on and he admits that he is bad at asking for help, then he goes on to compliment her hair.

After all the talking and feels, Dick calls Slade to confirm the meeting. He leaves Rose and Rachel behind though with Gar. The other meet at the location Dick tells them but it is not the location that Deathstroke is at. Only Dick goes to see Slade turning himself in to Deathstroke in exchange for Jason and Rose. Slade is not going to take this offer though and thinks that this is typical Dick, to play the hero.

He then shows Jason on the balcony ready to fall for Dick’s failure to bring Rose. Luckily Kory followed Dick and is there to help fight Deathstroke. This was a cool scene and I enjoyed watching the action. However, it does end with Deathstroke dropping the scaffolding and Jason falling to his eventual death, maybe. The show leaves us on a cliffhanger.

Now of course Jason could really be falling to his death but that is unlikely. On this team alone we have two heroes that can fly, even though they may not know it yet. We could see Kory fly for the first time and get Jason. Rachel could have also snuck out, ended up on scene, and learns to fly to save him as well. However, I think the most likely solution is Superboy. We haven’t seen him since the post credit scene last season when he broke out of the Cadmus lab. With the next episode named “Connor” after him, I think this is the most probable solution. I don’t know if we will get an episode of back story and then he will fly in and save him or if he will just save Jason and then we get all the back dets later, but it is exciting to see Superboy!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

To me, this was one of the best episodes yet. We have all of the current heroes together. Deathstroke is totally flexing his skills. Rachel is also flexing her skills, but in a more chaotic and”I cannot control this shit” type of way. They have realized there is something special about Rose and not that she is just Slade’s daughter and a skilled fighter. I typically don’t like cliffhangers much, but this one I think it leading to the introduction of Superboy so I can see the purpose. However, expect significantly less stars of they kill Jason in the next episode.

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