‘Evil’ S1E2 “177 Minutes” Breakdown and Review!

Yet another great episode from this show. While maybe it didn’t hold the same excitement all the way through that the last one did, I still found interest in the story and I definitely want to see more. Where last episode focuses primarily on a demonic possession, this episode was all about a possible medical miracle.

The opening of the episode is of David Acosta, the Priest in training, going about his prayers in which we see he almost constantly does. However, during his prayers he becomes distracted by Leland, now obviously Leland isn’t there in person, but is on David’s mind.

The investigation though is of a young girl that went into cardiac arrest during a soccer game. When watching the autopsy footage, we see the family come in and say goodbye, then a priest coming in and reading last rites and whispers something in her ear. Then the coroner begins his procedure but when he cuts into the body she wakes up. The official with the hospital things that calling it a miracle is ridiculous but has the explanation that the EMT’s must have caused Hyper Inflation which caused her to appear dead but then come back three hours later. The EMT’s though assure David and Kristen that wasn’t the case at all, she was dead and he saw it.

Kristen uses a contact at her old job consulting for the prosecution to get copies of the surveillance tape and is offered to get her old job back. She brings the tapes to David and Ben which shows these power surges or flashes on the camera. When slowing the tape down it almost looks like a ghost or angel, but Ben says that this is most likely a reused digital card.

Before leaving, Kristen and David talk about his and her belief in miracles. He of course believes that they are possible and he believes in the power of prayer, also that there is a great design by God that we as humans are unable to see or comprehend. Kristen though wonders about the purpose of prayer when she has a little girl, Laura, that was born with a heart defect that could cause her to die before she is twenty. The problem with miracles, only some people get them. She also tells David about the job offer. That she is guaranteed two years of work and a pay increase, and he tells her that he will see what he can do about getting her something similar with them.

That night when Kristen is laying down in bad, Laura wakes from a nightmare screaming and wet. She tells her mom that it wasn’t her that wet the bed but a devil like man with a knife that wanted to cut off her fingers. Sound familiar?

Kristen talks about this with her therapist about this and he thinks that maybe both Kristen and Laura have seen the same thing in their day to day life, like an image, that would cause these to project in dreams. He also recommends that with the increased security that Kristen should come back for her weekly visits.

Meanwhile, David sees his superior at the church. Their concern is that the priest that last spoke with the victim is not being considered a miracle priest when he is also a drunk. They think it could give the church a bad image. David and Kristen see the priest who tells them that he saw another woman first, Bernadette, which happens to be the same person that Ben is told from the hospital staff is the woman on the video that looks like a ghost. The Priest also mentions David’s visions which Kristen asked him about. He admits that he had a vision a few years ago that involved a friend, Julia, who Leland has mentioned in the last episode.

Ben is getting increasingly frustrated with the video that he is trying to prove is a fake, he even has help from his sister to no avail, he cannot prove that this video was doctored.

Kristen also finds herself in a frustrating situation when she lets her former boss know that she is sticking with her job at the church. He tells her that they found someone else anyway, Leland Townsend and he wants Kristen to brief him on her cases. She explains to her boss that he stole her therapy notes and has come after her but he just doesn’t care. When she leaves Leland follows her out wanting to talk. He admits that he will make the effort to imprison the innocent and let the guilty go, but quotes from her therapy notes and tells her that she is too soft. His last request is to ask David about the second time he saw God.

That night when returning home, she finds that her mother is letting her girl watch scary shows and in that show is the demon from her and Laura’s dream. She turns the showoff but realizes that the therapist was right, they are projecting what they had seen from a show into their dreams. This of course doesn’t stop Kristen from dreaming about the demon that night.

The next day Kristen tells David about her encounter with Leland and David says that Leland is just trying to divide them. That his ultimate goal is to kill hope. When she asks about his vision of seeing God like Leland mentioned, David tells her that he is just playing to their doubt.

They then talk with the miracle girl who explains what it was like when she died, that it was like falling in a black hole. Then Bernadette was there an brought her back. When watching the tapes from the hospital again, this time side by side, David now understands that this was not a miracle. He takes records back to the hospital administrator and points out that they don’t do life saving measures as long on black patients as they do white, which is the cause of the patient appearing dead. While the hospital is dismissive in that they have already settled with the family, Kristen drops off the cases to her old prosecution friend for a class action suit.

The end of the episode has Kristen debunking the demon with the girls as they watch backstage make up videos. David meets back with his superior and gives him his final verdict that it wasn’t a miracle. Also, that the apparition on the video is still unexplained, however, the priest doesn’t seem to care about that. He then sends David on another possession case. After that David goes about his jog and prayers again but this time stops at the night club and buys psychedelic mushrooms. When he goes home, he drinks them like tea and has a vision of God.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I found this episode to be interesting. David is a true believer in God and Miracles; however, we see that he is almost getting push back on that from the very church that has him investigating. Also, I think it is interesting that his visions that he has talked about having are drug induced. I guess an argument could be made that these allow for his mind to be opened to allow him the experience with God, but then again, these are hallucinogens. I guess, we will see more about it in the next episode.  

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