‘The Rookie’ S2E1 “Impact” Breakdown and Review!

The Rookie is finally back and we have the conclusion of terrorist plot that landed Tim in a particularly nasty situation. Pretty quickly we learn that he wasn’t infected but had a reaction to the injection they gave him. However, what becomes the more pressing issue is the third terrorist.

Jessica reports to Captain Grey that the terrorist that she shot was cleared to search and they discovered that there was a third burner making them aware that there could be another suspect. Of course, this information isn’t available to the others that are attacked by her. Nolan moves in but is out of ammo and it is Tim who flies out of the back of the ambulance gun in hand that saves the scene.

Most of the team here was involved in some horrific incident in the finale so they all have two weeks off and, in that time, Nolan works on his new place but he still wonders about Jessica and her shooting of the terrorist suspect. She says that things just effect you less as you are in the job longer. That is something that Nolan think about the rest of the episode.

Bishop is no longer on this show which stems from report of Racial and sexual harassment on the set from both the hair and make up department but also another actor. In the show they simply said that she went to work with ATF. While I will miss the dynamic that she had with Nolan on the show, I am glad that she was empowered to step out of a job where she was not being respected.

Anyway, Angela’s boyfriend, Wesley has moved in with her and their struggle this episode is finding their balance together after he learns that she is sort of a slob.

As they all return to work, the rookies get their test scores. Well, they are told the score but not who got what score making them wonder the whole day who did the best and who almost failed out. This has Lucy on edge with Tim as he is tougher on her than ever. She obviously is confused although the bomb in the trash can was funny. When she finally asks him why he is being hard on her it is because she did not mention in her report his comments about committing suicide and that she needs to make sure she is including everything in her reposts. She defends herself by pointing out that she left out thigs with his wife Isabelle and he didn’t have a problem with that.

Into the main story of this episode, Nolan ride with Captain Grey since Bishop is gone and they first answer a nuisance call with guest star Mr. Cuban from Shark Tank. Nolan accidentally makes a mess on his shirt which leads them to stop so he can get a new one. Here at the shop they walk right into a robbery. The man gets away with about twenty officer uniforms. Jessica thinks right away that this is apart of something bigger and puts them all on high alert.

Tim and Lucy end up on a call for a missing person who is a woman that works with the court system. While they have not leads now, Tim tells her to suspicious of the husband.

Nolan works with a sketch artist on the man from the shop but is called away when the bikes they used to get away turn up being burned along with the man from the shop. He was killed because he was seen by them. Jessica arrives on scene and John has a hard time digesting her nonchalant attitude at the crime scene, especially after he vomited. This bothers him so much he doesn’t even take her call that night.

The next morning at their meeting they get their test scores with Nolan scoring the highest with a 97, Chen with a 91, and then West barely scraping by with an 81. This leads to an interesting class with the cadets he was instructed to talk to, telling them that maybe they shouldn’t be so focus minded.

Nolan gets called out of the meeting for patrol with Jessica, which was really intended to be a time for them to talk about why he wasn’t taking her calls.

Later in the garage, Lucy realizes that one of the officers is acting suspicious. Turns out this is one of the men involved with the stolen uniforms and he is stealing a police radio. She follows him by jumping several stories into a dumpster but he still gets away. Even with that, both Tim and Grey seem impressed by her effort. However, with the radio taken this means that not only can these criminals hear the police but they are also able to broadcast.

Nolan and Jessica head to an address associated with the man from the garage and discover that the car of the missing woman Tim and Lucy were looking for is there. When getting a closer look, they learn that she has the codes to push official orders through. She is forced to request that an evidence truck that is set to be destroyed is rerouted. Nolan knows that once her job here is done, they are going to kill her. Jessica wants him to wait for SWAT but John moves in any way through the crawl space. Jessica then causes a distraction so Nolan gets in without being detected.

Tim and Lucy meet with the truck and the two fake officer escorts. Of course, this leads to a shoot out and of course Lucy and Tim kick ass.

West though is not having such a great day. Turns out he will be staying in the rookie program longer, at least until Grey can trust him.

The end of the episode has both Angela and Wesley, and John and Jessica working out their difference. Angela admits that she has never done this before and is worried about failing, which John tells Jessica that he is never going to be numb to this job.


I really enjoyed this premiere although it was sad to see Bishop gone. I personally am NOT a Jessica fan, but it is what it is. West seems to be going to go through a much needed growing season. I still really love the partnership with Tim and Lucy and am looking forward to seeing that grow this season. Also, it’s cool that Tim isn’t dead.

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